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Choose Expensive Lashes,Why Not?-LASHES AMOR

Choose Expensive Lashes,Why Not?

Choose expensive mink lashes. I like beautiful eyelashes, they make my eyes look more charming.

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be good and cheap. There are also a lot of good and expensive eyelashes. Expensive is expensive. But still, many people want to know why have to spend a lot of money on lashes.

More Beautiful.

The difference between the pictures is clear, and the Good Mink Lashes are really beautiful, which used to be a rare shape for cheaper lashes. I must say that the cheap one is not so bad, since worse ones will be like caterpillars stuck in the eyes.

Better Quality.

Once taken out of their boxes, there is a clear difference in quality between the two pairs.

Of course, that’s to be expected. There’s a reason most expensive stuff is expensive.

They Can Wear More Times.

Choose expensive mink lashes. Cheap lashes base is not just thin, but incredibly flexible — they lose their curve almost instantly after being pulled out of the box. it honestly feels like no hope in terms of re-wearing them. The base is also coated in glue so sticky, it stays on the base of the lash and sticks to everything. Application, especially for a newer, can be a nightmare with these. They’re also much more likely to fall off in the corners.

While that thick and unbending base makes applying these expensive lashes easier than it’s ever been for me. The curve of the lash meets the curve of the eye perfectly.

But the best thing about the Expensive Lashes,in my opinion, is that they are entirely re-useable. Because they have that thick base, glue doesn’t spread and get onto the lash hairs themselves, so there’s little to clean up.Good mink eyelashes can be used 25-30 times if properly cared for.

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Why Not Choose Expensive Eyelashes? Maybe They Have No Other Drawbacks Except Expensive.

Once your 3D mink lashes are in your hand, you know that it is really worth the price. The whole design, shape, and feeling of bringing it up are all for the needs of beauty. You may not know anything about the design and production process of the product. But you can feel the irreplaceable beauty brought by the lashes. Look at the distribution of this mink hair, you know that it is a product made with heart.

The cheaper product is just for your money.

This sentence may be a bit mean. But that’s the truth. For daily necessities such as toilet paper, the difference between different brands may be small. But for the make-up tool of eyelashes, beauty and comfort mean everything. More beautiful,more expensive.

But expensive is not a shortcoming of good things, expensive is the shortcoming of no money.With good-looking eyelashes ,the whole person becomes different,just like putting on good clothes. However, poor eyelashes can ruin your day.

A lot of people buy this expensive and good eyelashes. Lily lashes sales have been very good. But many customers are reluctant to spend $30 or more on a pair of eyelashes. Although in terms of the use times, expensive eyelashes,especially mink eyelashes, are even cheaper on average.There is a quote:Cheap is expensive,expensive is cheap.

But What If There Are Mink Lashes Within The Budget,And Have The Good Quality?

Lashe Amor is the best choice. Here are the products.Selling well to USA

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money, like $30 or more, to enjoy luxurious mink eyelashes. The average cost of 25mm mink lashes can only be $8, while the average 3D mink lashes are priced at $6.What’s more, there is no MOQ.

Lashes Amor is the Best Mink Lashes Vendor. Our products are well-known abroad for their unique design, velvet-like appearance, soft band, and weightlessness. We have direct factory and keep creating new designs, always offering you the best and unique designed products!

What are you waiting for?

How To Order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 


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Lashes Amor are willing to convey this beauty to all those who need false eyelashes.We believe, the best mink eyelashes are those can be used with every pair of eyes.

Better lashes, better life. Remember, what kinds of person you are, what kinds of lashes you wear. Lashes Amor will be your best lashes vendor.

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