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Customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging box exporter

Customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging box exporter

Want a unique eyelash box? Click here to view useful blogs. The exporter of customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging boxes will provide you with some suggestions. Today, we will discuss the new fashion element in the eyelash market-cartoon.

Clear Butterfly Cardboard Lash Case

The colorful butterfly pattern + acrylic or cardboard eyelash box is currently the most popular combination of cartoon patterns.
The colorful butterflies printed on ordinary acrylic or cardboard boxes are simple and advanced. Of course, personal information can be printed on the back bottom of the box, and logo information can also be printed in the middle of the butterfly eyelashes package.

When all eyelash boxes/cases merchants were looking for a breakthrough in 2021, the magnet box with a cartoon logo immediately detonated the market.

Unlike normal logos, it uses cartoon shapes to change the logo. Or make your own portrait into a cartoon pattern, and then print it on a magnet box or acrylic box.

Custom Magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Cartoon figure logo Packaging
Custom Magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Cartoon figure logo Packaging

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The popularity of the cartoon eyelash box benefited from the fun and creativity brought by the cartoon group, showing the customer’s eyeballs in an exaggerated and cute way. Customers can quickly remember the eyelash brand logo, which is very interesting.

Apply different fashion elements to eyelash boxes and eyelash brands, and you may become the next person to detonate the market!

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How to Make Hazel Eyes Pop-Using Makeup to Accentuate Your Eyes

Use makeup to pop hazel eyes. Hazel’s eyes are a shade between golden, brown, and green. Because of this, hazel eye color is very sensitive to the environment and can appear to change color depending on the quality of light, the colors you’re wearing, or the eye makeup you have on.

1. Use colored eyeliner.

Use makeup to pop hazel eyes. Although most people tend to use a simple black eyeliner, if your eyes are hazel, you can experiment with different colors to understand what makes your eyes stand out.

For example, if you want to make your eyes look blue, try dark purple, which will make your eyes look blue.
If you want your eyes to show green, try using colors such as taupe, brown, green or gold.

Brown eyeliner also pleases hazel eyes. Choose warm colors (such as chestnuts) to accentuate cool colors, or choose cold colors (such as silver cedar) to make your eyes look golden.

2. Try a different shade of mascara. 

As with eyeliner, if you have hazel eyes, you aren’t stuck with black. Try other shades, too! Some mascara comes with flecks of gold, which is a good option for hazel eyes, you can also try lighter browns or even mascara that has a purple tint.

3. Try different eye shadows.

This can be tricky for people with hazel eyes. If you are not paying attention, most of the colors that will make your hazel eyes more prominent are often bold colors, which will eventually look a little boring. You can use neutral tones, such as cream or taupe, or use colors from the purple, blue, green, and gold series for pasting.

Apply in moderation! If you are using a bright shade, apply it on no more than 1/3 of the upper eyelid.
Avoid using too much blue. If there are more tones of blue than brown, it may make your eyes a little blue. But, especially if your hazel eyes are more like tan, then too much blue will overwhelm them.

4. Choose a lip color that will accentuate your eyes.

Eye makeup is not the only way to discolor your eyes. Choosing a lip color (whether it is lipstick, lip gloss, or gloss) can also help your eyes pop.

Although you don’t want to overwhelm your eyes with very bold lipsticks, you can still accentuate them.
For example, try to choose a color that is complementary to eye shadow. Usually, berry colors (such as coral, pink, or red) provide good choices, but subtle choices.
An example of poor color matching is choosing a very dark berry color for the lips and then pairing it with green eyeshadow.

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Use makeup to pop hazel eyes

5. Try to add bronzer to the makeup procedure.

Most bronzers are to give you golden light, and gold can brighten hazel eyes. However, use caution because you don’t want to look orange. Just gently sweep the bronzer across your T zone. This area includes the eyebrows, the skin above the nose, and the skin below the nose and lips.

Consider your hair color.

Dyeing hair plays an important role in emphasizing or lightening our eyes. If you have dyed your hair or are ready to try, you can try using warmer shades, such as red or auburn, or even more golden.
If your hazel eyes have a bluer hue, you can also use cooler shades such as silver blonde or grayish brown.
If you are nervous about dyeing your hair, try using a semi-permanent color that is not as long-lasting as permanent color, or you can even try a wig of the color you want to use to understand its color. Reacts with the color of your skin and eyes.

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25MM big eyelashes for Christmas Glam!

25MM big eyelashes for Christmas Glam!

25MM eyelashes for Christmas. Americans have unrestrained personality, their favorite eyelashes are more exaggerated, thicker, and show their individuality. Based on this, Lashes Amor designed and developed 25MM long eyelashes. Because of the long hair, curving hair, and thicker hair, the process of making eyelashes is extremely difficult and takes time!

>>Christmas collection<<

25MM eyelashes for Christmas

In order to ensure the effect of wearing eyelashes, we use the longest hairs on the mink tail. In order to ensure the softness of the hair, the hairs selected are all 1-2-year-old minks. The hair peaks of that part are very long and the hair peaks are not cut off. There is no down hair. Other cheap low-end mink eyelashes have short hair on other parts of the mink body, regardless of the age of the hair, the quality of the mink, and many hair tips are broken, and some hair follicles and hair tips mixed together look unnatural.

25MM eyelashes for Christmas. The eyelashes of other suppliers buy our eyelashes or provide customers with our original pictures. They are imitations. They do not know the technology. The eyelashes are overgrown with weeds and the eyeliner is stiff. Because they only know the imitation, they engage in low-cost competition and the quality is not good Guarantee, delivery time cannot be guaranteed! There is no guarantee that the eyelash styles will be popular!
Cheap is not good, good is not cheap! Dear, for your benefit, we always work hard!
Lashes Amor, keeping up with the trend of the times, is brewing Christmas eyelashes to the market!
Make you stunning on the stage!

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How To Choose Best Lashes Suppliers -Lashes Amor

How To Choose Best Lashes Suppliers-Lashes Amor

Today we have our [weekend lashes] to talk about our lashes Suppliers .

In the past few years, the eyelash market has grown very rapidly. According to market research, the eyelash market has huge growth potential in the next few years. You will never be short of customers who want to wear eyelashes.

a pair of 3d mink lashes in a box, lashes suppliers

There are many eyelash factories and lashes suppliers in China. The main products are also different, there are mink lashes, faux lashes, and individual lashes so on. The eyelashes offered by each company are not the same, and the main lashes series is different, so you can basically find all the eyelash suppliers you want on the market.

Lashes Amor’s main products are Luxury mink lashes, and also provides customized lashes packaging services.

Choose the eyelash supplier and lashes factory, especially the eyelash supplier in China, or choose Shandong Qingdao because it has the most intensive eyelash industry. Many eyelash factories have been through more than a decade of history. Stable quality, fashionable eyelashes are generally produced by experienced lashes suppliers. Usually, this kind of experienced eyelash supplier will also have a better sales team.

These are all things that need to be considered when choosing a good lashes supplier. If you want to do eyelash business, you must take things seriously when looking for a good supplier.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.

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The Lashes Bulk Order Is Different With The Sample Order,What Should I Do-Lashes Amor

The Lashes Bulk Order Is Different With The Sample Order,What Should I Do-Lashes Amor

Today, [Weekend Lashes] to answer questions about the different situations of lashes samples between different batches of goods.

There are many customers who place orders with other lashes suppliers. They want to change their lashes vendors because the eyelashes quality is not consistent. How can we ensure that the batch of fake lashes samples is consistent with bulk orders? We have strict rules to obey. Don’t worry.

a pair of lashes samples in a eyelashes box

For hand-made products, it is difficult to keep the false eyelashes completely consistent. There are some differences in the hand-made eyelashes of different workers.

Our solutions on the lashes samples issue

Lashes Amor has long found our solution to face the uneven quality of handmade eyelashes. For each new customer, we will retain the lashes sample according to the order. If the customer wants to set a huge quantity of lashes later. We will ensure that the subsequent eyelash orders and eyelashes produced by the factory are consistent. In the fierce market competition, Lashes Amor‘s eyelashes ensure that the false eyelashes are more than 95% similar to the sample order.

As long as the eyelash factory insists on its own quality and has high requirements for its own craft, it can maintain its vitality for so many years.

If there are any problems with our eyelash customers, they can communicate directly with our lashes sales team. Our sales team will solve the problem for you as soon as possible

Lashes Amor always adheres to our principles. Provide our customers with the highest quality eyelashes and the best service. We sell, not only sale products but also sale profession! You can always get secured from Lashes Amor!

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.

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What Are The Best Fake Eyelashes For Beginners?-Lashes Amor

What Are The Best Fake lashes For Beginners?-Lashes Amor

Today our [weekend Lashes] will discuss what is the best fake lashes for beginners. We would like to recommend hot lashes styles that naturally highlight your personality.

You need to understand your preferences and the lashes style you like. The lashes style that matches every single makeup is different. False Eyelashes have fast become everyone’s favourite way to enhance their eyes and complete their makeup look. With so many different options available, there are quite some eyelashes styles suitable for beginners.

fake eyelashes for beginners beautiful woman

I have been in the eyelash industry for some time. I recommend everyone who starts to wear eyelashes to choose a natural lashes style. Because most people have an adaptation period with false eyelashes. For example, 16mm mink lashes and 20mm mink lashes are good. An easy start will lead you to a new level quickly.

The important thing for the best false eyelashes is easy to apply, and more importantly, you feel comfortable. We have a lot of good eyelash styles that can be offered to everyone. We also have a professional sales team to recommend for every customer who wants to find the right eyelashes.

Better lashes, better life, Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.

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What Is The Best Lashes?-Lashes Amor

What Is The Best Lashes?-Lashes Amor

Introduce best lashes for you.

Everyone has different standards for the best eyelashes in their heart. As one of the best lashes manufacturers, we find that each customer has different needs, some prefer long and exaggerated eyelashes, and some prefer natural and light lashes styles. Every customer wants to buy the best eyelashes to enlarge their lashes business or make their look better. Today’s weekend lashes Let’s talk about what is the best eyelashes.

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Mink Lashes Are Currently The Most Popular

Whether it is in terms of materials or design,mink eyelashes are the best. Because it is more beautiful and more comfortable.

introduce best lashes for you eyelash package

Today’s technology and materials, the bristles of 3D mink lashes represent the highest level of false eyelashes.

Silk Eyelashes Have Also Been Loved By Many Customers

Introduce best lashes for you

Lashes Amor is the most professional eyelash manufacturer. We have retained the previous faux mink lashes , the silk lashes product line. Because the demand for such chemical fiber products is also high. Recently, our Canadian customer who particularly likes the short chemical fiber style eyelashes. Product diversity always finds the right audience for them. Not everyone likes mink eyelashes. The current technology of faux mink lashes can also achieve good results. The 3D silk lashes is not so thick, so the color is more natural.

Our producers will also produce more lashes according to market demand. We hope to meet the needs of eyelash lover.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Do Fake Lashes Damage Your Real Lashes?-Lashes Amor

Do Fake Lashes Damage Your Real Lashes?-Lashes Amor

Fake lash damages. It is always a myth about the use and wearing of false eyelashes. False eyelashes use a lot of glue when they are worn. Picking the fake lashes up may also take away some of your natural eyelashes. Will false eyelashes hurt your eyelashes?

Eyelash extension is able to damage the eyelashes, as we all know. Because of the technical means of extending the eyelashes, your own eyelashes will inevitably fall off to varying degrees. It is only different according to the means of the lashes technician, so the damage may be different. Your natural eyelashes will fall off and even become inflamed. However, if it is well maintained, it may only fall off without any obvious damage.

Mascara can also damage your eyelashes. Because the cleaning is not thorough, the residue of the chemical will make your eyelashes very bad.

Fake lash damages but ours wont hurt your eyes

Fake lash damages

The use of false eyelashes does not have such a problem. Especially good eyelashes that are not chemically treated are the best. Wearing the most comfortable eyelashes is often the best eyelash for yourself. At the same time make your eyes more beautiful.

Especially suitable for 3D mink lashes, the best eyelashes, you can go out when you wear them. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you will have a good effect.

If you want to develop good eyelashes. it’s really important to eat well and sleep well. Don’t toss. Add a glimmer only by false eyelashes. If you modify your eyelashes too exaggerated, it may have the opposite effect.

Did today’s [weekend lashes] answer your question? Please follow Lashes Amor for more information on eyelashes.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.

Apply False Eyelashes Under Your Eyelashes Line, Is A Good Way?-Lashes Amor

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Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes On?-LASHES AMOR

Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes On?

Sleep with mink lashes.

Today’s 【WEEKED LASHES】 column, let’s talk about a little question, whether you can sleep with false eyelashes.

Lashes Amor, the best wholesale mink lashes vendor, suggest you should not sleep with false eyelashes.

When you end your busy day or end up with a party exhausted. We all know how hard it is to clean our mink lashes. But this is something that must be done.

If not cleaned in time, it will reduce the life of the eyelashes. It might have used 30 eyelashes with good care. Maybe you won’t want to use it again after tonight without cleaning.

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If not remove makeup before sleep. It will cause a lot of damage to your skin. Cosmetic residues and bad habits are the biggest enemies of the skin. So don’t be so lazy.

Sleep with mink lashes

We recommend that you use the safest, light 3D mink lashes. This will not cause a burden on your eyes. As high-end mink lashes, Lashes Amor’s biggest feature is comfort. Despite our excellent design and the best sales team, the quality of our mink lashes is always our biggest selling point. Whether it is big volume lashes or 25mm mink lashes, the most comfortable wearing experience is guaranteed.

Beauty is a habit. Not only do you have to learn to make up, but you also need to learn to remove makeup. The same is true for eyelashes. Only by persisting can your sexy lashes look more beautiful.

Better lashes, better life. LASHES AMOR will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.

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How Do I Choose The Right Eyelashes?-Lashes Amor

How Do I Choose The Right Eyelashes?

Today’s [Weekend Lashes] column is still answering questions from our Lashes Amor customers. How do I choose the right eyelashes?

This is a big question, actually. Many people have this kind of trouble. How to choose eyelashes? Sometimes the fake eyelashes you choose are not right for you. You fantasize that wearing the best-looking eyelashes will shine like Beyonce, but reality may hit you. Maybe you have a slight deviation from your own perception. I will introduce the choice of false eyelashes in several major aspects today.

Your Style Is The First Aim

First of all, according to your style. Everyone has a style that suits you. Comfortable and elegant, or personality, or a powerful woman. Your personality set the eyelashes that will suit you.

>>Check out your eye type<<

Choose right eyelashes based on the eye type

Eye Shape Is One Of The Standard

It depends on your eye shape. Eyelashes have the effect of modifying the eye shape. Like Angelina Jolie’s eyes, she is always a cat’s eye, and she has always chosen cat eyelashes. Choosing the right eyelashes will magnify your features. Let people remember you more clearly. Size and comfort are also important. These have some standards, and all you have to do is pick the eyelashes that suit you based on these criteria. Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. Try to pick the beautiful eyelashes that best suit you.

There is an article about how to choose eyelashes according to eye shapes.

Choosing the best Mink lashes for your eye shape/Type

Where You Are Is The Important Rule

Third, it is also important to where you want to wear eyelashes. Whether you are doing daily makeup or office occasions, or going to the wedding, different occasions require different false eyelashes to match.

We have a lot of suitable fake eyelashes to choose from. For more detailed content can be found on my

Previously written style articles about best quality mink eyelashes, if you want to know please check the link below.

Helpul blogs:

Best 5 Mink Lashes For Business Look Makeup-LASHES AMOR

Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

Get Your Perfect Wispy Lashes To Slay This Summer-LASHES AMOR

Top 7 Styles To Volume Lashes Lover-Lashes Amor

Better Lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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What’s The Best Lashes To Buy-LASHES AMOR

What’s The Best Lashes To Buy

Choose worthy mink lashes

This weekend’s [Weeked Lashes], Luna wants to talk to you about some of the best lashes.

There are too many eyelashes on the market, as we all know. Picking the right eyelashes is not an easy task. You need to understand your own eyes shape, makeup, and matching, and you also need to know the materials and styles of eyelashes. But there are some common criteria for choosing eyelashes. I think everyone wearing eyelashes needs to pay attention to it.

>>Unique beauty glam collection<<

The Standard Of Lashes

Choose worthy mink lashes

I think the first standard is to be beautiful. Good-looking eyelashes can make you look better. Bad eyelashes can ruin your makeup. So choose a lash with a good designer. I like mink lashes most because it’s light and natural. It is easy to show luxury quality. The fashionable look of the mink lashes nothing can compare.

The second is to be comfortable. Uncomfortable eyelashes, I won’t apply to my eyes. I can’t stand my eyes for a whole day of lasting discomfort. I believe everyone is the same. Comfort is largely related to the amount of hair and the eyelash strip. The eyeliner must be ergonomic and not too long or too short. Good eyeliner makes wearing lashes simple, and it can maintain perfect makeup all day long. Cotton stems are the most comfortable of all of the lashes band. And for those who pursue volume lashes, the more volume, the eyeliner should be stronger. A strong band will hold more hair. So the shape has more layers.

The Best Fake Eyelashes Depends On Trying

We have a lot of choices based on the standards above. Lashes Amor has a lot of popular lashes styles, including wispy lashes, volume lashes, classic lashes, natural styles, etc.

Natural lashes are more suitable for Asians. It is even thinner and pretty. My colleagues and I love the 3D mink lashes. Our lashes are very weightless even for our small eyes.

Our foreign friends love our big eyelashes and they like to wear them every day. I think the 25mm mink lashes add a different glamour. Can only say that everyone is suitable for different products. So in order to choose the best lashes for yourself, pls try a lot.

Lashes Amor‘s product line is complete. When I came to the company, I found that there were so many styles of eyelashes beyond my imagination. I am so touched by our handmade mink lashes. This kind of manual work condenses their efforts, thus the eyelashes have a luxurious texture.

Better lashes, better life. LASHES AMOR will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?-LASHESAMOR

Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Should wear false lashes. This Saturday, [Weekend Lashes] column is from the 18-year-old Melissa. She is about to go to college and never wear fake eyelashes before. She is not sure whether she should choose false eyelashes.

Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Of course, you can, dear. Most people wear eyelashes that suit themselves and are more beautiful than they used to be. Long eyelashes mean more attractive. If you can make yourself look better, why not?

If you want to try, then you should do it right now. It is time. You could wear falsies with your friends. Your first time with false lashes should be a memorial. They might be kinda tricky to put at first. But don’t be afraid. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. It will be better after a week.

We also received a lot of related lashes questions from customers:

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Q:Do I Put Mascara On Before Fake Lashes?

A:It is not recommended by all lashes vendor to put mascara on your own lashes or false lashes. Mascara can make your eyelashes brittle and do damage to your natural lashes.

Whether it is synthetic eyelashes or good mink lashes, it is best not to use mascara.Good mink lashes can be reused many times. Mascara can be very difficult to clean, reducing the number of times the eyelashes used.

You can meet your needs with a variety of styles of false eyelashes. The strip eyelashes are much better than mascara on your eyes.

Should wear false lashes

Q:How Do I Choose Fake Eyelashes?

A:There is no doubt you should choose a good product,that can make your eyes more beautiful and add glamour. I suggest that you buy the best one within your budget. Because everything you put on your face should be safe and good. Bad products can make you look cheap and can damage your skin.Be sure to choose the best if you can.

For the beginning, it would be safer to choose a natural style mink lashes. For example, 3D MINK LASHES or NATURAL MINK LASHES. 3D SILK LASHES are good choices, too. Their natural appearance is a wonderful way to enhance your eyes without piling on a ton of makeup.

This July is our summer promotion,you can pick any styles you like.

Click Here To See More Style

Should wear false lashes. If you have any questions, please leave a message for me. The top 100 people who placed the order will receive our one pair of beautiful lashes tweezers.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Can Fake Eyelashes Be Reused? [Weekend Lashes]-LASHES AMOR

Reusable Mink lashes

Lashes Amor launched a special Saturday column this week. Answer all questions about our dear customer questions about false eyelashes,3D mink eyelashes, eyelashes vendor, and lashes wholesale. Share eyelash tips for the first time. From today, the Lashes Amor column[Weekend Lashes ] is updated every Saturday, and we will have a small gift for our first lucky guy. What are you waiting for? Pls Click & Follow&Share.

Can Fake Eyelashes Be Reused?

Today is about a question from Jenny from the US. She asked”Can fake eyelashes be reused?

We often see this question on Google, such as “Can you wear false eyelashes more than once?“,”Can fake eyelashes reuse?”,”Can you wear false eyelashes more than once?” etc.

Many people are concerned about this issue. For the fake eyelashes cost high for only use once?

Lashes Amor, the best eyelash vendor will give you the answer, YES! Fake Eyelashes Can Be Reused More Than Once. The point is you have to choose good quality strip eyelashes.

Good quality eyelashes have been written before. Please refer to it. CLICK HERE.

Good eyelashes are like lipsticks, you can use them many times and change different styles every day. However,lipstick is often hard to being used up. But the eyelashes can.

DON’T Choose These Eyelashes For Reuse

Poor quality eyelashes.

These fake eyelashes have lost their shape when they are dragged down from the tray, and sticky glue also makes it difficult to reuse. Cleaning the glue is annoying stuff.

The invisible lashes are not suitable to use at any time, too. Because their stalks are too fragile. Be sure to choose a thick cotton stalk, which is more comfortable and maintain the eye shape better. And use eyelashes many times can save your money, too.

What Is The Best Eyelash For Reuse?

Reusable Mink lashes

So what is the best eyelash for reuse? The best quality eyelashes, the most comfortable eyelashes are also the best eyelashes for reuse. It is our 3D mink lashes. Light, soft, and easy to wear, it is the best seller in the US. It is the Beyoncé in the false eyelashes.

>>Click here check high quality reusable mink lashes<<

So, dear friend, it is better for your wallet. Choose good quality eyelashes and wear it with many times.

More About Eyelashes Reuse

Q: How Many Times You Can Reuse False Lashes

A: 25-30 times, in case of proper care. Each time it wears, it will cause a certain degree of wear on the eyelashes. But as long as it is well maintained. Good mink eyelashes will definitely keep the original shape. Regarding the care of eyelashes, any information on Google. You can also follow these lashes care steps below from Lashes Amor.

So the number of reuses is also a very good way to verify the quality of the eyelashes. If you want to know whether your eyelashes are good quality. Please use it again. Good eyelashes must be used multiple times, just like our pretty 3D Mink Eyelashes.

The 3D Mink Eyelashes that can be reused many times are in hot sale. From now on, the top 100 payment can be rewarded one pretty lashes applicator. Don’t miss the chance.

How To Order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 


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Better Lashes, Better Life. Choose Lashes Amor and choose the 3D Mink Eyelashes shine your weekend.