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Plant Fiber Lashes & Vegan False Lashes

What Is Plant Fiber Lashes?

Are you an environmentalist?
Do you prefer Plant Fiber Lashes to mink hair lashes?

Degradable Plant Fiber Eyelashes Lash Tray Lash Packaging Box

Amor Lash Vendors now produce new Plant Fiber Lashes to meet huge demand of Vegan Lashes from the market, this lash styles made of Hemp fiber, so it is also called Hemp Fiber Lashes.

Hemp lashes are made of hemp plant fiber with high strength and excellent curvature. Hemp lashes are vegan lashes with cruelty-free, and some people, vegetarians, prefer hemp lashes to mink lashes, and hemp lashes are cruelty-free lashes, which are environmental-friendly, green, and healthy.

Wearing hemp lashes is a good option for vegetarians or many vegan lashes lovers, you can choose the lashes made of 100% plant fiber.

Hemp Lashes Advantages

Hemp lashes are 100% green and healthy, and the natural plant can make your lashes look fluffy and soft, with the super light for you comfortable to wear.

They are with perfect 3D effect, fluffy and soft, the lash band is also flexible and durable for wearing. Most importantly, the price is more affordable than mink lashes.

The latest natural plant fiber eyelashes

Plant Fiber Lashes Vendors
  1. Super light and super soft, these features will not make your eye skin feel heavy.
  2. The hemp material is a natural plant fiber, which will be safer, make your eye skin more comfortable, and fit better.
  3. More competitive price than real mink lashes, better cost performance.
  4. At present, the stock and competition of natural plant fiber eyelashes in the market is very small, which is a newer selling point.

Here are some advantages of hemp lashes in the following:

Vegan Lashes
Hemp lashes are vegan lashes made of hemp plant fiber, without any worries about the allergy problems of applying lashes. It’s a good option for you to choose the hemp lashes with cruelty-free, 100% green, and 100% safe.

Excellently Curly Lashes
Hemp lashes are excellent with great curls, compared with faux lashes. And many of you like vegan lashes but without a flat shape, hemp lashes can be taken into your consideration, 100% cruelty-free lashes with great curls. You can own fluffy and curl lashes effect after wearing hemp lashes.

3D Effect
Hemp lashes have an excellent three-dimensional effect, looking vividly beautiful and steric. I do love hemp lashes in good shape, and you can keep the hemp lashes for a long time if you can protect them well, and you don’t need to worry the hemp lashes are out of shape.

Healthy and Safe
Hemp lashes are healthy and safe, made of the top-rated hemp plant fiber, with strict quality control. You can wear the hemp lashes for your daily makeup, and hemp lashes are soft, light, and comfortable to wear, with a long duration too.

Where to Buy Hemp Lashes?

Hemp lashes are vegan lashes with cruelty-free, using environmentally friendly hemp fiber, and hemp lashes are the latest lashes types on the market, and there are not many competitors on the market.

We have top-rated hemp lashes with different styles too, that is our 3DB series vegan lashes including 17 different styles for your choice.

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13mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

13mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor. 13mm mink eyelashes is the latest product from Lashes Amor eyelash supplier. They have a beautiful appearance and a comfortable experience. They are the best choice for the short eyelash business and the best-designed eyelashes in 2021.

Lashes Amor is a professional eyelash product supplier from China. Providing mink eyelashes and custom-packaged eyelashes to the United States and the United Kingdom. And is good at providing customers with complete eyelash salesman supply solutions.

We help many customers build their own eyelash brand and eyelash business from scratch. We provide customers with high-quality eyelashes and our own brand eyelashes in custom eyelash packaging.

Start your eyelash collection with the help of Lashes Amor 13mm mink eyelashes!

13mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor. Lashes Amor is a reliable eyelash supplier of high-quality mink eyelashes. Its professional 3D mink eyelashes wholesale and customized eyelash packaging are exported to the United States and all over the world.

Lashes Amor eyelash manufacturer specializes in wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes, 13mm mink false eyelashes, 25mm mink false eyelashes, 16mm eyelashes, 20mm mink false eyelashes, 21X mink false eyelashes for American customers. Lashes Amor eyelashes are the best choice for your eyelash supplier, able to provide you with one-stop service and a complete supply plan. We provide fast delivery service, stable quality products and excellent service, which is a choice you will not regret.

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The Different Eye Shapes – Which is Mine?

The Different Eye Shapes – Which is Mine?

Choose right eye type lashes

When we think about the “type” of eyes that someone has, we usually only consider color. But people’s eye shapes can be surprisingly different and varied too.

When you’re buying false eyelashes. It’s important to know which of the different eye shapes you have. Just like how a dress might look best on a particular body type. Different lash styles look best on certain eye shapes.

Use our lash guide below to find your eye shape. And we’ll recommend the best false eyelashes styles for you.


Which false eyelashes suit my eye shape?

Choose right eye type lashes

In order to offer something for everyone. We’ve developed a variety of 3D mink lashes of varying shape and fullness. Whichever of the types of eye shapes you have. Here are our recommendations. On the eyelashes to choose to best enhance and frame those gorgeous eyes of yours!

Monolid Eyes

If you don’t have a crease (an indentation at the top of your eyelids), your search ends here – you have monolid eyes.

Choose right eye type lashes

Lucky you – monolids are an open canvas! However, although you could create a crease with any lash style. We would recommend shying away from really dense lashes that could make your eyelids appear weighed down. Instead, get the drama you’re looking for with a lighter, crisscross design. Such as our DQ series eyelashes, paired with winged eyeliner to subtly emphasize your lash line.

Almond Eyes

When you look straight ahead at the mirror. If you can’t see the whites of your eyes below the iris (the colored part), you have almond-shaped eyes.

Choose right eye type lashes

Almond eyes are the most universal shape and are blessed with versatility – a wide variety of false eyelashes will work for you. However, the best lashes style is one that takes full advantage of your catlike stare. Voluminous lashes with winged ends! Pick the 3D, DM Series, all reusable eyelashes styles that will create exceptional drama and mystery.

Round Eyes

When you look straight ahead at the mirror, if you can see the whites of your eyes below the iris (the colored part), you have round eyes!

Choose right eye type lashes

Round eyes have an amazing dimension! Enhance this depth further by avoiding very thick false lashes. Which could overwhelm your lash line and make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, look for wispy and winged eyelashes. Our and reusable eyelashes will draw out the length of your lash line perfectly. Creating a gorgeous cat’s eye shape that will open your eyes out even more.

Hooded Eyes

If your eyelid crease is not visible when your eyes are open, then your eye shape is hooded. You’ll look great in lashes that are long in the center and taper at both ends, giving the illusion of added depth.

Choose right eye type lashes

Hooded eyes are sultry and mysterious. Flaunt that mystique by really emphasizing your natural shape. With faux lashes that are long in the center and taper at both ends. Our DH Series Lashescombine long and short lash lengths in this way precisely layered to create the illusion of depth. They’re also a subtle blend of black and brown, for a more natural look.

>>3D Mink lashes collection–Click here<<

>>DH Mink lashes collection–Click here<<

>>DM Mink lashes collection–Click here<<

Upturned Eyes

If you placed a straight line across the center of your eyes, would the outer corners by your temples be above or below the line, or right on it? If your answer is above the line, you have upturned eyes.

upturned eyes

Upturned eyes are another incredibly versatile eye shape since they are very similar to almond eyes except with an upward lift at the outermost corner. 3D lashes that gradually increase in length towards the outer edges, in a classic winged shape, will best emphasize this upward flick. Try our 3D, DM, or DH Series lashes which will all highlight your natural, catlike eye shape, and give them a beautiful extra lift that you didn’t even know you were looking for!

Downturned Eyes

If you placed a straight line across the center of your eyes, would the outer corners by your temples be above or below the line, or right on it? If your answer is below, you have downturned eyes.

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes are that captivating, vintage-esque shape you see on all of the movie starlets from the 1920s. False eyelashes that are too dense and heavy will only highlight the downturn, so for a more modern look, stick with lashes that are wispy and natural-looking. To give your outer corners a helpful lift, try our DM or 3D mink eyelashes – these are both low-volume, criss-cross lash designs that are best described as ‘spiky’. With the longest lashes at the center of the eye, they provide a subtle all-over lift to your entire eye.

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The biggest misunderstanding about buying Christmas special mink eyelashes

The biggest misunderstanding about buying Christmas special mink eyelashes

Christmas special mink eyelashes, Wanna buy lashes as gifts?

Are there high-quality and cheap mink false eyelashes in the world? No, good products are expensive! There is no good and cheap mink false eyelashes in the world.

There are three reasons:

First, high-quality false eyelashes are scarce

All we use are the longest hairs on the mink’s tail. The hair peaks are very long, and the hair peaks are not truncated or down. In the market, there are very few mink fur raw materials suppliers that fully meet our requirements.

In order to ensure a stable supply of our raw materials, we will buy back the best quality mink raw materials on the market for secondary selection. We select wool that meets our product manufacturing requirements, which means that about 30% of the raw materials are discarded, which makes our raw material expenditure 30% higher than the industry.

Our suppliers often ask us whether we regret it? This screening of raw materials is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Is it really worth it? Regret it? We never regret it, and we will continue to do so. Because we firmly believe that only by choosing the best quality mink from the raw material, can customers enjoy the best wearing experience.

Other cheap and low-end products are short hairs of mink bodies, and many of the hair tips are broken, and some hair follicles and hair tips mixed together look unnatural.

>>Christmas column<<

Christmas special mink eyelashes

Second:the rigorous production process of false eyelashes takes time

The production of false eyelashes is a process that needs to follow many technical specifications. For example, the eyelash suppliers who supply mid-rate supply are chemically shaped, which can quickly shape the eyelashes in batches. You permed your hair, do you remember the smell? That’s right, what a sour taste! Think about it again. Does the eyelashes you buy have a chemical smell? The eyelashes we use are in close contact with the skin. If our skin has been in contact with chemical potions for a long time, you should know what will happen. This is very scary!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is done through physical heat treatment, without any chemical treatment, but through precise temperature control. And our eyelashes do not have any odor. We can confidently say that only our family has this technology in the world. This technology is also our core competitiveness, and we all have environmental protection certificates.

Christmas special mink eyelashes certificates

Third: There are few eyelashes who can do original designs

Our designer is Oscar. There are no more than two eyelash designers in China, and Oscar is one of them. Not every eyelash factory can be equipped with an exclusive eyelash designer.

Only experienced suppliers have the ability to transform eyelash designers’ design drafts into production process drawings, and only the most experienced craftsmen can implement the designer’s design concepts on actual eyelashes without deviation .

Only strong suppliers have time and funds to set up a dedicated product design and research department to develop new eyelashes, launch them in time, and seize the market for customers.

Only suppliers with a large number of old customer groups can collect so many customer feedbacks, and designers can accurately grasp customer needs, keep up with fashion trends, and make the new styles launched in each period sell well.

Fourth: The work of craftsmen should be respected

We believe that every worker is a craftsman, we cherish every piece of their work, and their work should be respected. We provide them with a working environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer, carefully create a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and give them generous and stable remuneration. I can see the smiles on their faces every day. We believe that this joy and happiness will be incorporated into their work and brought to every user who wears our eyelashes.

Christmas special mink eyelashes craftmens

Are there high-quality and cheap mink false eyelashes in the world? No! Good products are expensive!
To purchase the best mink false eyelashes, please contact Lashes Amor ASAP!

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Do you really understand the consumer?

The misconception between middlemen and consumers is the source of your loss of customers

The problem that customers who wholesale mink hair has are that the quality of the bulk goods and the quality of the samples are seriously inconsistent. This is common happening between middlemen and consumers.

The delivery date is not stable. The customer has promoted the guaranteed delivery date, but the delivery cannot be delivered on time at that time, and the customer will be lost.

beautiful woman, middlemen and consumers
Beautiful african american girl with an afro hairstyle smiling

Obstacles between middlemen and consumers

Without the ability to update, the customer’s perception of styles is always lagging, and many market and profitable opportunities are lost. You don’t update the styles for customers in time. Once new products appear in the market, your customers will soon be lost to customers of other new products. Low-quality products do not have innovative styles. They will only lower the quality and lower the price for competition.

Good quality always counts

E-commerce is so developed now. Good products, bad products, everyone knows, products that make money are always quality products.

Beauty is what consumers pursue after they meet their living standards. Beauty must be the ultimate. If beauty is not perfect, unnatural, and imperfect, Why do you even bother to wear makeup? It’s better not to wear makeup. Isn’t that true? This is the current deviation of ideas between suppliers and consumers, which is the source of your loss of customers!

beautiful women
Friends hiking through the hills of Los Angeles

Address to readers

Dear customer, There is a deviation in the concepts of consumers and middlemen. Consumers are of high grade, and middlemen cannot keep up with consumer ideas. When consumers say that the price is high, the middleman really thinks that the high price will not sell, but in fact, consumers prefer good things

If you make low-priced and low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day long. Just set up a department to deal with customer returns and product quality complaints. The cost is also high, and the time cost is high! So please pay attention to sales, product quality, your product quality is worry-free, your sales volume will be better

Price or quality?

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How to wear falselashes healthy?

False lashes healthyLashes Amor

False eyelashes are a great way to change your look. You can instantly change from leisure to charm. They are decorated with Hollywood’s most outstanding celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, and Angelina Jolie.
False eyelashes have become commonplace in the beauty industry. They are affordable, fun, and easy to apply accessories. However, false eyelashes have certain disadvantages.
Despite its popularity, experts point out that people are increasingly worried. After all, a false description of one of the most sensitive parts of the human body-the eyes. The eyes are not only the windows of the soul but also the windows of the soul. They are an important part of our observation and treatment of the world. Taking care of them is essential to our overall health and well-being. Incorrect use of Falsies can cause various adverse side effects, including rash, irritation, and swelling.

Vincy-pink-box-false lashes healthy

Keep your eyes healthy

Although wearing the wrong clothes can be dangerous, with proper care and observation, you can still have excellent eye health and the desired appearance. Avoiding harmful effects and reactions is as simple as implementing some habits and techniques. Tips and tricks:

Find formaldehyde-free adhesives

Formaldehyde-free adhesives can be purchased online and in stores. You can find great deals from various brands that are not discounted.
Store eyelashes safely in a cool, dry place and in a closed container: storing eyelashes correctly will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
Wash your fantasies: makeup and dirt are microbe magnets. Use a cotton ball in a make-up remover dipped in alcohol to gently remove makeup, dirt, and oil to avoid possible infection. Slide from the test strip to the tip, and then continue to soak the cotton ball in hot water. Put your fantasy on absorbent paper to dry.

Remove your mistakes carefully

Pulling the sickle roughly can cause problems. To remove the scythe properly, dip some cotton balls in the makeup remover to dissolve the glue or adhesive. Gently pull the separated strip away from your eyes.
Beware of animal allergies: most well-known companies will specify materials on the eyelashes. Look carefully at the label. If you are allergic to animals, it is best to stick to silk or artificial eyelashes.

Don’t sleep on the eyelashes

After getting off work or after spending a night with friends, closing your eyes without removing these eyelashes seems harmless. However, the weight of the eyelashes combined with the pressure applied to the eyelashes may cause you to lose your natural eyelashes. You are also preparing to accumulate dirt and grime, which can cause infection.

Do not share eyelashes. Never

What to whip with friends? Well, there may be a difference between a good day and being infected. Our bodies are different, but we have one common feature: we have bacteria. Things that are harmless to one person will cause a strong reaction from another. To avoid contaminating yourself and people you know, please keep your eyelashes.

Wearing false eyelashes is fun and exciting. They can improve any makeup while giving fullness and fullness. However, they may also bring some risks. Many of these risks may include infection, swelling, irritation, and, in extreme cases, blindness. To avoid these effects, keep false lashes healthy, please follow good cleaning and storage techniques, maintain good hygiene practices, and pay attention to possible damage to natural eyelashes.

Better lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor are always with you.

Whatsapp: 8617561687026

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10 Dos and Don’ts When Starting Your Own Eyelash Business

If you are not familiar with the idea of lashes line, you need to calm down and think twice before finalizing your plan. Paying attention to the challenges in the eyelash business will help you overcome them easily. We, Lashes Amor, have consulted with various successful eyelash retail experts and artists to come up with the following list to help you run your lashes line business smoothly.

Do a clear budget and profit estimate

The first question you need to ask yourself is the budget at hand. Do you have enough funds to create products based on your actual ideas? If so, please write down the budget and divide it into all areas of possible use, such as production, marketing, transportation, etc.

Have you added your profits? You need to clearly understand how much you will spend before you make a profit. Have an idea about it from the beginning.

Don’t Forget the Clients You Need

You need a minimum number of customers to start a business. If you are just starting out, you need to sell your business and products to customers. Add gifts and premiums to increase appeal. If you want to keep your old customers, you need to create a new membership and loyalty program for your brand.

Do Have a Clear Idea About Your Target Audience

Before you start funding your business, you need to have a clear understanding of your ideal customers. Who will buy from you? Can you define and divide them by gender, age, income, interests, etc.? Then you have a target audience. Defining market segments will help you research more about your audience and how to reach their audience.

Don’t ignore your marketing plan

Do you have a marketing plan? If not, please start now! In order to make anything successful today, you need a clear marketing plan to understand how to activate your brand image, showcase it and set the tone for your sales pitch. A good marketing plan will also have feasible goals to achieve your target sales. You need to modify the marketing plan based on constantly changing updates.

Do Check competitors online and offline

Having a walking around your neighbors will find your competitor’s eyelash salon. You can also check your competitors by simply Google searching for “Chinese eyelash manufacturers” or anywhere. Evaluating your competitors will help you understand how to set up your game. It will enable you to understand the preferences of your target audience.

Don’t buy too many fancy things

Whether you are renting a salon or working in a garage, you must limit the decoration items you buy in order to maintain the atmosphere. Buy too many things easily deplete your profits or capital. This is a serious mistake many newcomers make. Instead, stock inventory, so you can sell more.

Do Create attractive menus

When you evaluate your competitors, what is their menu? Did you find anything amazing? Try it on the menu. Or better yet, create an attractive menu suitable for decorating your target audience with the set menu.

Do Register Your Business Asap

When you start making as an eyelash artist, the first step is to set up your company profile and register your company locally. You need to find a brand name and register it so that no one else removes it from the chart. Another wise step is to build a commercial website with a domain name as your brand name. It can get the traction of your brand and business from all over the world.

Do Create A Professional Email

Your personal email address must be, but since you are no longer just a person, you need change it. You need a professional email ID. Go to the developer (if you have a website) or your preferred email subscriber and create a new email ID. Choose the name that defines your brand.

Don’t make the mistake of choose the poor eyelash supplier

Next is the most important step in defining the eyelash brand. Do you want to spend a lot of money to experiment with multiple suppliers? This happens when you travel to a foreign country alone. But with Lashes Amor, you can rest assured that we are a high-end mink eyelash supplier. We will keep you safe during the lashes line!

Better lashes, Better life!

Lashes Amor are always with you!

Whatsapp us

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How to apply adhesives better?

All about adhesives

Haing trouble applying your lashes? Well, it all starts with applying the lashes adhesive properly. –Lashes Amor

Tip #1: only use as much glue as you need.

Using a ton of glue is not going to make the lashes more secure and even too much clear glue will show. So unless you want this happening to you, make sure to use only a thin strip of glue.

woman's false lashes with too much lashes adhesives

Tip #2: Wait 40-50 seconds for the glue to become tacky

By tacky, you want your lashes adhesive to do this. If you ever experienced lashes sliding everywhere or corners that simply refused to stay down you most likely didn’t wait until the glue reached a tacky consistency. When you do wait the proper amount of time you will find that corners are much easier to pin down and the lashes and here more securely of the first contact.

your lashes adhesive need to be tacky as it shows

Tip #3: Apply more adhesive at the ends

Corners of your lashes lifting up we’ve all experienced this .Try putting more glue on at the ends of your lashes. Remember to use your lashes adhesive sparingly and wait for it to get tacky before applying.

Tip #4: Make sure your lash is hovering above your tube of glue.

There are plenty of instances where the glue just gushes out. And gets all over your falsies if your glue is held upright and squeezed from the bottom. You will have gravity working against you, giving you more control over the flow of your adhesives even if you do squeeze out too much glue. It will never get on the lash itself. If your hands are little too shaky for this method spread some glue onto a clean surface or the back of your hand then either drag the eyelash to the glue or use the end of a makeup brush to apply your glue onto the lash band.

Make sure your lash is hovering above your tube of glue

Better lashes,Better life. Lashes Amor with you all the time!

Helpfu blog: What are silk lashes?

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What are silk lashes?

Silk lashes are a good choice for medium-weight eyelashes. Often suitable for a variety of different customers. Compared with synthetic eyelashes, their softness and porosity are better. So the use of time will be longer. If the customer’s eyelashes are thin, it is a better choice. –Lashes Amor

Like other types of eyelashes, they vary in degree of curl and length. Look as vivid or natural as the customer wants. And usually do not look as “plastic” as acrylic eyelashes. They are also some of the darkest eyelash extenders you can get, with the appearance of “off the shelf mascara”. Glamorous false eyelashes are a popular choice for brides who are looking for full, long, and natural eyelashes.


Silk eyelashes are great because their fibers are similar to actual mink fur. In fact, some silks have so close feel and appearance to mink that it is difficult to distinguish them.

Lashes Amor silk is made of superfine fibers, making it the closest relative to actual mink fur. This means you can get a set of exquisite, fringed looks that resemble mink eyelashes, without price tags or cruel animal behavior.

You can put on your eyelashes in a conscientious way because you know that the fibers have not yet taken off from innocent animals.

Silk Lashes

Silk eyelashes are also very comfortable. A good pair of false eyelashes will always be wrapped with a cotton thread, making your lash line completely weightless, so you will basically forget that they are there.

No need to use heavy eye makeup, you can make the eyes have dramatic and natural elegance. In fact, once you start wearing false eyelashes, you can basically remove that thick mascara. You don’t need it at all.

model is weaaring silk lashes

If you are worried that silk eyelashes will not blend with natural eyelashes and mink eyelashes, there is no need to worry. Korean silk eyelashes can easily blend with your natural eyelashes. To ensure that they blend as much as possible, we always recommend that you curl natural eyelashes before applying false eyelashes. Curling natural eyelashes can blend them with the natural curvature of silk eyelashes, making them look natural.

There are also many styles of eyelashes to choose from. Since silk is a synthetic fiber, it can be shaped before being placed on the lash band. This means you can expect to see different styles of Lashes silk eyelashes for different eye shapes, which look more vivid on special occasions.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor-Whatsapp: 8617561687026

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Why are mink Lashes So Expensive?

What Are Mink Lashes?Lashes Amor

Since there are different types of eyelashes, mink lashes are probably the hottest accessory of all and can really take a person’s look to a whole new level.

What exactly are mink eyelashes? Why are they so expensive?

Mink lashes applications are the most common type of eyelashes in the eyelash industry today, and we are here to help you understand their true meaning.

model is wearing the Lashes Amor mink eyelashes

Mink lashes

As we all know, they are the most expensive eyelashes on the market. Mink fur is popular because of its soft and natural fur, which also happens to give birth to eyelashes.

Our mink lashes made from preying minks?

“Where do mink lashes come from?”

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions we receive about mink lashes is their source. The term “mink” often confuses many artists and eyelash customers, many of whom tend to think if eyelashes are made of live animal hair.

We are here to end this argument completely! The mink hair we use is the raw material collected from the hair naturally shed from their bodies

Therefore, yes, our mink lashes are cruelty-free and have nothing to do with violence!

Mink lashes so expensive-Are they worth it?

Real mink lashes are light, soft, and fluffy, and ultimately look more natural, matching natural human eyelashes.

model is wearing Lashes Amor 3D mink eyelashes

They are not for everyone, but real mink eyelashes are best for customers who want an incredibly natural look. Real mink lashes are usually very long because they are very light. So they are expensive.

And Lashes Amor 3D mink lashes are all made by pure handy work, our workers attached every single one of them to achieve stunning final artworks.

We have strict policy on the craftship, our workers will not accept overtime shift, cause the mink lashes need to be perfect , all of them!

Lashes Amor’ 3D mink lashes worth every penny of it! You won’t regret that order from us!

Why should we continue to design new lashes styles?