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How To Start A Successful Vegan Eyelash Business?

If you love make up and you are confidence on false eyelash business, What should you do next? Before you start your eyelashes business, Amor Vegan Lash Vendor shares some important tips you should know, which will make it easier for you to start your eyelashes business if you read carefully and really understand what we say!

First suggest you start vegan eyelashes business in the beginning,because the Vegan Lashes have cheap price, cruelty free and eco-friendly advantage, if you find your love eyelash styles, you can also exchange to mink lashes which are more resuable and high quality.

Research the local false Lashes market and customer demographics
Before starting an eyelash business, you need to know the market well and collect some key data, such as style, price, target customers, and how many merchants are doing eyelash business.

wholesale lashes vendors

If you already have your own brand name, just no eyelash logo, you can contact us via our WhatsApp link button, if you need help, we can make eyelash logo for you for free. If you don’t have your own brand name yet, then you should think of a resounding brand name so that you can better promote your products.

Find Reliable Professional Eyelash Wholesalers Like Amor Lashes Vendor
A good wholesale eyelash supplier can provide you with high-quality vegan eyelashes and first-class service, which is the foundation of your eyelash business. High-quality eyelashes will attract more customers. So it is very important to choose an eyelash supplier with excellent product quality.

Know Your Lash Business Competitors and Follow Them
If you have key data on your competitors, you will learn a lot. You can go to their website, social media or eyelash store, filter out the styles they are selling, and you can directly order the same vegan eyelashes for sale. So as to avoid the eyelash styles that are not selling well. In terms of eyelash price positioning, you can also specify an advantageous eyelash price based on competitors’ prices.

Make sure to find the best selling products, prices, packaging and shipments.
You should keep a close eye on all the crucial data about your eyelashes business that will help you improve your Vegan Lashes business.

Renting an Office for Your Own Eyelash Business
You can even open an online lash store or home office, it will save a lot if you are just starting out, all you have to do is choose high quality lashes and find your target market and customers.

Create Your Own Lashes Website
More and more girls like to buy mascara online. Make sure to build a lash website, this is where your customers can buy lashes and your services. Update all vegan lash informations on your web, if you need help,you can get all the information from lash vendors, such as material, length, style name, lifespan, quantity, etc. The more details your customers know, the more attractive your product will be.

Create some social accounts
By creating a social account, update some posts of your own products every day, increase exposure, improve brand awareness, and at the same time bring a certain amount of traffic to your website.

Through the above steps, you can easily start your own eyelash business. If you still don’t understand or need to add something, please contact us. We will give the best response to help everyone who wants to start their own eyelash business. .
If you need a professional eyelash vendor, you can also contact us, we will serve every customer very wholeheartedly.

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How To Name Your Mink Lashes 2023?

Impulse consumption is the exclusive right of women. If the name of your Mink Lashes matches the potential idea of the customer to buy the product, then congratulations, you will close another order. An interesting or sexy eyelash name will bring you unexpected shopping Hint, that’s why Amor Lashes Vendor share this names of the lashes for you.

Exquisite mink eyelashes deserve a unique name that distinguishes them from the masses. Your product can be A++, but if it doesn’t have a moniker that attracts attention, it runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. Do not let this happen to you.

In addition to spotlighting your distinct lashes, when it comes to mink lash names, a solid one serves a variety of purposes. Not only does it easily identify your special product, but it also builds brand loyalty and sticks in the mind of the consumer.

How to name your mink lashes
When determining lash names, think about what makes for a memorable name in any product category. Let’s take a look at the shortlist:

Consider your consumer
Make it memorable
Humor is good
Watch your copyright
First and foremost, it is imperative to identify your target audience. For the purposes of this example, we’re going to cater eyelashes to a millennial woman. More specifically, the mink lash names must resonate. Make sure the names speak to her. Think about what pop culture references stand out in her mind– but be careful not to be so trendy as to be obsolete in a few years.

It’s fantastic to be funny! Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara drew me in by eliciting a laugh– and kept me with the quality of the product. Now, it is the only mascara I buy and I am a loyal consumer.

Alliteration is another tool to really make a name pop. Take, for example, PayPal. That double ‘P’ sound pops. Wouldn’t you rather work with PayPal instead of PayBuddy?

Be sure to make the name clear. If your potential customers are scratching their heads wondering why their product has a certain name, it’s too confusing. Keep it simple in terms of pronunciation and spelling.
Finally, make sure there is no copyright infringement or trademark issues. In some categories, there is bound to be redundancy. “Warm Auburn Hair Dye” isn’t exactly unique. However, “[Your Name]’s Ravishing Red” is. LegalZoom can help you obtain copyright. A Google search can assist in determining whether or not something has already been claimed.
Types of mink lash names
Generally speaking, there are three types of names:

Descriptive Names
Suggestive Names
Abstract Names
Descriptive Names

These names are straightforward and to-the-point. When you read a label that says “Volumizing, Root-Lifting Hair Spray,” you know exactly what to expect. These can be very effective in describing what makes your product unique in a sea of lookalikes. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to be creative and clever with a descriptive name. MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] comes to mind. The acronym tells you precisely what their organization does– and drunk driving is very much a cause that warrants anger.

Suggestive Names

Frequently cited examples in this category are Microsoft Office and the travel website/app, Kayak. Microsoft Office is not actually an office building. Instead, it is a collection of services designed to help you do business more efficiently– in essence, it’s a type of portable office that makes life easier. Similarly, Kayak is not a sleek boat but duly named to evoke thoughts of travel and adventure. These suggestive names allow consumers to connect-the-dots.

Abstract Names

One word: Google. What on earth is ‘a Google?!’ Sure, it’s become synonymous with internet search engines [everybody knows exactly what you mean when you say “Google it” even if you use Yahoo, Bing, etc.] but the actual word does not exist outside of the context in which it has been defined via Silicon Valley. The same goes for Kleenex. “Grab a Kleenex” is the universal code for obtaining a tissue. Both of these are extremely effective examples as they have been written into our collective verbal dictionary, if not the physical one.

Now that we’ve done a deep-dive into names, let’s put them into play.

Here’s a roundup of 59 of the catchiest mink lash names:
1) Little Black Lash

2) Black Magic

3) Seduction

4) Starlet

5) Vixen

6) Enchante

7) Tilt-a-Whirl

8) Buxom

9) Doe-Eyed

10) Deer-in-Headlights

11) Gossip Girl

12) Casino Royale

13) Goldfinger

14) High Roller

15) City of Lights

16) Bombshell

17) Supernova

18) Scarlett O’Hara

19) Baby Black

20) Big Boi Black

21) Palm Springs

22) Paris Hilton

23) K-Pop

24) Private Jet

25) Luxe Live Love

26) Magnificent Mime

27) Meteor

28) Georgia Peach

29) Memphis Moonlight

30) Nashvegas

31) Think I’ll Go To Boston

32) Golden Gate

33) Havana

34) Back-to-black

35) Try Me

36) Can’t Touch This

37) Call Me When I care

38) Genie in a Bottle

39) Britney Spears

40) Wanna Play?

41) Very Voyeur

42) Roll Out

43) Brigitte Bardot

44) Take Me To Church

45) Curvaceous Curls

46) Bondi Beach

47) Madagascar Mink Maven

48) Greta Garbo

49) Princess Leia

50) Luscious Lagos

51) Lashestiny

52) Lash Zinfindel

53) Lasho Calrissian

54) The Wealth of Lashes

55) The Lash Manifesto

56) Harry Lasher

57) Church of Las

58) Dungeons and Lashes

59) Butterfly Lashes

It is your time
Now that we’ve established your eyelash brand and have catching names in hand for your lashes, what’s stopping you from launching your entire product line? Feel free to use this list for inspiration or create your own!

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Amor Lash Vendor Is A Reliable Eyelash Vendors !!!

The eyelash business reached its climax in 2020. More and more customers started the eyelash business. Custom luxury packaging.if you choose us as your eyelash vendors,I dare tell you that this is the 100% right choice.

Mink Eyelash Vendors

First, we are a legitimate eyelash vendors
Our company is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city. Amor lashes is a legal eyelash supplier. We have many customers contacting us to buy eyelashes and eyelash packaging so that they can start their eyelash business.

Eyelash Vendors

Second, we have high-quality luxury mink eyelash products
Our eyelashes are 100% mink eyelashes. The raw material of our mink eyelashes is the mink tail lashes that we have naturally shed by our mink. Each mink furs are special technology and modern physical sterilization technology for disinfection and sterilization. Most importantly, after sterilization, it should be made thousands of times by skilled workers. Therefore, each of our eyelashes can be said to be unique and precious.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

Third, customize eyelash packaging with private logo
Amor Lash Vendor has a professional designer team that can help you design the logo you want for free and we will confirm it after you complete the design. After you are satisfied, we will print and produce the logo for you. We have more than 200 custom eyelashes packaging, each one is very beautiful, our customized packaging and printing logo, the minimum order quantity for each box is only 30 pieces! ! !

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Fourth, we have sufficient inventory
Our eyelashes have a total of 4 length series, namely 13mm, 16mm 20MM, 25MM, each of our lengths is about 20 styles, our eyelash styles can meet the needs of most people, and many customers choose Our eyelashes, and because we have a lot of eyelashes in stock, we can directly ship which one the customer orders, so we have efficient transportation efficiency

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

  1. Efficient express delivery
    Our shipping speed is very fast, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours after you place an order, but customized eyelash packaging needs to be completed within 4 to 7 working days after you confirm your satisfaction with the design drawings. Similarly, we provide efficient express delivery service, which only takes one week. For more detailed information about Amor Lashes false eyelashes supplier, please contact us!!!
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How To Find Natural Vegan Eyelashes 2023 Popular Theme?

If you’re a first-timer or newbie lash user, don’t go for a super heavy full strip of lashes. Opt for lighter, small lashes (or sections of them) that won’t weigh down your lashes or feel uncomfortable. To make application even easier, make up artists advises bending the lash in half while the glue is drying to soften it and tilting your head to look down into a mirror for the best visibility.

The shape of your eyes is also an important detail to remember when purchasing lashes. For example, if your eyes are hooded, go for lash strips that are longer in the middle to help open up the eyes. If your eyes are round, opt for curly lashes to accentuate the outer corners.

Little details like band color are crucial for having your lashes look the most natural. A nude or transparent band color will look more natural, whereas a black band color will add some more definition to your eyes. Regardless of which color you choose, if you want your lashes to look even more natural, advises to “camouflage the lash band by applying black gel or liquid liner.”

How do you apply false eyelashes?
The correct way to apply false eyelashes depends on which type you’re using. For cluster lashes (small gatherings of a few lash hairs), makeup artist recommends wiggling lash glue right alongside the root of your lashes, then setting the cluster lash on top and gently pressing to fuse it.

For individual lashes, makeup artist says knot-free versions create a more natural look, and you only need one or two on the outer corners to provide more extension. Strip lashes are one of the easiest methods, as it gives you a full set of volume in just one step—you can use the back of your hand as a surface for applying the glue, and be sure to check beforehand whether you need to cut the lash to better fit your eye. With all of these, don’t be afraid to adjust your lashes as the glue is drying, and finish the process with a final coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false ones you’ve applied.

How do you remove false eyelashes?
The process of removing false lashes applied with an adhesive glue is easy. “Just gently tug on the inner corner of the lash (being careful not to tug your own real lashes!) while holding down your eyelid with another finger/hand,” she explains. “You can also get the adhesive started by applying an oil-based makeup remover to the lash line with a cotton swab and gently rubbing it against the lash line where the adhesive is.”

Can you reuse false eyelashes?
Yes! It’s fine to reuse false eyelashes, as long as you clean them properly. However, you should never reuse someone else’s lashes, and makeup artists should always use a new strip on each client. That being said, if you gently remove glue from your lashes using tweezers before cleansing with oil-free makeup remover, rinsing it off with a tiny bit of water, and sanitizing with alcohol before letting them air dry, your false lashes should be good to go for your next night out.

How long do false eyelashes last?
Generally, false lashes last one to two days, depending on if you touch your eyes a lot and/or apply the proper amount of adhesive,Just make sure you are still removing your makeup even if you want to keep your lashes on for more than one day.

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How To Create My Own Lashes Brand?

Amor Lash Vendors is the most professional Lashes Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Supplier. We have helped more than 3000 customers to start their eyelash business successfully.

Do you want to have your own lash line? Do you want to know how to create your own 3D mink eyelash brand? Please read carefully our experiences how to create your own eyelash brand. This blog has helped over thousands of eyelash entrepreneur on starting their mink eyelashes business.

  1. First you must create your own mink lashes logo

Each eyelash brand has its own logo, which will distinguish it from other mink eyelash brands.You are very fortunate!!! Our company can design your logo for free of charge>>>Click Here Get Free Logo Design !!! Our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have your own logo yet, please contact us.

2.Conduct Market Research

Get a comprehensive picture of what styles of 3D mink eyelashes your customers like and the price they can accept. Accurately locate the market and have more customers.Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. Recently, the most popular wholesale mink lashes styles>>>click here are mainly these. You can refer to it.

  1. Find professional mink eyelashes vendors

Finding a professional mink eyelash vendors is the most important point in creating your mink lash brand. So what is the good mink eyelash vendors ? First of all, professional mink eyelash vendors can provide high quality eyelashes. Secondly, the professional eyelash vendors can design the eyelash style by itself, which can guarantee the fashion trend of leading the eyelashes. Third, professional mink lash vendors can deliver on time. These are very important for the sales of mink eyelashes.

4.Distinguish which are the real Mink Lashes

We want to distinguish between mink eyelashes and silk lashes by burning them.
Taste: At the time of burning, there will be a burning human hair after the mink lashes burn.
Speed: The speed at which the eyelashes burn is very slow. After the fire is extinguished, the eyelashes will not burn on their own, but the velvet eyelashes will burn on their own.
Ashes: After the mink lashes are burned, the ash is powdery. After the silk eyelashes burn, there is no ash, and they will shrink into a ball.

5.Promote Your Brand(Mink Lashes).

If you already have the above three points, then you can promote your mink eyelashes. You can use your social software, such as INS, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on. The most important thing is to build a website on Google. According to our many years of experience, the promotion effect of the website is the best, followed by Instagram and YouTube.

Dear if you want start your eyelashes business and don’t know how to choose lashes ,you can choose from the sample pack.We have more than ten years of experience in eyelash production and sales, and we have helped more than 3,000 customers start their eyelash business successfully . We have summarized these experiences and made 9 sample packs, hope that can help you.

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How To Make Eyelashes Soft And Elastic?

Amor Lashes is a professional Lashes Vendor and Wholesale Eyelash Packaging supplier. We have many years of experience in eyelash business, our goal is to help everyone who wants to create their own brand to make money , casually in and out of the luxury store!

wholesale mink lashes

You definitely know that if you want to run your own eyelashes business, you must get high-quality products, so do you know how to make mink eyelashes soft and elastic?

When you buy low quality lashes, their band is hard and thick, do you know how to save it?
Now I know why it’s so stiff, then I know how to make it soft and flexible, but be careful, choose lighter sable lashes, burn the sable lashes with a lighter, make sure you don’t burn the sable lashes, just stay away from it, this will only Make your mink lashes softer and more elastic.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

After you’ve done the above, they’ll become a bit more flexible. Before the heat dissipates, mink lashes can be wrapped around a lash brush or tubular object. Turn it into a circle and you can keep them for a while, which will help the mink lashes become more flexible. It also helps soften the straps without being too thick and piercing your eyes.

But dear ones, it is still recommended that you buy high-quality mink lashes, so that you can avoid the hard and thick mink lash band you get, it will save you a lot of time, and it will continue to win you good repeat customers!

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Fox Eye Makeup Tips

One of the recent makeup trends in the beauty world has been fox eye makeup. Though similar to cat eyes and other winged eye looks, fox eyes have become a trend of its own. Fox eye makeup consists of emphasizing the inner corners with eyeliner and eyeshadow, creating a sleek and straight wing on the end and blurring it all to remove any harsh lines.Amor Eyelash Vendor share the Fox Eye Make up Tips and also recommend you the best eyelashes for you in this blog.

💙The look is also versatile depending on the way you want it to look — whether that means a longer wing, more blurred lines or experimenting with different colours, it can be altered slightly for anyone who learns how to do fox eye makeup. As you hop on the fox eye trend, here are makeup tips for fox eye makeup for you to learn from.

💘【Makeup tips】💕

❶ Do not use too heavy eye shadow! Give the eyelids a proper color, and the upper eyelids are all matte.

❷ The blush is also painted with eye shadow, so that the overall makeup will be harmonious.

❸ The eyeliner direction plays an important role with the fox eye look.

💕【Makeup procedure】💘

  1. Use a light orange for the bottom of the eye.
  2. Darken the head and tail of the eyes, and then use a brush to smudge both ends
  3. Use a darker color to draw the eyeliner.
  4. Use the darkest shade to draw an eyeliner guideline to help you draw eyeliner for later.
  5. The eyeliner is applied on both ends of the eye.
  6. Curl the eyelashes and then use a pearly eyeliner shade to have a realistic look

💕【Eyelashes Recomendation】💘

Short, light and winged eyelashes are the best choice for fox eyes make up. Here we recommend the light mink lashes made by Amor Eyelash Vendor, who has decades of eyelash experiences and provide cheaper but beautiful eyelashes all over the world.

Mink lashes for fox eye make up

Cashmere lashes for Fox Eyes make up

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Which Brand Cat Eye Lash Style is More Popular in 2022?

When you read this blog, I know you love cat eye lashes! So do you know what cat eye lashes are more popular in 2022? Do you know how many cat eyelashes there are? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will systematically show you cat eyelashes of different materials, different styles of cat eyelashes, and of course cat eyelashes of different brands. I am sure that when you read this blog for the third time, you will understand what kind of cat eye lashes you want, you will easily choose your favorite style from these popular cat eye lashes to use by yourself, of course you also It will be easy to choose the cat eyelash style you need for your eyelash business!

  • Adell ultra-thin vegan cat eye lashes |ARDELL 853

The classic ARDELL 853 eyelashes are very influential. These eyelashes can last for several years and top the sales list. These eyelashes are fatally attractive to customers with beauty experience because they are thin and light, and they can DIY their own eyelashes. style, so its repurchase ratio is also very high.

Velour lashes is committed to the development and promotion of vegan lashes, especially the promotion of plant fiber eyelashes, it is ahead of other brands, and even developed a full degradable combination from eyelashes, eyelash trays and eyelash packaging boxes, which are popular among vegetarian eyelashes users. Admired, is also the first vegetarian eyelashes brand, her sales have nothing to do with price, but feelings and environmental protection concepts.

The founder of Huda beauty has a deep understanding of beauty and has a strong ability to promote social media, so the huda beauty collection has always been at the forefront of fashion, this eyelash is also very beautiful, and the customer feedback is also very good, if you can find more A good model will perform better.

Lily lashes has been constantly launching her new styles and collecting customer feedback through Internet stars, so it is efficient from the company’s high-level procurement to the company’s promotion implementation. Amor lashes has close cooperation with them , so I appreciate their approach very much, and I also appreciate the eyelashes they launch.

  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Different from the above Lash Brand Company, Amor Lash Vendor are wholesale lash vendors, what we do is to supply custom eyelashes to them, therefore Amor Lashes design more cat eye eyelash styles, and is much more comprehensive, from vegan lashes, to mink lashes, from short eyelashes to long eyelashes , all have, because we are also constantly designing new styles to provide eyelashes for the above brands.

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Wedding Makeup | The Best False Eyelashes for Wedding Day

No one can deny that a wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life.The biggest task of the bride on this day is to dress herself up most beautifully and accept blessings and compliments from relatives and friends!
Aamor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor have prepared 5 beautiful eyelashes for brides, and they are matched with real-life dress up renderings. Choose the style that suits your preferences, and you will definitely get praise from everyone!

The following is the display of these eyelashes, amor lash vendor’s classic wedding eyelashes styles, these styles of eyelashes have a lot of orders, and some customers request to make some changes according to these eyelashes styles, they are even willing to spend hundreds of dollars to customize their own exclusive eyelashes styles, They are used for everyday occasions other than weddings because they love it so much, they are amazing!

  • Classic False Eyelashes

Eyelashes are cult following for their stunning full style, exceptional quality and ease of use. It usually warrants a lot of effort and research into the product from a professional standpoint to ensure the product is amazing. They also have very durable straps, so the lashes actually take a minute to apply after you fit them to your eye shape.

  • Natural Wispy Thin Lash Style

These are staples in my kit because they’re long and gorgeous, but look so natural. this is the most loved makeup artist’s brand, and these lashes are the most popular style for customers who want natural lashes. We love the flared shape of this style, which is angled to add drama to the outer corners of the lashes!

  • Wing Cat Eyelash Style

I love these because they offer a great cat eye look.
They can also be made more dramatic by the thicker wing lash hairs on the out corner of the eyes. They’re a very flexible option that can be placed to fit any eye shape. Plus, they’re really high quality, so they don’t feel cheap, itchy, or irritating.

I love great parties and alternative weddings and know many great wedding vendors that do too!

Making you look and feel great on your big day is at the heart of what I do, and I go out of my way to help you with ideas, beauty prep advice, and ways to stay zen on your big day.

How to choose right lashes to fit your eyeshape?

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How to Start a False Eyelash Business?|Choose lash style idea

It seems very simple to start your eyelash business, order lashes from Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers and sell them out. But do you know what eyelash popular and easy sell out? Amor Eyelash Vendor give you some suggestions help you choose the right lash styles, help you make money in a easy way.

  • Cat Eye Lashes 40% In Your Lash Order

According to the Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers date analysis, 80% of people (both men and women) believe that the cat-eye effect is the sexiest eye makeup.Among all the eyelash categories of Amor Lashes, the number of eyelash pins that can bring cat-eye effect are the top sellers !

  • Light Volume Lashes 30% In Your Lash Order

Short length, light volume lashes are the main lash style in the market, especially wispy style, are the trending direction right now. These kind of lashes has volume effects on the root of eyelash, and has wispy extension on the tip, makes young and glam look.

  • C Curl Russian Volume 30% In Your Lash Order

DD Curl and C curl russian volume lashes is another trending direction, this kind of lashes looks super natural and has great salon lash extension look, most important it is much cheaper, easy to remove when you get tired within one week.

  • Say No to Inferior Cheap Eyelashes

Remember never say no to the inferior cheaper eyelashes, commen sense that the eye is most sensitive part of the skin, the inferior cheap eyelashes be sure will not comfortable when your clients apply the lashes on. You are lucky if the customer do not buy from you again, the bad thing is if your clients claims to you, you will lost money as well. Only high quality can bring you faithful clients.

  • Order lashes from Amor Lashes, the reliable lash vendor.