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How Invest $10000 Start Mink Eyelash Business?

Start a brand Mink Eyelash Business, is it enough invest $10,000 budget ? This question was offen be mentioned by the customers come from Lashesamor website. Amor Lash Vendor now return you a sure answer, yes, it’s possible and profitable. But it may present some challenges,here are some factors to think of,lets talk them one by one:

How many 3D Mink Lash styles can create a lash brand?
Amor Mink Lash Vendor advise that 5 styles is the best choice. If you get more styles, you have to do a lot of work on description and purchase guidance, same on the after sale service you need to prepare much more, that will make you get crazy if you are not so patient.

Start Mink Eyelash Business Sourcing and Budget:

According to Amor Mink Lash Vendors purchasing policy, single style 400 pairs can get max discount.Meanwhile, you can get free packaging. So we choose 5 styles, each 400 pairs to get free packaging.

This will costs $7000 for 2000 pairs high quality Mink Lashes, great news is that order amout over $5000, we can apply for free shipping, in this case, you paid $7000, get 2000 pairs lashes with packaging and free shipping!

3D22C Mink Lashes

Invest $1000 on Shopify E-commerce Platform:

Setting up a professional website and an e-commerce platform is essential for online sales. Invest in building an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website on shopify that showcases your products effectively. We distribute $1000 for the website and E-commerce platform.

Invest $2000 on Marketing and Advertising:

Allocate $2000 of your budget for marketing and advertising efforts. This may include social media advertising, influencer collaborations, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility. Of course, Mink Lash photography and video promotional materials need to be produced by yourself at no extra cost, and only original photos and videos will be respected and trafficked by Google.

Fluffy Mink Lashes 3D98

Start Mink Eyelash Business Inventory Management:

2000 pair lashes do not occupy much more space, you can put it anywhere of your home, just consider it will be easy for the express comany. No more budget for the inventory management

Most important, Amor Mink Lash Vendors advise you should focus on black girls customers when you starting advitizing, these girls are the main consumers of mink lashes, because the mink lashes can get flutty eyelash look and much popular by black girls. Black girl never care about fucking cruelty-free concept, they have the right get beauty, mink lashes is much better than any other lashes on eye make-up.

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Why Are Cluster Lashes So Popular?

Why Are Cluster Lashes So Popular?

Cluster Lashes are becoming the darling of the eyelash market and are very popular among girls. Amor Lash Vendor through big data analysis, the reasons for the popularity of clustered eyelashes are roughly the following factors, this blog analyzes why clustered eyelashes are so popular.

Cluster Lashes

A simplified version of eyelash extension

Cluster eyelashes are a new way of eyelash extension, which is much simpler than single eyelash grafting and cluster eyelash grafting, and the entire eyelashes can be grafted 4 times of eyelash extension.

Cluster Lashes


Cluster eyelash grafting is skillful and requires some practice work to be proficient, but when you master the grafting method proficiently, it only takes 10 minutes to complete eyelash grafting, which is an amazing miracle.

Cluster Lashes

Save money

The set including glue is less than 30 dollars, which is much less than the more than 100 dollars of eyelash grafting, and a 144-piece cluster eyelash set can be used for more than 4 months, and the average cost of less than 10 dollars a month is indeed Eyelash extensions that everyone can afford.

Cluster Lashes

Enjoy the fun of DIY eyelash extensions

Clustered eyelashes can also be called self-grafting eyelashes. You can choose different curvatures, different lengths, and even different styles of clustered eyelashes. You can create an eyelash map according to your eye shape and do eyelash grafting according to the eyelash map. This is very exciting. People are excited, which is the biggest reason why girls like self-grafting eyelashes.

Cluster Lashes

Order cluster lashes from AMOR lash vendor

Amor Lash Vendor designed and produce few cluster lashes with cheaper wholesale price, if you want to promote cluster lash business, pls contact with our WhatsApp button which link to sales girls. and also provides retail services for end consumers, our Amazon store is updating now,you can buy samples from Amazon July,2023.

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Are Mink Lashes Expensive?

Luxury Mink Lashes expensive than faux minks, this is a real facts, and there are real reason for their high price, but you have the chance to buy low price luxury mink lashes at a less expensive price when you read this blog, Amor Lash Vendor now shares how to get luxury mink lashes at only $4, while Lilylashes sell them over $20 price.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

Should mink eyelashes be expensive?

Of course, it should be more expensive than other eyelashes. First of all, the raw materials are expensive. The price of mink hair is high and the supply capacity is low. It cannot be mass-produced at any time. Secondly, mink eyelashes are placed manually, and the daily production quantity of skilled workers is also limited. , so the price of mink eyelashes is higher than other eyelashes.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How to reduce the cost of mink eyelashes?

Amor Mink Lash Vendor has been working on reducing the cost of mink eyelashes so that ordinary consumers can afford them.
The first is to reduce the price of mink hair, we can now collect mink hair in the same way as collecting wool, so the purchase price of mink hair is reduced;
We have also trained more skilled workers to increase their speed of producing mink eyelashes. The more eyelashes produced per unit time, the lower the cost.
We produced beautiful and strong boxes in large batches at one time, and mass production reduced packaging costs.
During the transportation process, we use a more favorable air transportation solution, no longer pursue the ultimate fast transportation solution, and reduce the transportation cost.

a pair of 16mm 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

What is the price of mink eyelashes?

Through various cost-cutting practices, we are very proud to announce that you can now buy beautifully packaged mink lashes for $6, which is the Community Guided Retail Price for Amor luxury lashes mink lashes, which is the same price as synthetic lashes from the drugstore. Very good price!

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How can individual consumers enjoy wholesale prices?

The wholesale price of Amor Mink Lashes Vendor is $4 a pair, the wholesale minimum order quantity is 30 pairs of eyelashes, that is to say, if you spend $120, you will get 30 mink eyelashes free shipping! You can’t use so much? It doesn’t matter, you can buy in groups with friends and relatives. As long as they are in the same community and the pick-up address is close, you can cooperate with each other and make group purchases, so that you can enjoy very favorable wholesale prices.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price
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Where Can I Bulk Order Cheaper Eyelashes?

Buy cheap wholesale bulk eyelashes, Amor Lash Vendor, as one of the best bulk eyelash wholesalers, we provide various wholesale eyelashes at competitive wholesale price, such as 25mm wholesale eyelashes, 3D mink, artificial mink, fiber eyelashes, and silk eyelashes. If you want to find a good mink wholesaler, then don’t miss Lashes Amor.

Choose Top Grade Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes

First of all, why choose high-end luxury and cruelty-free wholesale eyelashes?
The best wholesale eyelashes can attract your customers. More and more customers will choose you to become an eyelash supplier. They will not choose other whip suppliers. If you choose the best wholesale eyelashes, then your eyelash business will grow bigger and bigger.

So why would your customers choose you to become an eyelash supplier? This is the first and most important reason you should know.

Secondly, which false eyelashes are the best wholesale eyelashes?
As you know, wholesale mink eyelashes are the best eyelashes on the market.

Why do so many people choose mink eyelashes to buy?

The mink hair is handmade and the material is natural mink hair, which is vivid and fluffy, so ladies hope to use these luxurious 3d mink eyelashes instead of ordinary eyelashes or cheap eyelashes to create perfect makeup.

Therefore, mink eyelashes are the best seller. More and more people want to buy 100% real mink fur and false eyelashes to make beautiful eye makeup.

The 25mm mink eyelashes are easily sold out. Moreover, if you don’t know which one to choose, you should choose 25mm mink eyelashes. You will find that 25mm eyelashes are the most popular style on the market.

How to choose wholesale eyelashes?

We have told our customers many ways to choose high-end wholesale eyelashes.

The first method is to watch.

High guality mink lashes must have great appearance and stable constructure, you need to do many work to learn how to find the best lashes, not only looking but also quality.

The second method is to smell.

The best mink eyelashes have no taste, only real mink fur. And, if you smell a certain chemical liquid, the progress should be a chemical method that produces a 3D effect. It will have a chemical taste, not a healthy and safe taste on the market.

Third, the third way is to query.

You should ask the eyelash supplier some questions about this product. Buy cheap wholesale bulk eyelashes

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Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom eyelash packaging is essential to help create your own eyelash brand. Amor false eyelashes of mink hair supplier has established its own custom eyelash box factory to better serve customers. In addition, considering that some customers are beginners in creating my own eyelash brand, the eyelash supplier Lashes Amor Lashes hired a designer to help design the brand logo on the empty eyelash box and custom eyelash packaging.

There are lots of basic eyelash packaging to choose. Clear lash boxes, round clear eyelash packaging cases, rectangular lash packaging, square eyelash packaging,  diamond shape lash packaging and lash books.

As an eyelash supplier of wholesale mink eyelashes, we provide wholesale of popular and high-quality 3d mink eyelashes. We also insist on producing advanced customized eyelash packaging.

Remember that even the best products (3d mink, 25mm eyelashes) require a good eyelash packaging design and a high-quality eyelash box.

All eyelash boxes in the above catalog can be customized. Lashes Amor Lashes, an affordable eyelash packaging supplier, can print your own logo on the box. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for printing the logo is zero!
If the logo is not printed, any quantity is fine, we can only sell 1 eyelash case.
All boxes in the catalog are fixed in shape and color. All we can customize is to print your own logo and brand name.
The production time is 1-4 days. Delivery time is 4-5 days.
If the custom eyelash packaging you are looking for is not shown in the catalog. We can also use other colors with private logos to match eyelash packaging. The minimum order quantity (minimum order quantity) is zero. And the manufacturing time is 7-10 days.

>>>>Customization on Square Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Polygon Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Round Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Rectangular Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Examples

Wholesale mink eye medicine book suppliers also produce eyelash books. The custom eyelash packaging catalog above also shows a part. Flower eyelash box design is very popular recently. However, the eyelash box manufacturer Lashes Amor can also make eyelash curlers for 2-16 pairs of eyelashes.

Welcome contact with us for further discussion!

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Top 10 Eyelash Packaging with Pros and Cons

Top 10 Eyelash Packaging with Pros and Cons

The association of colors and themes also sells ideas and quality. The quality of the box is always associated to the quality of the lashes and their use. The color to their performance and the style to their expense and justification thereof.

Let’s talk about the top ten Styles of boxes that are being used in the industry and check how well they are doing in the market. The pros and cons of the said packaging too.  

>>>Customization On 3D Mink Eyelashes Packagings<<<

Types of BoxesProsCons
Tuck in BoxesAffordable, Easily Available, Safe choiceFlimsy, Cheap, Saturated in the Market, Bland, Too Safe
Embossed BoxesAesthetic, Quality to the Touch, Used for design, logo or Text, Easily availableComplex designs cost more, Bad design lowers aesthetic quality, The color scheme needs to be well-thought-out.
Metallic FoilingBeautiful, Elegant, Adds Quality, Unique, Adds Expense to the look, Stands outTacky if overdone, Easily available on the market, Hard to design well
Magnetic Flap BoxesHigh Quality, Graceful in appearance and storage, Secure, Used by luxury brandsExpensive, Should be provided by an experienced company
Two-Piece BoxesHighly Customizable, Variety, Safe Enough, Luxury or Affordable, Available easily for manufacturingDependent on Material, Dependent on Style and Design, Can go south fast.
Sleeve BoxesEasy to open, Classy, Secure, Reusable for jewelry (appeals to clients), Easily manufacturedExpensive
Diamond BoxesUnique, With the times, Young demographic, BossNot the most elegant, Slightly Flashy 
Window BoxesComfortable, View of Product, Affordable, Easily manufacturedPlastic Files, Environmental hazard, Too common, Cheap-looking
Rigid BoxesSophisticated, Expensive, Luxurious, Unique, CustomizableExpensive, Needs Good Manufactures,
Hexagon BoxesGraceful, Brilliant Attraction, Luxurious outlook, It can be designed in any way.Expensive, Hard to achieve, Delivery and shipment issues
Let’s talk about the general Pros and Cons of these boxes

Tuck in Boxes

The Tuck-in boxes are normally not the best quality, the material is usually a little flimsy, that is what allows them to be tucked in, however, the quality of the thin material can be seen when you touch it, if they are a little too cheap quality, people will think the eyelashes are cheap too.
This is the association of the box to the quality of the lashes. The tuck-in boxes are more for the cheaper quality of lashes because even with the prime material, they are not the most unique, they dominate the market, they are what you use to fit in, instead of standing out.

Embossed Boxes

Embossed boxes are the ones with the text or design pushed out in the material, the texture gives the design more of a shadow and the illusion of quality. This is not a style of box, but rather a design that can be used on all types of styles and help them step up a notch.
This design even helps the tuck-in boxes redeem themselves slightly by adding a coat of quality in the design sector, pulling the style out of the “Too Safe” zone.

Metallic Foiling

Metallic Foiling is also a design instead of a style, which makes it better because you can use it to amplify the dimmed styles or use them to add elegance to unique packaging. Metallic foiling allows you to get a holographic, gold, silver or copper look to the box. This design can be customized over a style by adding it in the form of a logo or text.

Magnetic Flap Boxes

The most elegant box for any luxury fake eyelashes is the Magnetic flap box, especially the rigid kind as it not only looks clean-cut and beautiful, it also brings a certain luxury into the look with the addition of the magnet clamping the box shut, providing security.

Two-Piece Boxes

Two-Piece boxes are separate tops and boxes; the cap can be lifted off like a shoebox. These boxes can be luxurious or cheap-looking, depending on how they are styled and designed. The Two-piece boxes come in different styles like Rectangular, square, diamond, hexagon, etc. They are high quality and show you that they are if they are manufactured correctly.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve Boxes are beautiful luxury boxes that look the most brilliant with rigid material tray. The sleeve is made with a flexible material itself, the tray being rigid helps add to the quality and the aesthetic. The elegance of this box is comparable to a jewelry box.

Diamond Boxes

Diamond boxes are normally known for the unique aesthetic they present, they are undoubtedly for the luxury market and the boxes present a very expensive look, which is, of course, flashy and beautiful. The Diamond shape is normally complemented by the Holographic design and the sparkle from silver foiling.

Window Boxes

Window Boxes for Eyelashes are one of the most common types of packaging. Custom Eyelash boxes on the market 80% consist of Window boxes. These are the ones with a clear file in the middle to help you showcase the eyelashes to the clients, they can see the type, shape, and length before they buy.

Rigid Boxes

The Rigid boxes are made from a thick material, they can be any style or size, they have a brilliant aura and a dominating power that yell that the product is good quality and a dominating power that yell that the product is good quality and expensive.

Hexagon Boxes

These are rare boxes, they provide a beautiful vibe and give the clients a feeling of higher class products. These are the rarest boxes in the eyelash game, they are not tacky like the diamond boxes but more graceful.

Eyelash Packaging with Pros and Cons

That’s all We summed up for the eyelashes packages for now, Welcome to chat with us for further discussion!

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Customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging box exporter

Customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging box exporter

Want a unique eyelash box? Click here to view useful blogs. The exporter of customized personalized cartoon eyelash packaging boxes will provide you with some suggestions. Today, we will discuss the new fashion element in the eyelash market-cartoon.

Clear Butterfly Cardboard Lash Case

The colorful butterfly pattern + acrylic or cardboard eyelash box is currently the most popular combination of cartoon patterns.
The colorful butterflies printed on ordinary acrylic or cardboard boxes are simple and advanced. Of course, personal information can be printed on the back bottom of the box, and logo information can also be printed in the middle of the butterfly eyelashes package.

When all eyelash boxes/cases merchants were looking for a breakthrough in 2021, the magnet box with a cartoon logo immediately detonated the market.

Unlike normal logos, it uses cartoon shapes to change the logo. Or make your own portrait into a cartoon pattern, and then print it on a magnet box or acrylic box.

Custom Magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Cartoon figure logo Packaging
Custom Magnetic Rectangular Eyelash Cartoon figure logo Packaging

>>>>Click here check our eyelashes packagings<<<<

The popularity of the cartoon eyelash box benefited from the fun and creativity brought by the cartoon group, showing the customer’s eyeballs in an exaggerated and cute way. Customers can quickly remember the eyelash brand logo, which is very interesting.

Apply different fashion elements to eyelash boxes and eyelash brands, and you may become the next person to detonate the market!

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How To Keep Luxury Mink Lashes In Good Repair?

1: How to wear mink eyelashes? Keep Mink Lashes In Good Repair. When you get our luxury mink whip. Please use fine tweezers to fix the excess Mink eyelash band. And then gently remove the eyelashes from the bottom tray. Do not fix the hair and remove the mink eyelashes directly! In order to avoid damaging the new mink eyelashes, especially for new customers. We require workers to add a layer of straps on the eyelashes. Please refer to the picture below.

2: Take the Mink Lashes to put on your eyes and check if the band length is suitable for your eyes. If longer, Then cut the extra band.

Keep Mink Lashes In Good Repair. Then put the eyelash glue carefully on the eyelash band to prevent the glue from overflowing. After a few minutes, when the glue is half dry. If you use black glue or white glue, wait until the glue becomes transparent. At which time the adhesion will increase, and then use other curved tweezers to help you put on your eyes.

Then, a beautiful girl appeared in front of you! Check the mirror, beauty is so easy!

When you take off the mink eyelashes. Then gently lift the false eyelashes from one side of the inner corner of the eye, and then remove them.

Finally, make sure to place the mink eyelashes on a tray to get a good curl, and then put them in a box for storage.

LashesAmor mink eyelashes can be used more than 20-25 times. Please follow the steps below to save it carefully.

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How to make your mink eyelashes business bigger and bigger?

The pioneer of mink eyelash wholesale teaches you to step by step.

Make your mink eyelashes business bigger. Many people are now engaged in the mink eyelash business in the United States, but they don’t know what to do next.

Don’t worry, we have accumulated a lot of experience in this process, and we have all realized the difficulties you are currently encountering. We will share our experience, how to make mink eyelashes, and teach you step by step.

Reliable mink eyelash wholesalers or pioneers can not only provide high-quality mink eyelash guarantees to help you occupy the market, but also provide better services and teach you how to deal with various difficulties encountered in the eyelash business.

How to do mink eyelashes in the United States starts with understanding what is mink eyelashes. Follow me…. The more you know about 3D mink eyelashes, the easier it is for you to do business.

What ‘s mink lashes?

Mink eyelashes are made of mink hair. The experienced workers put the mink fur one by one on the drawings designed by the designer. And through innovative technology, curling produces natural and inspired Natural Mink eyelashes.

2: Where do mink lashes come from?

The raw material of our 3D eyelashes is 100% mink hair, which naturally falls from the tail of a 1-2 year old mink in Australia.

3: Can mink lashes be cruelty free?

It is cruelty free.

Workers gently comb our mink fur with a comb every day to collect the naturally shed fur, and then the worker selects the fur with fur peaks, and then sterilizes it at high temperature without killing it.

4: Are mink lashes vegan?

The raw material of mink eyelashes is obtained after the mink metabolizes the natural fur and is 100% vegetarian.

5: How mink lashes are made?

Mink eyelashes are handmade.

The worker communicates with the designer before doing so to accurately understand the designer’s ideas.

According to the designer’s drawing, use eyelash tweezers to trim the hair one by one.

Make your mink eyelashes business bigger. Each pair of mink eyelashes contains the ideas of the designer and the wisdom of the workers. This is the art of the soul, the creation of a beautiful inner team…

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Will magnetic eyelashes hurt your eyes?

What is the difference between magnetic eyelashes and 3D mink eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes and 3D mink eyelashes. Many eyelash suppliers recommend magnetic eyelashes to me. What do you think of this product?

Magnetic eyelashes are designed to solve the problem that customers can wear false eyelashes faster and easier. Put a small magnet between the two layers of eyelashes, and then clamp your own eyelashes.

In fact, based on our knowledge of the eyelash market for 11 years in the industry, we have tested magnetic eyelashes before and found that they are not easy to apply and uncomfortable to wear. The fit between the magnetic eyelashes is not strong. The small magnet in the middle increases the weight of the eyelashes and damages your original healthy eyelashes.

Although the publicity in the market is very hot, customer feedback is not good, and the user experience is also very poor. Therefore, we sincerely do not recommend that you choose this magnet eyelash market.

Can I customize any 3D Mink Eyelash style?

False eyelash styles can be customized, each person has a personality, and customization is becoming more and more popular. What do you want? Contact us freely ( Whatsapp: + 86 17561687026, Email: )

What if the 3D Mink Lashes are too long after I bought?

You can rest assured that we have a very detailed shopping guide that can help you choose the most suitable 3D mink eyelashes for your temperament, occasion and eye shape. Try not to buy the wrong one.

The best solution is to cut the Lashes into segments and wear them separately. This doesn’t look so long and natural.

What is the difference between transparent band-shaped eyelashes and black band-shaped eyelashes?

The comfort of transparent band-shaped false eyelashes and black band-shaped false eyelashes will vary according to personal feelings. I personally think that black bands are more comfortable.

The black belt is made of a 100% cotton band, which makes it easier to inhale the eyelash glue, making the false eyelashes firmer on the eyes.

The transparent band is made of fishing line tape, which is difficult to absorb glue.

From the perspective of eyeliner, when choosing the color of eyeliner, transparent eyelashes are more flexible.

Black band eyelashes are best matched with black eyeliner makeup.

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How to choose the right mink eyelash style?

Looking for mink eyelash styles that are really suitable for sale

Choose right mink eyelash style. Do you want to know how to teach your customers to choose the beautiful 3D mink eyelash styles that really suit them? Here are some valuable suggestions from the pioneers of mink lashes wholesale.

Choose the most suitable false eyelashes from the following perspectives: personal temperament, eye shape, and wearing scene.

Intellectual elegance women choose our A series natural MINK EYELASHES. Which economical, fashion, unique style. confidence in the stable, and humble in character.

Elegant ladies chose our 3D natural mink eyelashes with low-key elegance and a strong personality. They are short, curly, and fluffy.

Avant-garde fashion girls choose our 25mm large mink eyelashes, long curly mink hair full of passion and personality.

Kind and cool girls, with a flamboyant and outstanding personality, looking for a different way. Choosing our double-layer mink lashes will be their best choice to express their inner vent and personalization.

Deep eye socket choose length 16MM-25MM 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Shallow eye socket choose length 13MM –25MM 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Maybe the following pictures make it easier for you to find out how to choose the most suitable and beautiful eyelashes according to your eye shape.

Monolid Eyes, Deep-Set-Eyes, Downturned Eyes, this type of eye shape is suitable for choosing longer and longer styles from the inside to the outside, and lengthens the ends of the eyes, thus forming cat eyes.

Choose right mink eyelash style. Almond eyes, round eyes, nearsighted eyes, suitable for 3D eyelash styles, semi-circular eyelashes can enlarge the eyes.

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Why Set the MOQ for Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Is Custom Eyelash Packaging Private Label Available?

A lovely lady, Miss Bree, negotiated with me about Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging. Prior to this, she had ordered our 3D Natural Mink Eyelash samples and was very satisfied with the style and quality of the eyelashes. But the only thing in Bree is to mess up the number of eyelash boxes. Bree told me that she is just getting started and the current budget does not allow her to order 100 eyelash boxes. She hopes that I can help her find a solution to help her start the mink eyelash business.

Many customers who want to start their new eyelash production line will be troubled by the number of eyelash boxes.

500 Pieces Custom Paper Card Box Get Lowest Price For Each Unit?

In fact, the MOQ of “Customized Eyelash Packaging Own Brand” is not set to increase sales, but to calculate the cost required to find the most economical and cost-effective quantity for customers. Generally, we recommend 500 boxes of “paper card boxes”. There are 100 boxes of magnetic eyelashes. The reason is that when customizing a batch of eyelash boxes, whether you order 1 box or 100 boxes, there is a fixed shooting cost and start-up fee. Therefore, if the quantity is small and the cost is scattered on a single packaging box, the cost will be higher.

100 Pcs Magnatic Custom Lash Box Get Cheapest Price !

For example, the Custom 50 magnetic false eyelashes box is priced at $2.3 each, and the total price is $115. However, for a package of 100 magnetic eyelashes, the unit price is US$1.7 each, and the total price is US$170. So, is it more cost-effective to order 100 magnetic boxes in the long run?

Dear, you are not only our customer, but also our partner. How to save you money is also something we must consider.

Is it Possible Get Less Number Now?

If you think custom eyelash boxes are expensive, you can choose from many fine eyelash boxes available. We produce in advance to save customers’ time and cost. You can choose to print your own logo or make a logo sticker on it. Glitter paper eyelash boxes, round eyelash boxes with mirrors, crocodile pattern eyelash boxes, two pairs of eyelash box sets, eyelash sets, etc. The order of these boxes is very high. Many customers who are just starting to use mascara have a limited budget and cannot afford it. Therefore, our company bears the cost of custom eyelash boxes for customers. As long as we can help you open the market, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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A Beautiful “ Mistake” about 3D 25mm mink lashes

A Beautiful “ Mistake” about 3D 25mm mink lashes

Selling 3D 25mm mink eyelashes. Have you encountered this situation? When you don’t fully understand the eyelash market, you have bought a lot of mink eyelashes for your eyelash line and don’t even know how to sell them.

I have encountered such a customer before. She bought our 25mm 3D mink eyelashes and started her own eyelash business. She doesn’t know the current trend of mink eyelash bands or how to promote 25mm mink eyelashes. I was even puzzled, thinking that 25mm eyelashes are not easy to sell, no customers like them, and there is no market. Want to give up.

Dear, under normal circumstances, the mink fur you like does not represent the market trend. The style you don’t like does not mean that the market doesn’t like it. If your awareness is slower than the market, you will miss the market opportunity.

We tell customers to look for the characteristics of 25mm mink eyelashes, the advantages of 25mm mink eyelashes, find the correct market positioning of 25mm mink eyelashes, and find a suitable customer group.

High-quality products will win.

We help him do market analysis. With our help, 25mm eyelashes are selling very well!

According to my experience, there are many people who are open-minded and they like 25mm eyelashes very much. The market demand for 25mm mink fur is very large. You can advertise…

Dear customer: 25mm mink eyelashes are very popular in the United States, especially for those who are open-minded. There is no product that can be sold, only the mind is not open. Maybe they can help you expand into unexpected markets. The busy season is coming, and we don’t want our customers to miss this opportunity.

Since you want to do eyelash business and do it well, make sure to use it with World Eyelash Pioneer. Because it can not only provide you with fashionable style, high-end quality products, but also solve various problems encountered in the sales process with rich market experience, guide you how to better sell mink eyelashes, and open your market to make Your eyelash line business is getting bigger and bigger.

Selling 3D 25mm mink eyelashes. We are the best mink eyelash factory in China, we have our own unique and qualified team of designers, and we lead the Chinese eyelash market. We will be very serious and hope to expand the market with each of our customers and become a good partner. Believe that we can bring you good luck. Also, believe in yourself.

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Why does your customer want to return your mink eyelashes and cancel your repurchase?

Widen 3D mink eyelashes business. When buying, many people only look at the price of 3D mink eyelashes. The price of Mink eyelashes in the Internet age is very transparent. No one dares to ask for a high price unless the 3D false eyelashes mink is really worth the price. It takes faith to make high-end 3D mink eyelashes. They know the market position and they know the choice. Know which eyelash market should abandon and mink eyelash market should stick to.

Because most of our 3D mink eyelashes are elegant, high-quality, and good-looking. Many 3D mink eyelash manufacturers take photos of our best 3D eyelashes to confirm customers and report low prices for custom orders. However, the actual bulk purchase of eyelashes is completely different from the confirmed products, or some are good, some are poor, and the quality is not uniform.

Good eyelash designers and workers determine the price of mink eyelashes

You get what you pay. The market response of 3d eyelash mink designed by different designers is different. The best 3d mink eyelashes designed by a good designer always leads the market. He understands the consumer needs of end consumers and knows how to give them a different feeling.

Bad designers will only copy and imitate. From the perspective of the end consumer, it is impossible to make different 3D eyelash minks.

The false eyelashes produced by workers of different levels are also completely different. Workers’ understanding of design thinking is different from workers’ understanding of product beauty. Excellent employees can directly grasp the designer’s concept in each process, and each process can be perfect!

Low-skilled workers are just doing rude things, not serious. Cheap 3d eyelashes are also very rough.

The eyelash 3d mink made by poor workers do not sell well, and the product is rough and ugly. When consumers wear them, they cannot bring beauty, but they can bring discomfort and even ugliness. So, of course, what you have to face is that consumers keep returning products!

In the Internet age, we have no reason to give you high prices. With the same wholesale quality of false eyelashes, our price is the best! We just want to bring you more business opportunities, Widen 3D mink eyelashes business. just want you to bring the most beautiful mink eyelashes in the first place!

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The Lash wholesale partner: Lashes Amor mink eyelashes vendor

Wholesale 3D mink eyelashes vendor. Compared with other mink eyelash suppliers, what are the advantages of Lashes Amor?

Stable quality, novel styles, punctual delivery and high-quality service.

Most of our mink eyelash products are sold to customers with aesthetic taste, customers who want to become brands, customers who grasp fashion trends, and customers with vision. The quality and style of our 3d mink eyelashes is definitely the most competitive.

What can Lashes Amor 3d eyelashes bring to the false eyelashes market?

Stable quality can improve the satisfaction of the eyelash customer experience. Continuously introduce new mink eyelash styles to lead the trend. Fast delivery enables customers to have a stable supply and better meet market demand. We strive to cancel after-sales service because we strive to make the best 3d mink products so that customers have no problems. We are the manufacturer and leader in the luxury mink eyelash market.

Wholesale 3D mink eyelashes vendor

What do Lashes Amor 3d mink belt-shaped false eyelashes bring to users?

The beauty, self-confidence, beauty, nature, health, and old customers who keep buying back. As you can imagine, if you buy inferior eyelashes, what will be the effect?

What can Lashes Amor bring to the US 3d mink wholesalers?

Keep ordering and build luxury 3D mink, which is essential for branded products, instead?

Wholesale 3D mink eyelashes vendor. Lashes Amor always produces high-quality mink eyelashes in the high-end eyelash market. The best mink eyelash supplier in the world!

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What is the difference between acrylic false eyelashes, silk eyelashes, mink eyelashes and human hair eyelashes

3D Mink eyelashes. We are often asked which type of false eyelashes we use because there is a lot of confusion between the different types and their quality. Broadly speaking, there are three types of eyelashes: synthetic eyelashes/acrylic eyelashes, rayon eyelashes. Real mink eyelashes and human hair eyelashes.

The Synthetic Lash

Synthetic lashes. Also known as acrylic lashes, are generally the term used to describe thicker false lashes (0.20mm thickness and above) that come in loose form in bags or small pots. These are the type of faux lashes that most of us trained with before other options became available. They are usually coarser, shinier, and heavier compared to the other types of lashes and produce the most dramatic result. These types of lashes tend to have the ‘fake’ lashes look. And are becoming less popular, but many salons still use them as they are the cheapest option.

3D Mink eyelashes

“Silk lashes and Mink eyelash”

The term ‘ silk lashes ’ is often confused for being composed of actual silk. But they are both made from synthetic fibers called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). The characteristics that differentiate silk lashes and mink eyelashes are their tapering ( how fine the lashes are shaped towards the tip), their weight, and their finish. In most cases silk eyelashes are less tapered, lightweight, with a glossier finish; whilst mink lashes are more tapered, ultra-lightweight, and have a matte finish. From our experience. However, the features and quality of both faux silk lash and mink lash depend greatly on the brand of the lash, as the term is used quite loosely and the characteristics described above can be reversed depending on the manufacturer.

Real Mink Lash

3D Mink eyelashes. Finally, real mink eyelashes and human hair eyelashes are considered to be the best types of eyelash extensions. because they are natural fibers, more exotic and rare. Packages with this option usually charge extra. Although they are indeed very soft, light, and natural. there are still drawbacks to using these fibers-it is difficult to verify that the hair meets ethical standards and is truly sterile. In addition, since it is natural hair, it will not maintain its shape well over time.

In Lashes Amor, we tested various types of eyelashes from different eyelash suppliers and only used the best rayon eyelashes and mink eyelashes for our customers. We have found that silk and mink eyelashes have the widest range of curl, length, and width, which can meet all needs, retain their curl. And have the most natural appearance and texture. Tell 0086-17561687026 to have a date, and then realize your difference!

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How to find more customers and obtain huge business opportunities through Instagram?

First, you must be a good editor.

Obtain 3D mink eyelashes business. You should know how to find inferior eyelash suppliers in the article. One’s thoughts are fused together through language and behavior. Is its 3d mink eyelash products good? Is customer service good? Whether they can become your False Mink eyelash supplier, their articles are the best embodiment. Can the designer of the 3d mink eyelash supplier come up with a good design? The design drawings and the designer’s design concept best reflect this. The content of the article is good, which arouses the interest of eyelash customers, and the customers also like the 3D eyelash products behind it.

Make lashes Vlog.

What kind of post is a good post? There is a very important point here. Good eyelash pictures can be attractive, but consumers only have one second to see the pictures. It is difficult to resonate with consumers. It is scene-oriented”, but it cannot be commercialized. If this VLOG is a real display. Don’t aim for sales. Gorgeous is just the appearance. Gorgeous appearance is easy, but there are few interesting souls. Consumers want to see the truth behind it. Things, so we have to take a 1-minute eyelash video. The video needs to make mink eyelash customers immersive. The customer’s sense of substitution will resonate. Only the same frequency can generate buying interest and get more orders.

How do consumers find you?

It is through a Hashtag. When consumers use the hashtag to search for 3d eyelashes , they will see the top six posts. And the following posts will also exist, but it is difficult for consumers to have time to read the following posts, because good The posts are all in the front.

How to make your posts climb to the top six of the hashtag wall? First, subscribe to small-scale lash walls that are very relevant to our industry, such as #lashvendors. Customers looking for mink eyelash suppliers naturally want to search for #lashvendors, follow it. And add it to your post tags, so that when you publish, the hastag of the post leads him to the bottom of the hastag wall. The better the quality of the post, the easier it is to be noticed, praised, and finally climb to the top of the hastag wall, and can occupy the top six for a long time until it is eliminated by better quality posts.

How to make your post rise to the top six on the hashtag wall?

First, subscribe to small lash walls that are very relevant to our industry, such as #lashvendors. Customers looking for mink eyelash suppliers naturally want to search for #lashvendors and follow it. And add it to your post tags so that when you publish, the post hashtag will guide him to the bottom of the hashtag wall. The better the quality of the post, the easier it is to be noticed, praised, and finally climb to the top of the hashtag wall, and can occupy the top six for a long time until it is eliminated by higher-quality posts.

When you occupy the top six of the photo wall for a long time, the more exposure you get, the more orders you get.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to and increase the content related to eyelashes. For example, when you follow #minklasheswholesale for the first time, you will find that there are only 7000 pictures and videos. Add and follow him. Expand your imagination. Operate and maintain mind maps.

What else has to do with 3D mink eyelashes? ?

For example, eyelash boxes, #lashcases, #lashbox are all related to the eyelash industry, #dramaticeyelashes are related to eyelash styles, and some are related to mink eyelash usage scenarios. #handmadelasheslashes These are handmade, craft-related items, and are looking for an eyelash wall with less than 60,000 photos and videos, and are related to eyelash styles, prices, packaging, suppliers, quality services, etc. It is below your post. Such a good post can be displayed on multiple photo walls, thus bringing you more exposure, attention, and order.

When you occupy the top six positions on the photo wall, potential customers searching for the tag can easily find them, so more potential customers can get more attention and get more orders.

When the customer finds you, you have completed the conversion from the editor to the eyelash supplier, showed the customer your product advantages, price advantages, service advantages, and happily completed the order. The customer changed from choosing the reader’s position to being a negotiator to buy 3d eyelashes, thus satisfying the demand for buying eyelashes.

Collaborate with Lashes Amor to get more repeat customers

Instagram is a social platform with high traffic and strong purchasing power. With this social platform, you can quickly complete your eyelash business. Of course, just like our quality eyelashes, we can attract more customers. Getting better and better.

Obtain 3D mink eyelashes business. Welcome to use Lashes Amor eyelashes wholesale high-quality mink eyelashes, it will bring you a more stable customer base, the longer the time, the more customers you have, the easier it is to engage in eyelash business and make money.

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Stick to the end-the best mink eyelashes wholesale

The best 3D Mink Eyelashes wholesale

Best 3D mink eyelashes wholesale. Many customers want to start a mink eyelash line. And hope to succeed in the near future, but I want to tell you that failure is inevitable for any success. Experience is wealth. | The best mink eyelashes.

If you like to do something, congratulations! That is a luxury in the world, because love can inspire oneself and attract success.

We are the same. Because of love, we insist on making high-quality mink eyelashes, the best mink eyelashes. We hope to bring beauty to the world!

That is the secret to us becoming a pioneer in the wholesale mink eyelash market.

Some customers bought mink eyelashes, but they didn’t sell as hot as she thought. Don’t worry, we all experienced these failures. Just ask me and then tell me the problem in the eyelash business. Our team will help you.

There is nothing to sell, there is only one person who cannot sell. We find everything for our own reasons, and then you will be close to success.

This stage is a good opportunity to accumulate experience and customers. Soon, they found that their brand was passed on through word of mouth, and the eyelash business was naturally booming. Because the products we provide are already the highest-end products on the market, all you have to do is show them to your customers, and your customers will like them.

Success is the result of accumulation. Just stick to one thing. We will always be your strong backing and reliable mink eyelash wholesaler, mink eyelash factory. And help you on the road to success in the mink eyelash business!

There are very few people born in Rome, and we are heading to Rome. All roads lead to Rome, but you must persevere. Then, you will find your Rome.

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How to choose Eyelash Boxes of various materials?

Custom mink eyelashes packaging cases

-Customize a suitable eyelash box according to the style and characteristics of eyelashes

Recently, more and more customized eyelash boxes have entered the market. It can be seen that everyone wants to attract consumers through eyelash packaging at first glance. I personally do not recommend excessive packaging. After all, customers mainly buy 3d mink eyelashes, so they should focus on mink eyelashes themselves. Don’t attract customers with a gorgeous appearance. If a customer sees a beautiful eyelash box, but the quality of 3D eyelashes is like rubbish, they will feel cheated. Bad customer experience.

Custom eyelash packaging box

The custom eyelash packaging box still needs to be applied. The best effect is to highlight the 3d mink eyelashes and achieve the promotional effect. How to choose eyelash packaging suitable for eyelashes? LASHES AMOR has accumulated many years of experience, and there are several points for reference.

Exquisite and lovely eyelash box

For light and natural long 3D mink eyelashes, choose a small and exquisite eyelash packaging box for the middleman, which not only highlights the effect of 3D eyelashes but also saves transportation costs and saves space for consumers. The following cute eyelash boxes are good choices for wholesalers who just started selling 3d mink eyelashes. As follows.

Custom Lashes Boxes with Mirror

For double eyelashes and thick eyelashes, it is recommended to choose a larger eyelash box to better protect the mink eyelashes. In terms of cost accounting, you can choose a custom frame with and without mirrors. The cost of the eyelash case with a mirror is higher, while the cost of the eyelash case without a mirror is lower. If you are just starting a business and have a low budget, it is recommended to choose an eyelash box without a mirror. Now, mobile phones can be used anytime, anywhere.

Eyelash Packaging with Window

To make a cardboard eyelash box, it is best to choose a mink eyelash box with a window. Customers or consumers can see the style of 3d mink at a glance. It can extend the life of eyelashes and save customers’ time.

Customers with low budgets can choose airplane lash trays or a slightly smaller square lashes trays. The box size is 11.5x5x2cm. This kind of eyelash tray is relatively narrow and can open a window.

If you choose 25mm 5D large eyelashes and 6d large eyelashes, this kind of 5D eyelashes is very long. In order to highlight fake mink eyelashes, you should choose a slightly larger eyelash box. The best choice is a square eyelash box with a window. The size is 9X9X3cm.

Pull Out Lashes Case

If you think that the magnetic eyelash case with flip lid is left in the bag for a long time, it is easy to accidentally open and damage the false eyelashes, you can choose this pull-out transparent eyelash case, which is very useful.

Two Pairs Lashes Kit

For some customers who often change different makeup and need two false eyelashes, you can customize two pairs of eyelashes.

Custom Lashes Books / Lash Display Package

For makeup artists, photo studios, etc., you can customize the eyelash book/eyelash set, so that customers can see all the luxurious 3D eyelash styles at a glance, and quickly choose their favorite mink eyelashes.

False eyelashes are always made in the high-end eyelash market for 3D mink false eyelashes wholesale. The best mink eyelash supplier in the world!

If you want to know more about high-quality mink eyelashes, please contact us.

Custom mink eyelashes packaging cases. (Whatsapp008617561687026; Email: My goal is to help customers’ Lashes brand become better and better, and make my customers richer and richer.

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Popular Trendy 3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Popular trendy 3D mink eyelashes wholesale

Popular trendy 3D mink eyelashes wholesale. Mink quickly became the most popular luxury beauty product. Once upon a time, they were only worn by wealthy people and celebrities, but with the rise of makeup tutorials and beauty masters, they are now available to our ordinary people. The difference between synthetic eyelashes and mink eyelashes is quality. there is a big difference. —Popular mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are 100% natural fur, so they have natural luster, super light weight, elasticity, look like feathers, curl like real human hair, and can be worn 35 times. Compared with synthetic eyelashes, mink eyelashes are considered high-end products.

Popular mink eyelashes

The most popular on the market today is 3D mink eyelashes. The 3D design is more fluffy, making the eyes more agile and natural.

According to the shape of the eyes, we designed different styles of Mink eyelashes to achieve different visual effects: enlarged eyes, extended eyes, etc.