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Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom eyelash packaging is essential to help create your own eyelash brand. Amor false eyelashes of mink hair supplier has established its own custom eyelash box factory to better serve customers. In addition, considering that some customers are beginners in creating my own eyelash brand, the eyelash supplier Lashes Amor Lashes hired a designer to help design the brand logo on the empty eyelash box and custom eyelash packaging.

There are lots of basic eyelash packaging to choose. Clear lash boxes, round clear eyelash packaging cases, rectangular lash packaging, square eyelash packaging,  diamond shape lash packaging and lash books.

As an eyelash supplier of wholesale mink eyelashes, we provide wholesale of popular and high-quality 3d mink eyelashes. We also insist on producing advanced customized eyelash packaging.

Remember that even the best products (3d mink, 25mm eyelashes) require a good eyelash packaging design and a high-quality eyelash box.

All eyelash boxes in the above catalog can be customized. Lashes Amor Lashes, an affordable eyelash packaging supplier, can print your own logo on the box. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for printing the logo is zero!
If the logo is not printed, any quantity is fine, we can only sell 1 eyelash case.
All boxes in the catalog are fixed in shape and color. All we can customize is to print your own logo and brand name.
The production time is 1-4 days. Delivery time is 4-5 days.
If the custom eyelash packaging you are looking for is not shown in the catalog. We can also use other colors with private logos to match eyelash packaging. The minimum order quantity (minimum order quantity) is zero. And the manufacturing time is 7-10 days.

>>>>Customization on Square Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Polygon Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Round Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

>>>>Customization On Rectangular Eyelashes Packagings<<<<

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Examples

Wholesale mink eye medicine book suppliers also produce eyelash books. The custom eyelash packaging catalog above also shows a part. Flower eyelash box design is very popular recently. However, the eyelash box manufacturer Lashes Amor can also make eyelash curlers for 2-16 pairs of eyelashes.

Welcome contact with us for further discussion!

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How To Start Eyelashes Business in different countries?

How To Start Eyelashes Business in different countries?

Start Eyelashes Business in different countries. How to start an eyelash business in different countries? Smart eyelash traders learn to identify consumer groups when conducting business and choose target products based on consumer groups. Hope this blog can help you!

Proper eyelashes can be a good way to modify the eyes, and the shapes of different people’s eyes are also different. You must choose eyelashes that fit the shape of your eyes to make your eyes the most beautiful!

As we all know, different countries have different eye circles. For example, Asians have shallow eye sockets, while European and American countries have deep eye sockets. The required eyelashes are also different. The same factor that affects the choice is skin color. People with fair skin can choose more natural eyelashes, and people with dark skin can choose longer and larger eyelashes.

If you need to start an eyelash business in different countries/regions, you can choose eyelash styles based on the following relevant knowledge to avoid misunderstandings when novices choose products.

Popular styles in the U.S.

In the United States, it is recommended to use eight popular styles, from 13-16MM natural mink to 25MMM large eyelashes, which can meet the needs of people with different skin tones.

>>Click here to look more 25mm style<<

>>Click here to look more 22mm style<<

>>Click here to look more natrual style<<

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A Beautiful “ Mistake” about 3D 25mm mink lashes

A Beautiful “ Mistake” about 3D 25mm mink lashes

Selling 3D 25mm mink eyelashes. Have you encountered this situation? When you don’t fully understand the eyelash market, you have bought a lot of mink eyelashes for your eyelash line and don’t even know how to sell them.

I have encountered such a customer before. She bought our 25mm 3D mink eyelashes and started her own eyelash business. She doesn’t know the current trend of mink eyelash bands or how to promote 25mm mink eyelashes. I was even puzzled, thinking that 25mm eyelashes are not easy to sell, no customers like them, and there is no market. Want to give up.

Dear, under normal circumstances, the mink fur you like does not represent the market trend. The style you don’t like does not mean that the market doesn’t like it. If your awareness is slower than the market, you will miss the market opportunity.

We tell customers to look for the characteristics of 25mm mink eyelashes, the advantages of 25mm mink eyelashes, find the correct market positioning of 25mm mink eyelashes, and find a suitable customer group.

High-quality products will win.

We help him do market analysis. With our help, 25mm eyelashes are selling very well!

According to my experience, there are many people who are open-minded and they like 25mm eyelashes very much. The market demand for 25mm mink fur is very large. You can advertise…

Dear customer: 25mm mink eyelashes are very popular in the United States, especially for those who are open-minded. There is no product that can be sold, only the mind is not open. Maybe they can help you expand into unexpected markets. The busy season is coming, and we don’t want our customers to miss this opportunity.

Since you want to do eyelash business and do it well, make sure to use it with World Eyelash Pioneer. Because it can not only provide you with fashionable style, high-end quality products, but also solve various problems encountered in the sales process with rich market experience, guide you how to better sell mink eyelashes, and open your market to make Your eyelash line business is getting bigger and bigger.

Selling 3D 25mm mink eyelashes. We are the best mink eyelash factory in China, we have our own unique and qualified team of designers, and we lead the Chinese eyelash market. We will be very serious and hope to expand the market with each of our customers and become a good partner. Believe that we can bring you good luck. Also, believe in yourself.

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How to choose Eyelash Boxes of various materials?

Custom mink eyelashes packaging cases

-Customize a suitable eyelash box according to the style and characteristics of eyelashes

Recently, more and more customized eyelash boxes have entered the market. It can be seen that everyone wants to attract consumers through eyelash packaging at first glance. I personally do not recommend excessive packaging. After all, customers mainly buy 3d mink eyelashes, so they should focus on mink eyelashes themselves. Don’t attract customers with a gorgeous appearance. If a customer sees a beautiful eyelash box, but the quality of 3D eyelashes is like rubbish, they will feel cheated. Bad customer experience.

Custom eyelash packaging box

The custom eyelash packaging box still needs to be applied. The best effect is to highlight the 3d mink eyelashes and achieve the promotional effect. How to choose eyelash packaging suitable for eyelashes? LASHES AMOR has accumulated many years of experience, and there are several points for reference.

Exquisite and lovely eyelash box

For light and natural long 3D mink eyelashes, choose a small and exquisite eyelash packaging box for the middleman, which not only highlights the effect of 3D eyelashes but also saves transportation costs and saves space for consumers. The following cute eyelash boxes are good choices for wholesalers who just started selling 3d mink eyelashes. As follows.

Custom Lashes Boxes with Mirror

For double eyelashes and thick eyelashes, it is recommended to choose a larger eyelash box to better protect the mink eyelashes. In terms of cost accounting, you can choose a custom frame with and without mirrors. The cost of the eyelash case with a mirror is higher, while the cost of the eyelash case without a mirror is lower. If you are just starting a business and have a low budget, it is recommended to choose an eyelash box without a mirror. Now, mobile phones can be used anytime, anywhere.

Eyelash Packaging with Window

To make a cardboard eyelash box, it is best to choose a mink eyelash box with a window. Customers or consumers can see the style of 3d mink at a glance. It can extend the life of eyelashes and save customers’ time.

Customers with low budgets can choose airplane lash trays or a slightly smaller square lashes trays. The box size is 11.5x5x2cm. This kind of eyelash tray is relatively narrow and can open a window.

If you choose 25mm 5D large eyelashes and 6d large eyelashes, this kind of 5D eyelashes is very long. In order to highlight fake mink eyelashes, you should choose a slightly larger eyelash box. The best choice is a square eyelash box with a window. The size is 9X9X3cm.

Pull Out Lashes Case

If you think that the magnetic eyelash case with flip lid is left in the bag for a long time, it is easy to accidentally open and damage the false eyelashes, you can choose this pull-out transparent eyelash case, which is very useful.

Two Pairs Lashes Kit

For some customers who often change different makeup and need two false eyelashes, you can customize two pairs of eyelashes.

Custom Lashes Books / Lash Display Package

For makeup artists, photo studios, etc., you can customize the eyelash book/eyelash set, so that customers can see all the luxurious 3D eyelash styles at a glance, and quickly choose their favorite mink eyelashes.

False eyelashes are always made in the high-end eyelash market for 3D mink false eyelashes wholesale. The best mink eyelash supplier in the world!

If you want to know more about high-quality mink eyelashes, please contact us.

Custom mink eyelashes packaging cases. (Whatsapp008617561687026; Email: My goal is to help customers’ Lashes brand become better and better, and make my customers richer and richer.

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How do identify the difference between mink eyelashes and bad mink eyelashes?

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes. Many people like mink eyelashes, me either. But there are many mink eyelashes with uneven prices and poor quality on the market, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Today, I will teach you to judge good mink eyelashes from two aspects.

1.  Top of the mink

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes
Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes

The top of the good mink is pointed and the top of the inferior mink is flat.

The top of the mink should be a natural tip so that the 3d mink eyelashes are will be light and natural, not stiff.

2. Mink Eyelash Band

The eyelash band is where all the bristles are attached and fixed. Good lash bands are soft and comfortable, while bad lash bands are stiff, straight and difficult to wear, and cause eyelashes to fall off.

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes
Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes

For high-quality 3d eyelashes, use good glue on the lash band and apply it on both ends. The color is transparent and odorless. Bad eyelash glue will be sprinkled on the eyelashes, which is not easy to clean, and the color is muddy and smelly.

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes. The above are two simple ways to distinguish false eyelashes, and you can also make further judgments by touching them. The best mink eyelashes can make our makeup more delicate and make our eyes look more beautiful.

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Accentuate the woman’s eyes and other facial features with false eyelashes

False eyelashes get celebrities’ looks. One of the most common items in a woman’s makeup bag arsenal is false lashes. After all, what woman wouldn’t want to have long, beautiful lashes? When it comes to false lashes, there are an array of types to choose from – from fullness to length – you have your pick of the litter. You can go with Russian Volume, individual, strip and even more.

Lashes Amor from “The Voice” looks at the various celebrity eyelash trends and offers you many worthwhile options to come up with amazing looks. Are you going for a dramatic look? Do you want a look that’s a bit understated? Take a look at some of the celebrity styles that have garnered some real attention.


False eyelashes get celebrities' looks

Ciara is known for changing her eyelash style, but she often uses her natural eyelashes to show subtle looks. To increase natural eyelashes, you can use a length adjuster. You can use a styling cream to straighten the natural eyelashes from the roots and make them curl. Color the eyelashes to make them look like mascara.

2-Naomie Harris

False eyelashes get celebrities' looks

Natural beauty Naomie Harris doesn’t have to do much to “pretty” her face. She tends to go with the popular strip lashes, which are easy to apply and great for nights out. You can get this natural full look from Lashes Amor Wispie, but you can also find them from other manufacturers.

3-Janelle Monae

False eyelashes get celebrities' looks

Another beauty, Janelle Monae, has a classic and natural look, which can be easily created with YSL imitation eyelash mascara. Mascara uses your natural eyelashes but provides the appearance of false eyelashes. You can do it naturally or vividly-the choice is your choice.


False eyelashes get celebrities' looks

This woman tends to have natural eyelashes, and the black eyeliner makes her look simple. To make yourself look more beautiful, use eyelash color to enhance the natural eyelash feel. A special dye is applied to the eyelashes to make the eyelashes look longer. You can do this in the salon or comfortably at home.


False eyelashes get celebrities' looks

If there’s one person who doesn’t hold herself back, it’s Rihanna. She goes for fuller lashes, which you can create using the Russian Volume individual lashes. You can get the full lash and build on them based on what you feel like.

How do you get these looks

If you have an upcoming special occasion, you can boost your lashes using individual lashes. They can be applied at a single time or in flares. There are an array of lengths you can choose from – short, medium or long. They look normal, are weightless and can last for five weeks with great care.

Lashes Amor has a line of Wispies lashes that can give your eyes a full and natural look. You can give your lashes an even finish by feathering Ardell Naturals’ lashes. An invisible, lightweight band connects the hair strands, securing the corners. This will give you lashes you can easily apply and reuse. They are great when your goal is to get the look of deep-set eyes. False eyelashes get celebrities’ looks

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Audrey Hepburn Makeup Look

Audrey Hepburn makeup look false eyelashes. Apart from Audrey Hepburn, there are few iconic celebrities in the Hollywood classic era. Her classic beauty never goes out of style. Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) makeup inspired by beauty is suitable for any occasion! This is the way to reshape your appearance for yourself.


Audrey is known for her young, glowing skin. After starting with well-moisturized skin, apply a primer for long-lasting use. You may want to try a “brightening” primer, which can make the skin glow. Next, apply the basics normally. Avoid using any matte foundation; instead, try to use natural or dewy formulas.

Use cream concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark circles. Apply translucent powder to your face. With light hands! You have to set makeup, not dumb! You can also use a soft light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Since this Audrey Hepburn makeup should feel soft, avoid using any bronzer.

To increase brightness and brilliance, apply a soft highlighter on the soft bones and bridge of the nose. Use with caution! The goal is to use a highlighter to look natural, not intense.

Audrey Hepburn makeup look false eyelashes


By far, the most important part of this Audrey Hepburn makeup look is the eyes. Begin with a soft creamy shade for your base, and contour the lid with a color that’s a few shades darker if desired, depending on your eye shape. Use your eyeliner to accentuate the eye. A soft eyeliner pencil works best. You may wish to use brown or gray rather than black to keep up a softer look. Apply the eyeliner pencil along your lash line, making the line thicker as you move towards the outer corner of the eye to help recreate the shape of Audrey’s eyes.

Audrey always wore glamorous false eyelashes! Look for eyelashes that have enhancing volume and length, while still looking very natural and wispy. You may enjoy LashesAmor Flare or Love-A-Flare. Individual lashes are another alternative. Once you have applied your false eyelashes, top with a coat of mascara. Don’t forget those lower lashes!

Audrey Hepburn’s signature is her bold eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally thin, you can apply eyebrow wax thickly, the color of which is the same as that of natural eyebrows with a very thin brush (the brushes that come with many eyebrows are great for applying!) Audrey ( Audrey’s eyebrows are very long and the arches are not very vivid, so try to follow her shape when filling your own eyebrows. If you have thick eyebrows, try using a thin eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas in a matching shade.


Audrey Hepburn makeup look false eyelashes. Audrey’s lips are always cleverly arranged outside the natural lip line. Try to create other fullness yourself. Finish makeup with lipstick. Last but not least, in the words of Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn): “For beautiful lips, only speak kind words”!

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What Are the Best False Eyelashes for Everyday Wear?

False eyelashes are going strong!

Best false eyelashes to wear everyday. Beauty has stepped into the future. There are a series of accessories to satisfy various appearances. One of the most commonly used items on the market is false eyelashes. False eyelashes will open the eyes and change their monotonous appearance.

They can be used in various places, including shops, boutiques, and online stores. Their availability can make switching appearances simple and fun. People can wear falsies on various occasions, such as going out at night or at special events. However, many fans of this accessory seem to wear them every day.

>>Every day lashes collection<<

Best false eyelashes to wear everyday

Always a question—how to pick?

While everyday wear requires some necessary precautions, it has some benefits. Wearers can enjoy unique looks. They can go all-out glam or casually swank. Makeup looks can get an upgrade, and lash lovers can go to a last-minute meeting or date feeling confident.

Lash wearing also crosses boundaries. People from all walks of life can sport a set of falsies. Falsies also require nothing more extensive than a bit of technique and patience.

The right lash

If you’re pondering extended wear, think about not just comfort, but safety. Our natural lashes are susceptible to lose and breakage; therefore, it’s best to get lashes that are lightweight and cause as little strain as possible.

Too much strain on the lash line may cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is the loss of hair that occurs over time. While it may not be immediately apparent, it may damage the follicle. Damage to the follicle can lead to sparse lashes, so preserving your natural lash is critical.

The right lashes supplier-Lashes Amor

Best false eyelashes to wear everyday. Finding the right brand is essential. An excellent lash brand-Lashes Amor. Which won’t have a thick, cumbersome band. Not only will this increase the strain on your eye, but it also won’t blend as well with your natural lash line.

Besides a good lash band, be sure to find the right adhesive. The wrong adhesive can cause severe reactions. Red eyes, itchiness, and inflammation may become the order of the day with certain adhesives. To avoid this scenario, do a bit of research and find an adhesive that is hypo-allergenic and formaldehyde-free.

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Cat-eye: still going strong!

With the flick of the wrist, the cat’s eye always brings talent to drama. And this season is also the case, the designer conveys the vixen atmosphere in varying degrees of drama. For eye makeup at night, the beauty camp is usually divided into two parts. Those who prefer diffuse dark shadows (also known as sultry eyes) and those who insist on winged graphic shapes. Recently, the most glamorous beauty appearance is a clever combination of the two. And the smoky cat-eye shows that you are a predator, not prey.

Cat eye still going strong

Since the time of Cleopatra, the cat’s eye has been mysterious, dramatic, and ultra-feminine. And few mortals have access to the beautiful golden lighthouse. Precise symmetry, perfect precision, uninterrupted lines, and equal thickness of the eyes proved to be a challenge, especially if you lack a stable hand. Although this may be difficult to master, it is worth practicing because the cat fanaticism will not disappear anytime soon.

The right eyeliner makes a world of difference.

Cat eye still going strong. It’s tougher than usual to draw a smooth line if your eyeliner is tugging at the skin as you go. If that’s the case, your eyeliner could be dried out from age or you might need to invest in a smoother formula.

If you’re on the more experienced side and like using an eyeliner pen. you can’t go wrong with Lashes Amor’s All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. And we also recommend this eyeliner if you’re on a tight budget. 

Your eye shape should determine your eyeliner shape.

Everyone’s eyelids have different sizes and shapes and that plays a huge part in determining the size and shape of your eyeliner wing.

Make yourself an outline.

One of the most common cat-eye mistakes is “curly cats.” when the eyeliner wing curls upwards instead of jutting straight out. It will change the shape of your eye. A great way to avoid those curly cats is to map out your cat’s eye beforehand. And makeup artists have come up with all sorts of ways to do this.

My approach takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the right liner shape for your eyes. After curling your lashes, I recommend visualizing an imaginary line that stretches outward from the outer corner of your eye to the outer brow bone. It should follow the same angle as your outermost eyelash. Place a dot right behind that outer eyelash. This will be the end of the tail. It should lift the eye shape and, most importantly, widen and elongate.

Resist the urge to close or stretch your eyes

A lot of people use their fingers to stretch out their eyelids when applying an eyeliner wing. It might just be a reflex, but it can singlehandedly ruin a cat-eye.

Painting an eyeliner wing when your eye is completely closed can cause similar problems. Because the shape of the eye can change as it opens and closes. This especially goes for hooded eyes and people with mature skin. Which is why I always recommend applying eyeliner while the eye is open.

Makeup remover can always help you.

Even professionals can use makeup remover at any time to perfect or correct cat eyes. My makeup artist said: “To make it more brittle, I used ultra-thin cotton swabs and some micellar water to sharpen the lines, then added a little concealer and blended them together to form sharp wings.” “Concealer is like Painter’s tape. It makes the edges clear.”

Cat eye still going strong. So if you don’t like the shape of your wing or got bumped along the way. Don’t feel bad about not getting it perfect on the first try. You can clean up small imperfections with concealer and micellar water. Worst-case scenario, you just try again. Either way, you’ll get better the more you practice. 

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Best false eyelashes sets 2021

Best false eyelashes for every day

Best false eyelashes sets 2021. Eyelashes are a major source of beauty for women. They add femininity to your look as a whole and frame your eyes in order to help them appear larger and brighter. Most women dream of having naturally long, thick eyelashes and feel extremely envious of those who are born with voluminous lashes. However, it’s a fact of life that not everyone can be born with eyelashes that are automatically thick and long. Due to this reality, most women who wear makeup enhance their natural lashes with mascara on a daily basis in order to make them appear larger, darker, and thicker.

However, mascara is limited in its ability to change the length and thickness of your lashes. It is most effective at darkening your eyelashes. False eyelashes are another solution that many women take advantage of in order to better transform their lashes. Even if you have light, short eyelashes, wearing false eyelashes automatically makes you look as though you were born with thick, dark eyelashes a mile long. There are few things worse than false eyelashes that look completely unnatural, however. When you buy fake lashes, it is important to find a high-quality set that looks natural against your own eyelashes.


The lashes are reusable, so you don’t have to dispose of them after just one wear. They are extremely comfortable to wear. After application, you can’t feel the lashes until you take them off at the end of the day.

16MM mink lashes 3D08A

These eyelashes are entirely hand-made. They include top-quality real Serbian fur that are gentle against your eyes and will not irritate them during wear. Also, the lashes feature a slightly shiny finish that mimics the appearance of natural eyelash hair without looking noticeably fake.

>>Shop now<<


These eyelashes are extremely comfortable and soft and will not irritate your eyes or bother you in any other way during wear. They are crafted from high-quality mink hair and are made by hand in order to ensure that they are of the best quality possible. The eyelashes look completely natural once you apply them; they are very symmetrical and flexible in order to fit your existing lash line as naturally as possible.

20mm mink lashes DM18

>>Shop now<<


These false eyelashes are professional-grade lashes that are designed to look completely natural. They create a seamless bond with your natural lash line and add length and thickness to your eyelashes without looking fake. The quality of fake eyelashes is crafted by hand. They are made with light, Natural fallen mink lashes material that feels comfortable. The lashes are completely cruelty-free; they are crafted without any animal by-products and are never tested on animals.

Best false eyelashes sets 2021

The false eyelashes are fully reusable. A single pair can be worn up to 25-30 times without needing to be replaced. As an added bonus, the lashes themselves come with the gorgeous pink case pictured above. Along with being a charming fashion accessory, this case protects your lashes and keeps them safe between uses.

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This set of false eyelashes is designed with a three-dimensional finish that makes your eyelashes look significantly longer, thicker, and more voluminous. The lashes include one hundred percent Siberian mink fur. Mink fur makes gorgeous false eyelashes because it is very durable and comfortable to wear. Plus, mink fur has a natural, shiny finish that is glossy without appearing fake.

Best false eyelashes sets 2021

The lashes are of the highest quality; each pair is made completely by hand. These eyelashes feel soft, light, and natural against your lash line. They are hypoallergenic and do not cause any irritation to your eyes while you wear them. Plus, they are very easy to apply without excessive time or effort.

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These fake lashes from top-quality Mink fur. They have an uber-black finish that helps them create a gorgeous, voluminous frame around your eyes. The lashes are very easy to apply and remove without hassle. If needed, just trim them before wear until they fit your natural lash line more accurately.

Best false eyelashes sets 2021

This set of false eyelashes is very versatile. The lashes are thick and long, but they look completely natural. Feel free to wear them to everyday activities as well as more formal events. They mold perfectly to your natural lash line and help your lashes look much fuller without appearing noticeably fake.

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These eyelashes are extremely easy to apply and are just as easy to take off at the end of the day. Also, if you take care of them, the lashes are completely reusable. In fact, each pair of eyelashes in this set has the potential for many successive uses with proper care.

Best false eyelashes sets 2021

>>Shop now<<

Best false eyelashes sets 2021.