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Can You Supply Wet Look Lashes?

What is Wet Look Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor found when the lashes get wet, the water will gather the nearly lash hairs together, forming the shape of peak, this looks amazing beautiful!

Our great designer Oscar design new type lashes according to these lash shape, now we call them Wet Look Lashes, This new concept was quickly embraced by lash retailers and lash consumers alike, as it was a very visual illustration of the shape of lashes, and some of the more dramatic lashes sold very well, which I’ll show on this blog.

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Does Wet Looking Lashes A Wide Trend?

The wet look lashes style resembles the wet volume lashes when they get wet before they have been dried and fluffed up. The overall effect is somewhat similar to classic lashes. The biggest difference is that wet look lashes will appear visually thicker and more bold. In this case, Wet Looking Lashes will not wide trend, they only meet the demand of part customers who like bold lashes instead of wispy ones!

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What Wet Look Lashes Can Amor Lash Vendor Supply?

Amor Lash Vendor launched 6 different Wet Look Lashes, including Mink Lashes, Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes, Faux Mink Lashes and Cashmere Lashes, luxury and affordable lashes all available!

  • Natual Wet Look Lashes & Model Show
Vegan Lash Vendor
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  • Drmatic Wet Look Lashes & Model Show
Wholesale Vegan Suppliers
Mink Lash Vendors
  • Other 4 Styles Wet Looking Lashes
  • a pair of 16mm 3d mink lashes

Who Is Suitable For The Wet Look Lashes ?

The wet look lashes look natural and these lashes are more suitable for people with pronounced facial features or close-set eyes. The wet look lashes are suitable for the clients with short eyelashes devoid of density

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Martie Jason
1 year ago

These lashes are beyond amazing!! They are so light and fluffy ! I love them . And the wet looking is Mysterious!!! I definitely recommend them ! They are a must have !! And the customer service was very nice ! I will only purchase from this company from now on ! Thank you again !