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Can $10000 Start Mink Eyelash Business?

Can a $10,000 budget start a mink eyelash business? This question is offen asked by the customers come from Lashesamor website. Amor Lash Vendor now give you a sure answer, yes, it’s possible and profitable. But it may present some challenges,here are some factors to consider,lets talk them one by one:

How many mink lash styles can create a lash brand?
Amor Mink Lash Vendor advise that 5 styles is the best choice. If you get more styles, you have to do a lot of work on description and buying guidance, same on the after sale service you need to prepare much more, that will make you get crazy if you are not so patient.

Mink Lash Sourcing and Budget:
According to Amor Mink Lash Vendors purchasing policy, single style 400 pairs can get max discount.Meanwhile, you can get free packaging, for the result, $7000 can order 5 mink lash styles 2000 pairs high quality Mink Lashes, that amount payment including shipping fee.

3D22C Mink Lashes

Website and E-commerce Platform:
Setting up a professional website and an e-commerce platform is essential for online sales. Invest in building an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website on shopify that showcases your products effectively. We distribute $1000 for the website and E-commerce platform.

Marketing and Advertising:
Allocate $2000 of your budget for marketing and advertising efforts. This may include social media advertising, influencer collaborations, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility. Of course, Mink Lash photography and video promotional materials need to do by yourself without any addtional payment.

Fluffy Mink Lashes 3D98

Inventory Management:
2000 pair lashes do not occupy much more space, you can put it anywhere of your home, just consider it will be easy for the express comany. No more budget for the inventory management

Most important, Amor Mink Lash Vendors advise you should face to the dark color skin girls customers when you starting advitizing, these girls are the main consumers of mink lashes, because the mink lashes can get flutty eyelash look and much popular by black girls. Black girl never care about fucking cruelty-free concept, they have the right get beauty, mink lashes is much better than any other lashes on eye make-up.

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