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Are Natural Eyelashes Trend in 2023?

The fashion of eyelashes has entered a new cycle. During the epidemic, when people stay at home, who should they wear makeup for? After the epidemic is over, natural eyelashes and simple makeup effects have become new beauty habits. Therefore, the popular eyelash styles in 2023 will return to the natural style 5 years ago, replacing the super dramatic eyelash style. Amor Wholsesale Eyelash vendor has selected 5 different materials and different lengths of natural eyelashes according to the latest sales records of eyelashes, each with 10 styles, and shared them with the audience in this blog. Choose eyelashes from these 50 eyelashes and place an order to ensure that your eyelash business sells faster, the investment turnover is faster, and you earn more money.

Classic 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Classic False lashes are the shorter lashes which looks much natural, just little longer than your baby eyelashes, most white color skin ladies like these lashes, and also the ladies who wear glasses like them very much.

Almost every lady wears the short eyelashes every day. Once tried the eyelashes, they could not go out without them. Eyelashes make people more beautiful, these classic short mink lashes are for the daily use, and the longer, fluffy and dramatic lashes are for the certain occassion use, such as weekend, night out and party time.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Short 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

3D Mink Lashes are the basis of all styles of eyelashes, according to the classification of beauty salons, more extra styles of natural style, volume style and wispy style and Hybrid style are developed from these basic styles , according to Amor wholesaleLash Vendor data, these lashes are the best sellers, 3D Mink Lashes have the highest average annual sales of all eyelashes.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

M-size 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

The length of these eyelashes are not more than 16 mm, which is slightly longer than the human eyelashes, just to highlight the advantages of their own eyelashes, pull the eyelid, make your eyes look bigger and more charming, this length does not affect daily life,so we call these lashes Daily Makeup Essentials.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Cashmere False Eyelashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Breakthroughs in material technology have led to the upgrade of eyelash varieties, such as Cashmere Eyelashes. Cashmere lashes made by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers are lighter, thinner and stronger than other materials, and are adopted by more famous eyelash brands, such as Kiss, they began to sell cashmere lashes as well, their slogan is “Bring The Salon Home”!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

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Classic 3D Faux Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Faux Mink Lash are luxuriously lightweight lashes. Ultra-soft fabulously full lashes create an effortlessly glamorous look.
These lashes are very natural looking on they are , they are very soft and great for any type of look really. They even look good without any eye makeup at all . Super comfortable & flirty !

Wholesale 3D Faux Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

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