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Are Mink Lashes Expensive?

Luxury Mink Lashes expensive than faux minks, this is a real facts, and there are real reason for their high price, but you have the chance to buy low price luxury mink lashes at a less expensive price when you read this blog, Amor Lash Vendor now shares how to get luxury mink lashes at only $4, while Lilylashes sell them over $20 price.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

Should mink eyelashes be expensive?

Of course, it should be more expensive than other eyelashes. First of all, the raw materials are expensive. The price of mink hair is high and the supply capacity is low. It cannot be mass-produced at any time. Secondly, mink eyelashes are placed manually, and the daily production quantity of skilled workers is also limited. , so the price of mink eyelashes is higher than other eyelashes.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How to reduce the cost of mink eyelashes?

Amor Mink Lash Vendor has been working on reducing the cost of mink eyelashes so that ordinary consumers can afford them.
The first is to reduce the price of mink hair, we can now collect mink hair in the same way as collecting wool, so the purchase price of mink hair is reduced;
We have also trained more skilled workers to increase their speed of producing mink eyelashes. The more eyelashes produced per unit time, the lower the cost.
We produced beautiful and strong boxes in large batches at one time, and mass production reduced packaging costs.
During the transportation process, we use a more favorable air transportation solution, no longer pursue the ultimate fast transportation solution, and reduce the transportation cost.

a pair of 16mm 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

What is the price of mink eyelashes?

Through various cost-cutting practices, we are very proud to announce that you can now buy beautifully packaged mink lashes for $6, which is the Community Guided Retail Price for Amor luxury lashes mink lashes, which is the same price as synthetic lashes from the drugstore. Very good price!

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How can individual consumers enjoy wholesale prices?

The wholesale price of Amor Mink Lashes Vendor is $4 a pair, the wholesale minimum order quantity is 30 pairs of eyelashes, that is to say, if you spend $120, you will get 30 mink eyelashes free shipping! You can’t use so much? It doesn’t matter, you can buy in groups with friends and relatives. As long as they are in the same community and the pick-up address is close, you can cooperate with each other and make group purchases, so that you can enjoy very favorable wholesale prices.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price
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