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How To Apply Lashes

Apply lashes five stepsSTEP 1

Apply lashes five steps. Prepare your eyes makeup, gently curl your natural lashes from the roots first. Better not mascara. Mascara is not friendly to your eyelashes. Our mink lashes design is enough to make you shine. If you are applying mascara do so before applying your false lashes.


Once you’re ready to apply your false lashes. Carefully remove the lashes from the tray by dislodging the inner corner of the band. Then pull the rest of the lash off by the band. Never pull on the lashes themselves. Pinch the two ends of the lashes and pull them inward to increase the curvature. There a lot of lashes in the market. When removed from the tray. The curvature is not enough. However, our mink lashes strip can keep a good curl. Which makes it easy to apply, and hard to fall off.


Hold the lash up to your eye to measure for sizing. Bend the lashes and adjust the curvature to the eye. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape. Trim the lash accordingly, always cutting it from the inner corner of the lash.


Place a thin layer of non-permanent glue on the band of the lash, allow it to dry for 30 seconds. Then apply the lash by placing the band on top of your natural lash line.

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Apply lashes five steps


After calculating the position, start to paste from the middle of the eyelid. And then apply the rest of the lash to your eyelid.


Adjust your lashes,appear more natural.


Repeat steps for the other eye and you are glam and ready to go!

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