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Advantages of Internal lash service department

Advantages of Internal lash service department

Advantages of Internal lash service department. Our company has a very complete inventory management system. Which can effectively check the product model, product inventory number, product delivery status, and product best-selling styles at any time. The intelligent robot management system is only to better serve customers. Our system is updated in real-time to facilitate timely communication with customers. Delivery styles and the latest styles are completely worthy of customers’ choice!

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Advantages of Internal lash service department

Our logistics service department has systematically trained workers. Our workers are familiar with thousands of styles. They are familiar with the length, style, bifurcation. And curling degree of various styles, professional and rigorous packaging methods, and careful Packing attitude, flexible and professional packing technique. It ensures that our delivery is accurate, timely, safe, and error-free. And is completely trustworthy by customers!

Our express delivery generally chooses DHL. The logistics time is short, about 3-4 days can be delivered to the customer, and the logistics safety is guaranteed. If the customer wants to choose a cheaper express delivery. They can communicate with our salesman to remark the express delivery they want to choose. Then we will send the express delivery according to the message, and we will definitely meet the customer’s needs. And we are ready to deliver goods 24 hours a day. We have a lot of internal staff to serve customers at any time to ensure that our products are delivered to customers on time. We have professional knowledge and experience, which are totally worthy of customers’ favor!

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