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Why Are Long Eyelashes Attractive?-Lashes Amor

Why Are Long Eyelashes Attractive?-Lashes Amor

Why Long mink lashes attractive? Many reasons:

Long lashes are a universal symbol of beauty.

Longer lashes in photographs show up so much better than short or thin eyelashes. You can see that difference. After wearing 3D mink eyelashes, the whole person starts to glamour.

Long lashes is a sign of femininity.

Long lashes can make a woman’s eyes look wider and more open which has always been a sign of femininity.

Countless surveys show that men are more attracted to women with beautiful eyes, and eyelashes enhance the eyes.Long lashes can create a dramatic effect that can seduce even the most resistant men.

Women with longer lashes can take advantage of many more options for makeup.

Having beautiful, full, longer eyelashes framing the windows of a woman’s heart.

Long lashes help increase self-esteem.

When we look good, our confidence and self-esteem is boosted and we feel good about ourselves. In addition,many women who feel insecure think that having lovely eyelashes will make them look better, which is true because they really do enhance beauty.

Long lashes can make you look incredibly attractive in just a minutes. Some even say that the perfect eyelash is the shortcut to make-up.

But even if you don’t have long eyelashes , wearing mink lashes is a foolproof way to get some wispy and volume ! 

Long mink lashes attractive. 3D mink eyelashes not only make your eyes look better, but also have a better design and more comfortable. High-quality mink lashes have always been favored by movie stars and make-up artists.

Here are some examples. You can see that even the stars, without false eyelashes, they don’t have the usual brilliance.

Women can’t imagine the days without false eyelashes. False eyelashes have become a part of everyday necessities.90% of the makeup is done by eyelashes.As mentioned above,more and more women now prefer longer eyelashes and to be bold for being attractive.

From a certain level, this is the openness of women aesthetics.People are more willing to show their charm nowadays. We ,eyelash suppliers specializing in 3D mink eyelashes,always committed to providing customers with the high quality eyelashes.

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Lashes Amor Is Your Best Lashes Vendor

Our products are well-known abroad for their unique design, velvet-like appearance, soft band, and weightlessness. In particular, women who are at the forefront of fashion and pursuing personality obsessed with our 3D mink lashes. The 25mm 3D mink eyelashes are a new design. Since its listing, it has been loved by many people and has to lead a lashes trend.

25MM Mink Lashes>>>Click Here To View

Lashes Amor factory reputed as its high quality, steady delivery, which help our customers occupying market firmly. What’s more, we have kept launching new series.

We do the beautiful works for everyone, as we have always done. We also appreciate all the support we receive.

Better lashes, better life. Choose Lashes Amor to be your best eyelash vendor.

How To Order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 

ONLINE SHOP  http://www.lashesamor.comh

INS: lashesamor_sunny


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Lashes Amor marketing tactics that will help you to grow your clients!

Eyelashes tactics grow clients. Starting a new business venture may be easier than getting the right clients directed towards your business. The growth and success of any business rest on its marketing strategy, for which we are inundated with loads of options in the digitized world. To put it in simple words marketing is the tool with which you can advertise your products and services to convince potential clients why they should opt for your services instead of others in the same business.

The Lash industry is growing by leaps. Often good marketing tactics can prove to be favorable in attracting the right clientele which is the need of the hour. It is imperative to get more clients, but being over-aggressive can have an incredibly negative impact and can ruin your reputation. To keep the business running, the right kind of marketing for your Lash extension salon is quintessential and we are just about to share some fantastic tips for the same.

Spread the word in your social circles

It’s your new venture; don’t shy off from telling your friends, family, and neighbors. You can lash a few of your friends and family for free in exchange for advertising for you. In fact, your work will speak for you. Once your peers are seen around looking gorgeous with their new lash extensions, tons of people will inquire about their new look. Hey! That’s what you want, right. Your client database is building up.

Another way to attract a few newbies from your group would be to announce some minimal discounts. Add pressure by setting deadlines; avail discounts only if you book within the next 24 hours or offer valid for the next 10 clients only. Don’t devalue your work right in the beginning by giving too much discount.

You need to start somewhere and there is no better way to start than this; your acquaintances once satisfied with your work would be happy to spread the word amongst their group. The power of this word of mouth chain is superb!

Have a Referral Mindset

Eyelashes tactics grow clients. Referrals can go a long way! You can create a formal referral program for your existing clients; say you can offer X% discount on lash production service to your clients if a new client mentions her name in the referral. Incentives can push your clients to propagate your business; who would not want to grab a discount. This will be a win-win situation for both of you. Your client will be happy to save extra and you, in turn, can see your business booming. 

Another great technique that will give you referrals is selling gift cards. Convince your happy clients to gift their loved ones a new lash set on their birthday or for Christmas. Not only would it be an innovative memento, but would also add another client to your bag.

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Eyelashes tactics grow clients sample packs

Networking with others in the beauty business

There is nothing wrong with this. You can search your area for hair-stylists, nail-artists, and brow-artists and team up with them. By Cross-promoting each other’s services you can expand your clientele. The terms of the partnership must be clear so that no one feels offended in the end. You can exchange each other’s business cards or even promote each other’s posts on social media handles. Professional recommendation helps to build trust for first-timers who want to opt for lash extensions.

Use Social Networking Sites

Advertising on social media apps is an inexpensive way to target potential new customers and it presents ample opportunities for small businesses to grow their presence online. This platform is highly interactive and an excellent medium to build relationships with your clients. These sites are regularly visited by millions every day and smartly made ads can target the right audience getting you loyal clients. You can set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, updating beautiful pictures and videos of your work.

High-quality graphics and good lighting are quintessential for creating good content to upload on social sites. You can give the client pic that you have taken for them to flaunt on their social media sites. Create a professional page on every social media site, upload flyers and videos with images of models before and after the procedure.

Hashtags are another mode to upgrade your client list. Using them, along with your posts can help clients to know about your business and services. You can add a location hashtag under your flyer or videos that will directly guide the client to your studio.

Make your website

Although it may be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment to build your reputation. An attractive website can help to convince people that you are the right choice, while an unprofessional website can be a negative marketing stint. Pay a professional to design and maintain a functional and appealing site that speaks volumes about your work. Once an interested client is directed to the site, you can tap their email address and use it for email marketing later on. Emails are difficult to ignore; so once a month you can remind the clients of the services they can avail themselves of at your studio.

You can even incorporate an online booking portal, where clients can schedule/reschedule their refilling appointments with ease. Organizing online contests with attractive offers/prizes can direct the swarms of prospective clients to your salon. You want to earn, you ought to spend. With online adverts on Google or Facebook Ads, you can upsurge the number of hits to your website. They help to increase your presence on the social media front.

Google all the way

Your presence on the Google search engine can ensure that every new client who is searching for a lash salon close by their location would get you at the top of the list. For this, you either need a regularly updated website that is optimized by the SEO team to get you maximum hits or you need to show up on Google Maps by creating a Google Business Account. Money well spent is money earned. 


Eyelashes tactics grow clients. You do not want the clients to step through your door just once. To ensure that your existing clients keep coming back, encourage them to book multiple appointments. Loyal customers can receive some sweet perks to make them feel happy and satisfied. Wisp Lashes offer the best lash extensions service through its professional staff. We have received many of our valuable clients by adopting a few of the above-mentioned marketing strategies. Our product, services, and a comfortable lash salon to enjoy your time looking gorgeously are a verdict for the top-notch services we provide making us the most sought-after lashes vendor Lashes Amor in China.

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Why choose 3D mink false eyelashes?

3D Mink False Eyelashes as a Magic Weapon

Lashesamor is the leading 3D Mink False Eyelashes Manufacturer and Supplier , and the designers at the lashesamor 3D Mink False Eyelashes Factory have created 3D Mink False Eyelashes that are fascinating to women around the world. 3D Mink False Eyelashes is the love of every lady who loves beauty. And also seen as a magic weapon to open eyelash business.So how were 3D Mink False Eyelashes created? Let’s explore the legend behind 3D Mink False Eyelashes.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink false eyelashes

Behind The Story of 3D Mink False Eyelashes

Countless women in order to pursue their own eyes more bright look, think of a lot of ways. Applying the eyelash growth solution is too slow, and the chemicals can also irritate the eyes. Brush the mascara to increase the eyelashes, and use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes to make the eyelashes curl more. Why are the eyelashes that are clipped, although it is quite long and quite curled, but it always looks awkward, very rigid?

models wearing 3D mink lashes

This is also a problem encountered by our eyelash designers. Why did the previous false eyelashes not reflect the natural and agile feeling of real eyelashes? Until our outstanding eyelash designer, OSCAR observed the secrets of nature.

Learn from nature

In nature, the petals of each flower have their curvature, and the curvature of each petal is different. Similarly, the leaves of each plant also have their curling direction, and each leaf has different stretches. It is this difference that makes us feel the vitality of the creature itself, and feel the sense of nature and agility. Returning to each of our eyelashes, although short and long, each eyelash in each eye has its curvature. This is not the same, it is the natural beauty and realism we pursue.

The design inspiration of 3D mink eyelashes stems from the observation of nature beauty. We use the mane with the most similar nature of human eyelashes as the main material, abandoning the traditional uniform arc production process, using the latest technology, let each root Eyelashes have their curvature, showing their beauty, using different curls to create the most authentic sense of nature.

3D Mink lashes bring you beauty

When you love beauty, bring our 3D mink eyelashes, in addition to comfort and lightness, more unparalleled realism and natural feeling, she will blend perfectly with your eyelashes, show your exclusive in the eyes Natural beauty.

Development of 3D Mink Eyelashes Styles

When Natural 3D eyelashes are popular all over the world, Oscar has not stopped innovation and has been searching for more attractive eyelash styles. Our marketing team is also constantly paying attention to customer feedback and new needs for 3D eyelashes.

They found that 3D eyelashes loyal customer Amanda was going to attend the company’s annual meeting, but she had been struggling to find eyelashes that could still shine under heavy makeup. Oscar knew the news in time, spent a few nights and nights designing and customizing a 16mm eyelash for Amanda, making Amanda a dazzling star at the annual conference.

Once again ignited the market

Amanda model, to let women around the world shine on their important occasions, Oscar has expanded the DH series according to different regions, different eye types and different skin color women. Next, with the continued hot-sales of 3d eyelashes, it has stimulated great demand from customers. This also brought Oscar endless inspiration, double-layer lashes DM Styles, DH Styles and so on. Once again ignited the market.

Here are some hot sales, contact me now, lashesamor is your best partner to expand your business!!!

Best-Selling 3D Mink Fales Eyelashes Styles

Classic 3D Eyelashes, Quickly Choose Them!

3D Mink Lashes for Date, Quickly Pick Their!!!

First Order Guide For
The 3D Eyelash Business Beginner

When we recommend that you order eyelashes for the first time, you can try to choose within your budget. A variety of eyelashes to check the quality of our samples. You can even choose 10-20 models, which means you can order one pair for each eyelash, so you can choose to a large extent.

The reason we lashesamor adopt this policy is to consider the following three aspects:

  • First, sample ordering allows you to test the quality of our products with a small budget.
  • Second, just touching the eyelash industry is not familiar with the style of eyelashes, so it is beneficial to try different styles.
  • Third, each customer’s market is different, consumers have different preferences for eyelash styles, so we recommend that you start to order different styles of eyelashes, and then choose from a variety of styles to choose the eyelash styles that your eyelashes ultimately need.

Eyelashes Quick Questions For You

Lead Time

Q: How many days can the Eyelashes be delivered?

A: The delivery cycle is usually 5-7 days. Of course, if you encounter holidays and festivals, or spring and autumn, I suggest you order in advance. Because the factory is so many orders in the sales season, it is very busy. And we all know that lashesamor eyelashes are purely handmade, our workers can’t be nervous, they need a good working environment and a good working atmosphere to provide you with the most perfect eyelash. So be sure to collect my website, ordering and ordering in time, and expanding your business as soon as possible.


Q: Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

A: Our products are purely handmade, don’ t set the Minimum Order Quantity. We don’ t want customers to risk-taking. you want to do your logo, first, look at the quality of the product and then decide, as long as the product quality is good, when the market develops, it will naturally cooperate with us.

Payment term

Q: What payment methods can you offer?

A: 1)PayPal:
2)Western Union: The first name: Yuanju 
the family name: Gao 
address: Qingdao China
ACCOUNT: 357023017577
IBAN NUMBER: CY15002001950000357023017577
BANK ADDRESS: 51 Stassinos Street, Ayia Paraskevi, P.O. Box 21472, CY1599 Nicosia, Cyprus

Helpful Blog

The following are some of the business experiences I have done in the eyelash business. Welcome to communicate with me. I believe we will be the best partner.

  1. Top Four Favorite Wispy Lashes!
  2. Why Good Mink Lashes Count?

More Blog

"Lashes make everything better... ..."
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Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?-LASHESAMOR

Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Should wear false lashes. This Saturday, [Weekend Lashes] column is from the 18-year-old Melissa. She is about to go to college and never wear fake eyelashes before. She is not sure whether she should choose false eyelashes.

Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Of course, you can, dear. Most people wear eyelashes that suit themselves and are more beautiful than they used to be. Long eyelashes mean more attractive. If you can make yourself look better, why not?

If you want to try, then you should do it right now. It is time. You could wear falsies with your friends. Your first time with false lashes should be a memorial. They might be kinda tricky to put at first. But don’t be afraid. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. It will be better after a week.

We also received a lot of related lashes questions from customers:

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Q:Do I Put Mascara On Before Fake Lashes?

A:It is not recommended by all lashes vendor to put mascara on your own lashes or false lashes. Mascara can make your eyelashes brittle and do damage to your natural lashes.

Whether it is synthetic eyelashes or good mink lashes, it is best not to use mascara.Good mink lashes can be reused many times. Mascara can be very difficult to clean, reducing the number of times the eyelashes used.

You can meet your needs with a variety of styles of false eyelashes. The strip eyelashes are much better than mascara on your eyes.

Should wear false lashes

Q:How Do I Choose Fake Eyelashes?

A:There is no doubt you should choose a good product,that can make your eyes more beautiful and add glamour. I suggest that you buy the best one within your budget. Because everything you put on your face should be safe and good. Bad products can make you look cheap and can damage your skin.Be sure to choose the best if you can.

For the beginning, it would be safer to choose a natural style mink lashes. For example, 3D MINK LASHES or NATURAL MINK LASHES. 3D SILK LASHES are good choices, too. Their natural appearance is a wonderful way to enhance your eyes without piling on a ton of makeup.

This July is our summer promotion,you can pick any styles you like.

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Should wear false lashes. If you have any questions, please leave a message for me. The top 100 people who placed the order will receive our one pair of beautiful lashes tweezers.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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20 Beauty mistakes you are making. Even for experts, makeup can be daunting. Sometimes, we will continue to use cosmetics in a specific way to understand that we have been doing cosmetics wrong. Recently, I summited this article, which explains 20 beauty mistakes we didn’t even know we were making.


If there is one thing that is a must-have in your makeup bag, it’s a concealer. Most of us make these common mistakes when it comes to this nifty makeup item:

Too much in one place: Sometimes, we are guilty of using too much of concealer on one particular spot, thus, making that area look unnatural and blotchy. Instead, learn to layer! Use a tiny dot of concealer on your blemish and after giving it some time to dry, re-apply.

One concealer for all jobs: Most of us go through our lives thinking that one concealer is the solution to all our problems. We’re very wrong! Different coloured concealers have different purposes. For instance, a peach-toned concealer is used to conceal dark circles. This helps to cancel out the blue shadows under your eyes. A green concealer (yes green!) is used to cover pimples and blemishes as this cancels out the redness of a pimple.

Not using this magical makeup tool to its fullest purpose: The concealer can also be used to its complete advantage. For e.g.,

The best way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base toward your eye and the pointed tip toward your cheek.

Fix eyeliner mistakes by using concealer on an angled brush

Make your lipstick pop and prevent your lipstick from bleeding

Highlight your brows by lining the upper and the lower part of your outer brows with concealer

Prevent your eyeshadow from falling off and settling into your creases with a dab of concealer
To get well-rested eyes.

Using eyeliner the wrong way

20 Beauty mistakes you are making. Most of us have a tendency to line our eyes with eyeliner. Believe it, it looks very unnatural. Instead, keep the liner away from the waterline. The best way is to open your eyes with a bare pen instead. Also, unless you have a darker skin tone, we think black eyeliner will be a bit rough. If the skin tone is light, use a light brown to the dark brown lining.


Try to sleep on your back. This causes no wrinkles on your cheek (if you sleep sideways) or your chest (if you sleep on your stomach).


Do not apply your eyeliner like a marker. No matter what color you choose, applying it without blending it in will make your eyes look harsh. A piece of advice- try using a pencil liner that comes with a blending brush on the opposite end instead of a liquid liner.


A woman with the right lipstick can conquer the world! This is because the right shade can boost your confidence and prepare you for the world. However, the shade or the wrong type of lipstick will attract the attention of your other attractiveness. In addition, many of us sometimes over-accept it; we put on bright red lipstick and a lot of eye makeup. Before we know it, we look like a pretty clown!


Too long nails can make you resemble the witches from Macbeth. Instead, why not go for a softer look.


The bronzer is meant to be only applied to the outer edges of your face, i.e., to the areas where the sun would naturally hit it, like the top of your forehead, cheekbones, and your jawline. Most of us instead, use this rather too generously all over our face.


Drawing your eyebrows or using a gel on it can make them look very unnatural. Instead, opt for an eyebrow cake powder that can be used to fill in your eyebrows.


Using cheap falsies may do more harm than good. Instead, invest in a nice pair of mink lashes. They are comfortable and do not damage your natural lashes.

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20 Beauty mistakes you are making


20 Beauty mistakes you are making. Again, just like the eyeliner, we tend to draw very harsh lines with a lipliner. This does nothing to create a natural look. The key is to blend.


Dry shampoo has become like the 8th wonder of the world! That is only if you know how to use it properly. The only way to get the best out of dry shampoo is to let it sit on your hair and wait for it to absorb all the oil.


None of us are getting any younger. And, as we age the natural oils secreted by our skin diminishes gradually. So, try not to over-wash your face. It is mandatory to wash your face before bed to remove the grime, grease and makeup of the day. But, try washing your face with a baby wash in the mornings.


Face powder keeps the shine caused due to excess oil away. Nevertheless, it can really make your skin look dry and flaky. The trick is to use it only on your T-zone which usually secretes more oil than the other areas.


The waterproof mascara is such a miracle product obviously because it has more chemicals than the ordinary one. So, instead of applying waterproof mascara every day, save it for the summer months or better, when you really really need it!


It is essential to see how your foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow look under natural light.


The foundation isn’t meant to be applied like a mask on your face. Instead, it’s supposed to cover uneven spots. Just use it on your cheeks, under eyes and all the places where it is really needed. Or better, ditch it for the concealer!


Use a glittery eyeshadow for the inner area of your eyes and a matte eyeshadow for the remaining portion of your eye. Use a shadow that is a few shades darker than your skin tone.


A person should be able to smell your fragrance only if they’re snuggled up to you and not when you are across the room! Too much of perfume and cologne may be offensive. Instead, opt for a body mist which is less concentrated than a perfume.


Your shorts should be at least 3 inches from your bottom to make it look classy.


Try to be a better person than a better-looking one! You can only be the best version of yourself, so don’t get too caught up with your appearance.