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Top 7 Styles To Volume Lashes Lover-Lashes Amor

Top 7 Styles To Volume Lashes Lover

7 Volume lashes styles. Today I would like to introduce some hot styles of volume Lashes. Many consumers like this style most. Volume lashes are actually the concept of eyelashes extension. According to the technique of eyelashes extension, it is divided into classic lashes and volume lashes. Volume lashes pursue a lighter material and a more thick appearance. However, eyelashes extension is too expensive and can damage your own eyelashes. Strip eyelash is a better choice. There are many different styles of good-looking Russian volume lashes, so you can change a new look every day.

Volume Lashes For Beginners

20 MM MINK LASHES  If you are a little conservative, still dare not try too bold, then I recommend you choose a length of 20mm mink lashes. It is friendly to apply for the first time. Don’t underestimate the 20mm mink eyelashes. This style is quite thick at this length, this thickness guarantees the 3D shape.

7 Volume lashes styles

20mm is a crisscrossed lashes style. Our designers found that it is difficult to add thickness while keeping a beautiful shape at 20mm mink lashes when designing. This crisscrossed method not only makes the hair look thicker but also reduces weight.

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25 MM MINK LAHSES are a little longer,the most popular lashes style in the United States now. These will make your eyes look like a million bucks.

25mm is great because it gives that fresh, ‘I just got eyelash extensions’ feel, even though you really didn’t.

25mm is a style of shorter inner corner and longer out corner. It can effectively lift eyes and correct eye shape. Only a bit added extensions to the middle and the tail of the eyes, making your eyes lifted like cat eyes.

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Long Stem Volume Lashes

7 Volume lashes styles. If you want an eyelash that is both long and thick. Then you move to the next level, Double Layers 25 MM Mink Lashes. The strip on these double-volume lashes is so soft that it’s imperceptible.

They’re also super-light and have wispy ends, which give the lashes added flare.

7 Volume lashes styles

25mm double is carefully double thicker near the eyeliner and tapered at the ends. This overall style is easy to come out.

25mm doubleis very thick and dense.Just look at the picture. They won every heart.

Longer Lashes

Maybe you don’t want to increase the thickness, you just want longer eyelashes. The 28MM Mink Lashes will be your best friend.

7 Volume lashes styles

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Which style you want to pick?

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be you best wholesale volume lashes vendor.

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