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Why choose 3D mink false eyelashes?

3D Mink False Eyelashes as a Magic Weapon

Lashesamor is the leading 3D Mink False Eyelashes Manufacturer and Supplier , and the designers at the lashesamor 3D Mink False Eyelashes Factory have created 3D Mink False Eyelashes that are fascinating to women around the world. 3D Mink False Eyelashes is the love of every lady who loves beauty. And also seen as a magic weapon to open eyelash business.So how were 3D Mink False Eyelashes created? Let’s explore the legend behind 3D Mink False Eyelashes.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink false eyelashes

Behind The Story of 3D Mink False Eyelashes

Countless women in order to pursue their own eyes more bright look, think of a lot of ways. Applying the eyelash growth solution is too slow, and the chemicals can also irritate the eyes. Brush the mascara to increase the eyelashes, and use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes to make the eyelashes curl more. Why are the eyelashes that are clipped, although it is quite long and quite curled, but it always looks awkward, very rigid?

models wearing 3D mink lashes

This is also a problem encountered by our eyelash designers. Why did the previous false eyelashes not reflect the natural and agile feeling of real eyelashes? Until our outstanding eyelash designer, OSCAR observed the secrets of nature.

Learn from nature

In nature, the petals of each flower have their curvature, and the curvature of each petal is different. Similarly, the leaves of each plant also have their curling direction, and each leaf has different stretches. It is this difference that makes us feel the vitality of the creature itself, and feel the sense of nature and agility. Returning to each of our eyelashes, although short and long, each eyelash in each eye has its curvature. This is not the same, it is the natural beauty and realism we pursue.

The design inspiration of 3D mink eyelashes stems from the observation of nature beauty. We use the mane with the most similar nature of human eyelashes as the main material, abandoning the traditional uniform arc production process, using the latest technology, let each root Eyelashes have their curvature, showing their beauty, using different curls to create the most authentic sense of nature.

3D Mink lashes bring you beauty

When you love beauty, bring our 3D mink eyelashes, in addition to comfort and lightness, more unparalleled realism and natural feeling, she will blend perfectly with your eyelashes, show your exclusive in the eyes Natural beauty.

Development of 3D Mink Eyelashes Styles

When Natural 3D eyelashes are popular all over the world, Oscar has not stopped innovation and has been searching for more attractive eyelash styles. Our marketing team is also constantly paying attention to customer feedback and new needs for 3D eyelashes.

They found that 3D eyelashes loyal customer Amanda was going to attend the company’s annual meeting, but she had been struggling to find eyelashes that could still shine under heavy makeup. Oscar knew the news in time, spent a few nights and nights designing and customizing a 16mm eyelash for Amanda, making Amanda a dazzling star at the annual conference.

Once again ignited the market

Amanda model, to let women around the world shine on their important occasions, Oscar has expanded the DH series according to different regions, different eye types and different skin color women. Next, with the continued hot-sales of 3d eyelashes, it has stimulated great demand from customers. This also brought Oscar endless inspiration, double-layer lashes DM Styles, DH Styles and so on. Once again ignited the market.

Here are some hot sales, contact me now, lashesamor is your best partner to expand your business!!!

Best-Selling 3D Mink Fales Eyelashes Styles

Classic 3D Eyelashes, Quickly Choose Them!

3D Mink Lashes for Date, Quickly Pick Their!!!

First Order Guide For
The 3D Eyelash Business Beginner

When we recommend that you order eyelashes for the first time, you can try to choose within your budget. A variety of eyelashes to check the quality of our samples. You can even choose 10-20 models, which means you can order one pair for each eyelash, so you can choose to a large extent.

The reason we lashesamor adopt this policy is to consider the following three aspects:

  • First, sample ordering allows you to test the quality of our products with a small budget.
  • Second, just touching the eyelash industry is not familiar with the style of eyelashes, so it is beneficial to try different styles.
  • Third, each customer’s market is different, consumers have different preferences for eyelash styles, so we recommend that you start to order different styles of eyelashes, and then choose from a variety of styles to choose the eyelash styles that your eyelashes ultimately need.

Eyelashes Quick Questions For You

Lead Time

Q: How many days can the Eyelashes be delivered?

A: The delivery cycle is usually 5-7 days. Of course, if you encounter holidays and festivals, or spring and autumn, I suggest you order in advance. Because the factory is so many orders in the sales season, it is very busy. And we all know that lashesamor eyelashes are purely handmade, our workers can’t be nervous, they need a good working environment and a good working atmosphere to provide you with the most perfect eyelash. So be sure to collect my website, ordering and ordering in time, and expanding your business as soon as possible.


Q: Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

A: Our products are purely handmade, don’ t set the Minimum Order Quantity. We don’ t want customers to risk-taking. you want to do your logo, first, look at the quality of the product and then decide, as long as the product quality is good, when the market develops, it will naturally cooperate with us.

Payment term

Q: What payment methods can you offer?

A: 1)PayPal:
2)Western Union: The first name: Yuanju 
the family name: Gao 
address: Qingdao China
ACCOUNT: 357023017577
IBAN NUMBER: CY15002001950000357023017577
BANK ADDRESS: 51 Stassinos Street, Ayia Paraskevi, P.O. Box 21472, CY1599 Nicosia, Cyprus

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