25mm MinK Lashes

Eyelashes Dedicated For Black Girls

25mm Lashes are the lashes dedicated for black girls, see the following pictures,When Jesica wear this DH02 25mm Mink Lashes produced by Amor Eyelash Vendor, this 25mm Lashes look like they grew out of from Jesica, not the handmade craft, so there is no sense of incongruity. Assuming that this eyelash is worn by white people in daily life, everyone will laugh at her because the stage effect is too heavy, and the life effect is discordant.

Amor Eyelash Vendor is the top Lash Vendor who provide high quality luxury 25mm Mink Lashes lash factory.

25mm Mink Lash Vendor

Why Are 25mm Minks So Popular?

In 2018, Amor Lash Vendor started to produce and sell 25mm lashes, and it has been very popular until now.
This phenomenon is easy to understand. 25mm Lashes are the favorite of black girls. Before these long eyelashes luanch, although black girls were the main consumers of eyelashes, they did not have their own mainstream consumption styles. They always followed the natural and short lash styles of white people. Natural and short lashes certainly don’t give them a nice and unique look.

  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH001
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH002
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH003
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH004
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH005
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH006
  • DH007-1
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH008
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH009
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH010
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH011
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH012
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH013
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH014
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH015
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH016
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH017
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH018
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH019
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH020
  • 3D-mink-lashes-front-DH021

But 25mm Lashes give them a completely different feeling. They have their own eyelashes style, so this kind of eyelashes has become a mainstream consumer product and naturally sells well. It is certain that 25mm eyelashes will continue to sell well for a long time in the future, especially Some designs are more unique, such as this DH02.

Should 25mm Lashes Expensive Than Others?

Of course 25mm luxury mink eyelashes should be expensive, no matter raw meterial and produce process, it cost more than other lashes,such as faux minks, silk lashes and others!

3D Mink False Eyelashes-DH013
DH013 Style Amor Eyelash Vendor Produce

These 25mm mink Lashes produced by Amor lash Vendor are real mink eyelashes that are naturally shed from adult minks. This length of mink hair is only found on mink tails, and the output is low, so the price is naturally high.

DH011 Light Volume Dramatic Style By Amor Lash Vendor

25mm eyelashes are longer than other eyelashes, long hairs are curved, and the process for styling is much more complicated than short hairs, and the processing chain is much longer, so the cost is higher.

DH008 Provide By Amor Eyelash Vendors

For silk eyelashes and plastic eyelashes, these eyelash hairs can be industrially produced. The cost of raw materials for 25mm eyelashes and 13mm eyelashes is negligible. The production process is small and the production cost is low, only one third of the cost of mink eyelashes. If you For cheap silk lashes, jump to this link.


Full Catalog 25mm Mink Lashes

25mm Mink Lashes 25mm Video Show From Amor Youtube Channel

More 25mm Mink Lashes Model Show

whereas with cute eyelashes, they don’t have that sort of waxy texture they just look like hairs

woman wearing 25MM mink lashes
woman wearing 25MM mink lashes

Does 25mm Mink Lashes The Longest One?

Amor Lash Vendors Accept 28MM Mink Lashes Customization

Amor Lash Vendor has already control the technology to produce 28mm Mink Lashes, following are the lash styles we designed, we do not have many 28mm mink lashes in store, but can accept preorder, 10 days prepay deposit, 30 pairs minumum order quantity.

28mm mink lashes are super dramatic,they are not for the daily wear, they are for some special occations, such as party, festival and stage! If you want your eyelashes to be very long, very dramatic you can try this style. This hair is very long. If you have some parties or theme get-together you can use them.

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