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25MM big eyelashes for Christmas Glam!

25MM big eyelashes for Christmas Glam!

25MM eyelashes for Christmas. Americans have unrestrained personality, their favorite eyelashes are more exaggerated, thicker, and show their individuality. Based on this, Lashes Amor designed and developed 25MM long eyelashes. Because of the long hair, curving hair, and thicker hair, the process of making eyelashes is extremely difficult and takes time!

>>Christmas collection<<

25MM eyelashes for Christmas

In order to ensure the effect of wearing eyelashes, we use the longest hairs on the mink tail. In order to ensure the softness of the hair, the hairs selected are all 1-2-year-old minks. The hair peaks of that part are very long and the hair peaks are not cut off. There is no down hair. Other cheap low-end mink eyelashes have short hair on other parts of the mink body, regardless of the age of the hair, the quality of the mink, and many hair tips are broken, and some hair follicles and hair tips mixed together look unnatural.

25MM eyelashes for Christmas. The eyelashes of other suppliers buy our eyelashes or provide customers with our original pictures. They are imitations. They do not know the technology. The eyelashes are overgrown with weeds and the eyeliner is stiff. Because they only know the imitation, they engage in low-cost competition and the quality is not good Guarantee, delivery time cannot be guaranteed! There is no guarantee that the eyelash styles will be popular!
Cheap is not good, good is not cheap! Dear, for your benefit, we always work hard!
Lashes Amor, keeping up with the trend of the times, is brewing Christmas eyelashes to the market!
Make you stunning on the stage!

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