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Welcome to the cooperation website of eyelash entrepreneurs–which is manage by the professional Mink Lashes Vendor, Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor. Here, you can find various styles of False EyeLashes, high quality and cheap price, it is the best website for eyelash entrepreneurs to purchase false eyelashes! Please browse freely. If you have any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp, our The service staff will show you all kinds of False Eyelashes online and answer any questions you care about, no matter whether you buy eyelashes or not!

Eyelash Cusumers Location Map Of The United States
  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor is one of the best Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers who has focused on the USA market for a few decades, over 600,000 pairs of eyelashes were sold out to United States every year,Amor Lashes is now on the top of Eyelash Vendors USA list.
  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor also support hundred thousands of Lash Entrepreneurs, help them create their lash brand and enlarge theri lash business.
  • Amor Lashes has made a great business progress these years, we get 8 figure profits annually, this is the big award of our hard works

Why Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Always Leads The Eyelash Market?

  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendoris a False Lashes Vendor of fashion and trending eyelash design and produce, Amor Lash Vendor has own eyelash designer and own eyelash factory, this suport Amor Lashes fast enough to update fashion false eyelash styles!
  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor well understand that lash extension are the basis of Strip Lashes, most fashion lash styles are come out from Lash extension, and then appears on strip lashes list. Strip Lashes are another kind of eyelash extension that can be mass-produced, convenient, low-cost,can be replaced at any time.
  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor designers always pays attention to the make-up trends of any female on social media, pays attention to the eyelashes of female celebrities, absorbs popular elements at any time, updates their own eyelash list. Amor Lash Vendor distributes fashionable high-quality eyelashes in the United Statess, providing OEM eyelashes and exquisite packaging, and making Eyelash distributors make money is the basis for the development of our Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

What Can Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Offer?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Corporate Annals

2005-2007  Amor Lashes Established, producing horse hair, human hair eyelashes, synthetic fiber eyelashes, looking for customers through exhibitions, and supplying products to the Middle East.

2008-2015 Eliminate horse hair, human hair eyelashes, produce synthetic fiber eyelashes, silk eyelashes, mink eyelashes, have 3D false eyelashes production technology, start selling to the United States.

2016-2019 Started the production of 3D mink eyelashes, developed 25mm mink eyelashes ahead of the market, and established the production standard of 20mm mink eyelashes; started to enter the e-commerce field, and operated an independent eyelash website in the United States, which achieved great success!

2019 Till Now Mastered the technology of making eyelashes from plant fibers, began to produce environmentally friendly, degradable plant fiber eyelashes and environmentally friendly packaging; purchased laser printing equipment, and began to provide small-batch customized eyelash packaging services

Amor lashes Eyelash Brand Partner

Lilly Lashes,


Esqido Lashes,

Huda Lashes,

Bj Lashes,

Rmoosh Lashes etc.

Choose Right Lash Styles For Your Lash Business

Amor Lashes Dramatic Mink Eyelashes

When the multi-layered mink eyelashes are finished, they immediately show a very plump and fluffy dramatic appearance. Wearing this dramatic eyelash will enhance your eyes and make you become The focus of sight, you will be complimented by the female friends around you.

Who Is the Main Consumer Of Dramatic Mink Lashes

According to the data analysis of Amor eyelash wholesalers, only the comic eyelashes made of mink hair can get the best effect, and the dramatic eyelashes can only be worn by black and brown-skinned ladies to wear a bold and eye-catching effect, which can make the eyes more charming and charming Unforgettable, which can help you stand out and make a positive impact in every area of your life. This data analysis tells us that the consumer groups of dramatic eyelashes are black and brown-skinned people, which can guide our sales direction.

Best Seller Dramatic Mink Lashes

Cruelty-Free Dramatic Mink Lashes

Mink eyelashes are the most comfortable eyelashes to wear, and give people the best sense of experience! However, because of the misleading of some media, it caused some controversy and was treated unfairly! The mink hair used by Amor eyelash suppliers is cruelty-free. We are now drawing on the experience of sheep farming in Australia to breed mink. Adult mink are sheared to make mink eyelashes. Mink are very well cared for during the raising process, so mink eyelashes from the Amor eyelash supplier are cruelty-free. These mink hairs are not dry, dry, brittle, or hard. They are healthy, flexible, elastic, and full of vitality. The mink eyelashes made are flexible and comfortable!

Amor Lashes Wedding Mink Lashes

Why Wedding Mink Lashes Very Important?

Wedding eyelashes is a most important part of lash business! Every Bride and bridesmaid need eyelashes for the wedding day!
Wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life. The bride’s biggest task on this day is to dress herself up the most beautifully and accept blessings and praises from relatives and friends! The same beauties who attend the wedding must also make up carefully, and mink eyelashes are of course a must-have in the process of makeup.This mink lashes market is bigger than you imagine.

Wedding Boutique Mink Eyelashes Marketing Strategy

When you’re a bride or bridesmaid, do you buy fancy lashes that cost $20 a pair or drugstore lashes that cost $5 a pair? The answer is clear, be beautiful, don’t care about the price.Thus, wedding lashes are super high quality and should be package with very beautiful lash box, sell it with higher price.

Amor Lashes Wedding Lash Styles

Aamor Eyelash Vendor has prepared a variety of beautiful eyelashes for brides and beauties attending weddings, with real-life dressing renderings. Choose the style that suits your preferences, and you will definitely get everyone’s praise!

Hemp Fiber Lashes

The advancement of technology has greatly reduced the production cost of environmentally friendly materials, and more and more degradable products have entered the field of life.
Amor lashes materials team has finally made hemp fiber into durable, styling lashes through countless trials! has created biodegradable biological eyelashes. Like vegan eyelashes, we use hemp fiber material to create false eyelashes. And the biodegradable eyelashes can degrade in soil without causing any damage to the environment.

Traditional synthetic eyelashes made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a type of plastic, are not biodegradable eyelashes. Used eyelashes break down into microplastics, with devastating effects on the planet we depend on.

The biggest selling point of biological mascara is that it is environmentally friendly. It can dissolve the poured mascara into the soil and gradually degrade it, keeping the earth clean at all times.

Conservationists in the beauty world have been pursuing animal-hair-free lashes, and their dreams have become reality.

How To Start EyeLash Business
How To Start EyeLash Business

Affordable Cashmere Lashes

Click To Switch To Cashmere Lashes Details Web Page

Unlike the cylindrical shape of all other eyelashes, Cashmere Lash Hairs are flat shape, the hair sticks more firmly to the lash band, so they are more reusable, max 40 times resuable.

How To Start EyeLash Business

Cashmere Lash hair thinner than others, they are made to natural lash style, also they are cheaper than Mink Lashes,you can start your lash business at low investment, many customers start their lash business with Cashmere Lashes.

How To Start EyeLash Business
How To Start EyeLash Business

Custom Lash Packaging Box

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  • Amor Lash Vendor has professional designer help you create your own unique eyelash private label.
  • Quick design time before producing.
How To Start EyeLash Business At Home
How To Start EyeLash Business At Home
How To Start EyeLash Business At Home
How To Start EyeLash Business At Home
How To Start EyeLash Business At Home

Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor Eyelash Accessories

Amor Lash Vendor produce all kinds of Eyelash Tools, such as Extension Lash GlueStrip Lash GlueEyelash TweezersEyelash ScissorsEyelash CurlersLash Brushes, Eyelash Removers etc, you can order them at the same order!

How To Start EyeLash Business At Home
Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor

Why Order Lashes From Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor?

1 Experiences & Innovation

Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor is top eyelash manufactory in China.More than 10 years of eyelash producing experience, our company has developed to the most well-known brand for high-quality mink lashes and silk lashes. We are the largest eyelash manufacturer of 3D mink eyelashes in China and the Best Mink Eyelash Vendors In the United States.

2 Major Supplier Of Well-known Brands

Our eyelash factory established longterm cooperation with LILLY LASHES, VELOUR, ESQIDO LASHES, HUDA LASHES, BJ LASHES, RMOOSH LASHES etc. The high quality lashes and competitive price have win their trust.

3 First Hand lower Price From Eyelash Vendors

Amor Lash Vendors is Eyelash Manufacturer Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, you are get the first hand lower price from lash factory directly, no one else make profits between us, you can get most compentative price , this will help you make more profits!

4 High Quality Mink Lashes Support Lash Business

High quality mink fur hairs, cotton bread,and lash glue etc, skillful workers and 100% handmade craft, All mink lashes made by Amor Lash Vendor are Lightweight, Soft Band, Confortable wear feeling, easy wear and take off, 25+ times resuable

Lashes amor best lashes vendor product details
Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor

5 You Can Order Any Kind Of Eyelashes Here

  • Mink lashes: Classic Natural Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 3D 20mm Mink Lashes, Fluffy 25mm Lashes
  • Vegan Lashes: Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes, Cashmere Lashes, Silk Lashes
  • Magntic Lashes
  • Pre-cut Lashes, Color Lashes, Individual Lashes

6 Free Eyelash Logo Design

Much Eye symbol logo design for your choice to create your lash brand!

Eye Symbol Logo Design

7 Fashion Lash Packaging

When you create your own lash line, Custom Lash Box with your own private label is a great support,  Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor offers over 100 styles Eyelash Packaging Box with different colors and different shape for your choice, there must be one style fit for your logo design


8 Every Kind Eyelash Tools Available As Well

One stop purchasing will save much time and save much shipping for you, on Amor Lash Vendors website, you can buy all items for your Lash Business, one order everything ready! All items are good quality and much competative price!

Mink Lash Vendor

9 Quick Shipping Fast Delivery

Amor Lash Vendors has leng term agreement with Fedex, Dhl express during the long time cooperation, can provide quick shipping service, promise fast delivery, sample order can ship out next day after paymnent, shipping time 3- 5 working days

10 Great Positive Feedbacks From Customers

Amor Lash Vendors has suppoted thousands Eyelash Vendors Usa, help them created their lash business, of course Amor also get many positve feedbacks from clients, told us their feeling and thanks to Amor Lash Vendors, these feedbacks are screenshot from WhatsApp dialogue, they are real matters.

Could I Order Mink Lashes Sample First?

Are you excited to take samples and start your lash business?

Please visit this sample pack page, we have list many sample pack solution for you!

Click here view SAMPLE PACK PAGE

Amor Lash Vendor Sample Pack

How To Start Lashes Business?

Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor has more than 10 years of eyelash sales experience,we have found that there are unique business rules for a successful eyelash business!
By analyzing the feedback data of our successful customers, we found that the eyelash business operation mode introduced in the following paragraphs is very easy to achieve success!
We selflessly share this eyelash business model with you, hoping this business model can help you make money!

  • First, select 6 different lash styles
  • According to the demand of your customers, choose 6 to 10 different styles lashes, and create your own lash brand is the experienced success lash business way!

Take a close look at our eyelash catalog and choose the style you like. Also please pay attention on the raw material, we supply luxury mink lashes, affordable silk lashes, cashmere lashes and vegan plant fibre Lashes as well.

Second, Get Custom Packaging With Your Private Label

Custom Lash Packaging with your own logo will let your lash business outstanding. Custom packaging box will leave deep inpression to your customers, this will great help to your lash brand! If you have any difficulty on your logo design, pls ask for help to our sales without hesitation, Amor Lash Vendors has design team, can help you design your own logo free in short time.

Third, the order quantity and price

Clearly advise your budgets to our sales, so we can give you a good solution according to your lash styles and packaging requirements.
Considering the international shipping , we recommend 60 pairs lashes is the best solution, it can go down the costs of shipping on each pairs lashes, meanwhile, according to Amor Lash Vendor’s policy, you can get good discount price when you order 60 sets.

How to Establish Your Own Eyelash Brand?

Why does some entrepreneurs’eyelash business always grow up? On the other hand, more entrepreneurs always lose customers, their business lost at final, why the same effort gets different results? We answer you: because you choose the wrong product at the beginning, resulting in more efforts become unsuccessful.

Wholesale Mink Lashes is a brand-nature product, customers can customize their own logo custom Eyelashes Packaing packaging box, but how can a low-quality product form a brand? Even if you have a large customer base, however, product quality is not enough, your customer will no longer purchase from you again, and will not introduce your product to others.

Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

Instead, if you buy good quality eyelash products, even that your customer base is not much, but when you start selling it to a person, first, this person will also buy again.

Second, this person may also promote three people to buy your eyelashes, in this way your eyelash business will become simple to do. Without good quality products, a good brand is impossible to establish.

I hope you decide to wholesale mink hair before you have to be prepared, do a good job of thinking, do a good job in market research, survey products, product experience.

Degradable Plant Fiber Lashes

Amor Lash Vendors now produce Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes to meet huge demand of Vegan Lashes from the market, this lash styles made of Hemp fiber, so it is also called Hemp Fiber Lashes.

Hemp lashes are 100% green and healthy, and the natural plant can make your lashes look fluffy and soft, with the super light for you comfortable to wear.

They are with perfect 3D effect, fluffy and soft, the lash band is also flexible and durable for wearing. Most importantly, the price is more affordable than mink lashes.

How To Guarantee Best Quality Of Mink Lashes?

To guarantee best quality lashes in the market, our factory are doing great in every production process.

1. All our raw materials are carefully picked to make sure that each mink fur hair has the hair top to be more real, no broken hairs being used;

2. We have our own professional R&D staff to design best selling strip lashes,skillful workers layout the mink furs with reference to drawings, professional workers promised all lashes in bulk and sample are all same quality and patterns;

3. We’re the only Lash Factory to make strip lashes with more than 28 procedures,
Strict process ensures that eyelashes are light, soft and comfortable, and the quality is continuous and stable。

4. Instead of chemical treatment which uses liquid acids and smells like barber’s medicine, we’re the only one to adopt physical thermal treatment to make the curls on lashes, it’s costly but it makes the lashes so real and no chemical additive or pungent smell, no allergic or harmful contents for eyes;

5. We use 100% cotton and best glue material to make strip lashes band, to make sure it’s soft and reusable for more than 25 times;

6. All our 100 workers are strictly selected during the years, they understand the idea of each and every pattern of our lashes and are making with heart to guarantee the best quality.

7. All our lashes are handmade. Only 10-15 pairs of strip lashes can be made by one worker per day in our factory, because they make it very carefully and exactly, following the principle of aesthetics,symmetry and similarity. They’re well paid too so they can focus on lashes happily.

8. All lashes are double inspected before shipping.

Four Typical Wispy Lash Styles

Dramatic Wispy Mink Lashes
Fluffy Wispy Mink Lashes
Volume Effect Wispy Lashes
Wispy Wing Mink Lashes

Why Are All Mink Lashes Hot Selling?

Professional R&D Team Design Fashion Leading Lashes, all patterns become hot selling lashes after introduce to market.

Lashes is not a big product, but our owner believes in speciality makes wonderful crafts. We’re the only one to set up a professional R&D team for strip lashes to keep creative and update new eyelashes to lead the fashion. We distinguish ourselves from all kinds of wholesale mink lashes vendors.

They study different cultures, try different lash patterns  for all kinds of face shapes and eye shapes to make perfect mink lashes bundle for different market requirement. For choosing lashes, this blog might help you:

wokers are making mink lashes with sophisticated hands
R&D make perfect drawings to guarantee stable quality and lashes similarity; workers make strip lashes with passion.

Every pattern lashes are not randomly designed, but has meaning and soul. R&D make very detailed drawings for our workers to follow, so same patterns will be same quality for different batches, no need to worry about mink lashes in bulk quality will be different from sample orders.

With strong R&D team, we never get complaints that our bulk lashes quality is different from sample quality.

With demanding designs and guaranteed quality, all our eyelashes wholesalers are growing rapidly and got more and more regular clients. We’re proud to be the strong lashes wholesale vendor support on your own lashes line business.

our team of the best mink lashes wholesale vendor
LashesAmor Service Team Pictures

Some Items from Our Strip Lashes Catalogue

Luxury 28-30mm Mink Lashes Strip Hot in USA

3D 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Bulk

20mm Mink Eyelash Bundles

Luxury Mink Eyelashes 18mm

16mm Natural Mink Strip Lashes Near Me

Elegant 13mm Mink Lashes Popular in Middle East

Vegan Wimpers Faux Mink Eyelash

Can we make custom lashes?

If you are tired of all current false lashes, and want your own lashes to be designed and made, here you find the exact best eyelash vendor.

We can make your own design as custom lashes or design according to your ideas, so you can be wholesale mink eyelashes with your own unique false lashes. Luxury Mink Eyelashes can be made for both your own use or for you wholesale lashes business.

No need worry that others might copy us, they can copy the looking, but not the quality and specialty.

models are wearing mink lashes
Best 3D Mink Lashes Model Show

>>Customize Service from packaging, logos, eye type<<

What about custom private lable lashes packaging?

As the best lash strips wholesale vendor, and an leading factory with huge lashes sales volume, LashesAmor support custom private logo lash packages with super low MOQ minimum order requirement and super fast production with good prices.

Best One-stop Service is provided to support our lashes wholesalers at local all over the world.

Custom your private lable on tweezers, eyelash glues, are all available here.

Custom Black Lashes Cases in All Shapes
New Arrivals of Lashes Boxes

High end class mink lashes! Lightning-fast delivery! Prodigious Design Team! Artisan spirit and refinement process innovation are the keys to make a place for Lashes Amor-the best mink lashes wholesale vendor!

Why Us Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor?

Find LashesAmor, Sail Your Lashes Line. To find a lashes vendor is easy, but a reliable trusted lashes vendor is not easy. Why many people started lashes business but cannot move on selling or fail after few month? The key point is they choosed wrong products or unprofessional eyelash vendors. Only focusing on cheap wholesale lashes will end in 99% failure. Our lash products and services helped many eyelash vendors wholesale usa successfully started lashe business and all getting more and more profits from regular client.

You can be rich

Our lashes may not be cheapest on the market, but it’s most cost efficiency and gives you best experience of lashes; It’ll bring you more and more regular clients with promising profits; For Prices please contact us or leave a message below to get reply in 12 hours.

Our factory adopts most high tech production process to make really high end luxury lashes; All our lashes are very soft and durable, comfortable to wear all day long and reusable for more than 25 times.

All our lashes pattern are well designed and become hot selling items to benefit our clients; We keep developing new items and always lead the lashes fashion, not worrying others to copy us.

We can keep that promise

You will always receive guaranteed quality from us, no need worry for after sales, no need worry for stock and supplying ability, no need worry for MOQ requirement; no need worry for lashes tools and packages.

Many of our strip eyelash wholesalers had bad experience with other vendors, and found us to continue smoothly and regularly. We have more than 98% client return rate, many say they feel lucky to find us the real original professional lashes vendor.

All our products are selling to global, especially hot in the United States, Canada, Austrilia, Middle East, UK, Netherlands…

customer's feedback from best mink lashes wholesale vendor
Some Feedback from our eyelashe wholesalers
eyelash boxes, glues, tweezers from the best mink lashes vendor
Eyelash boxes, Lash Glue, Tweezers

A reliable lashes vendor is so important in your lashes line business. We have supported more than 3,000 people start their own lashes business and getting more and more regular clients with promising profits.

It’s our goal to make more beauties in the world with best lashes and to help more women to be independent with what they love!

Better lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor will be with you, always!