Amor Lashes Is Your Professional Eyelash Vendor

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor is a professional Eyelash Vendor, Mainly supply various mink lashes,faux mink lashes to the United States.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor supply small batches of 3D Mink Lashes and 5D Mink Lashes for eyelash entrepreneurs;

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor supply customized eyelash styles for brand eyelash operators, and provide Customized Eyelash Packaging to meet brand Eyelash Packaging requirements;

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor supply Individual Eyelashes for beauty salons at competitively price;

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor provide customized Fluffy Mink Lashes styles for Makeup Artists as well.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor also provide the necessary Eyelash Tools, such as eyelash glue, eyelash curlers, eyelash tweezers, and eyelash brushes, so that our customers can buy them in one stop, saving time and shipping costs for their business.

We are Authorized Eyelash Vendor By Onlycannes Brand

We noticed that many black girls did not make money from the earlier eyelash business, mainly because they did not create their own mink eyelash brand, and they did not have enough investment to create their own brand.
Therefore, after negotiating with Onlycannes Eyelash Brand, we obtained their authorization and were allowed to produce and sell ONLYCANNAS brand Mink Eyelashes. We are now giving this opportunity to your lucky black girls to become regional agents and sell ONLYCANNAS brand mink lashes.

Black Girls Can Sell Onlycannas Brand Lashes make Money

Girls who have obtained agent qualifications will get exclusive qualifications in a county. The retail price of high-quality ONLYCANNAS mink eyelashes is $6.5. This will definitely beat drugstore’s synthetic fiber eyelashes, and purchase price we offer to distributers is only $4.5, you can get $2 reward each pair lashes. If you purchase more than 1,000 pairs per month, you will get another $0.5 extra commission reward per pair, that means you can earn $2500 each month,and this reward is steadily without any risk.

Black Girls Can Be Distributer On Your County

You are allowed to sell lashes yourself, if you will distribute to local supermarket, we think that’s will be better, though you will lose part profits which given to supermarket, but they can sell fast than yourself, you can earn your own part profits, meanwhile, we consider that there are more than enough customers around your county.

If you want to become our agent, please email to and leave your agency area, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that we use administrative divisions and counties as the agency area to divide the scope, and cannot distribute goods across regions.

Amor Lashes Mink Lashes Consumers Location Map

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Lash Factory Are Rich Experiences

 Amor Lashes factory was established on the year of 2005, producing horse hair lashes, human hair eyelashes, synthetic fiber eyelashes, looking for customers through exhibitions, and supplying products to the Middle East.

Eyelash Factory Scene

2008-2015 We eliminate horse hair lashes and human hair eyelashes, produce synthetic fiber eyelashes, silk eyelashes, mink eyelashes, we controlled 3D false eyelashes production technology, start selling to the United States.

wokers are making mink lashes with sophisticated hands
Display Of Different Processes In The Eyelash Factory

In 2018, we registered a wordpress website on google and started selling eyelashes through e-commerce. The eyelash market in the United States are start to get hot, countless eyelash entrepreneurs easily found us through the website and started their eyelashes business.

Clean Eyelash Workshop With Aircondition

Till now Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor has supported hundred thousands black girls, help them created their mink lash brand and enlarge theri mink lash business, of course, helped them make great money, especially on luxury mink lashes.

Our eyelash factory has experienced technical workers and the quality of the eyelashes we produce is very good. There are also many eyelash styles to choose from. Many eyelash merchants trust us very much and order from Amor Eyelash Vendor for a long time.,Amor Lashes is now on the top of  Mink Lash Vendors list.

So Many Eyelash Styles Beyond Your Expectations

Enough mink eyelashes for your selection reference

We have enough eyelash styles. I am sure you can choose at least 6 styles to satisfy the customer group you are facing now. 6 eyelash styles are enough in the early stage of eyelash business, and 6 mink eyelashes can basically satisfy 80% of the customers

Strip eyelash styles cover all eyelash extensions eyelash map

If your old customers want to buy different styles, you can filter again from our catalog. Our mink eyelash styles are transformed by our talented eyelash designers based on the beauty salon’s lash map, covering almost all eyelash beauty styles.

The fluffy and crossed mink eyelash style is the envy of all makeup artists

For beauticians, grafting long and curved eyelashes for customers is a difficult technical problem to overcome, because natural eyelashes cannot support the weight of long eyelashes, and the bending degree of a single eyelash is not supported mechanically.
Therefore, many beauticians have customized criss-crossed and fluffy eyelash styles over 20 mm in length from us to meet their clients’ needs.

Our early partner get greate rewards

Fluffy and dramatic is new trends of Mink Lashes, we have designed many differnet fluffy and dramatic mink lash styles for black girls, they are extremely popular on the markets, the lash vendors USA cooperated with us get greate rewards, especially the earler partners.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Leads Eyelash Fashion

  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor is a False Lashes Vendor of fashion and trending eyelash design and produce, Amor Lash Vendor has own eyelash designer and own eyelash factory, this suport Amor Lashes fast enough to update fashion false eyelash styles.
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
  • Most Important is our designers always pays attention to the black girls make-up trends of any female on social media, pays attention to the eyelashes of female celebrities, absorbs popular elements at any time, updates their own eyelash list. Amor Lash Vendor distributes fashionable high-quality eyelashes in the United Statess, and exquisite packaging, and making Eyelash distributors make money is the basis for the development of our Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

Well Known Eyelash Brand Colab With Amor Eyelash Vendor

Following are the eyelash brand which had good cooperation with us, such as Lilly Lashes, Velour Lashes, Esqido Lashes,Huda Lashes, Bj Lashes, Rmoosh Lashes etc.

Brief Introduction Of Eyelashes

Great Advantage On 3D Mink Lashes

Fluffy 3D Mink Lashes Are Best For Lash Business

The length of these eyelashes are not more than 16mm, which is slightly longer than the human eyelashes, just to highlight the advantages of their own eyelashes, pull the eyelid, make your eyes look bigger and more charming, this length does not affect daily life,so we call these lashes Daily Makeup Essentials.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes

More Dramatic 5D Mink Lashes

Amor Lashes 5D Dramatic Mink Eyelashes

When our multi-layered 5D mink eyelashes are launched, they immediately show a very plump and fluffy dramatic appearance. Wearing this dramatic eyelash will enhance your eyes and make you become the focus of sight, you will be complimented by the female friends around you.

Who Are the Main Consumers Of Dramatic Mink Lashes

According to the data analysis of Amor eyelash wholesalers, only the comic eyelashes made of mink hair can get the best effect, and the dramatic eyelashes can only be worn by black and brown-skinned ladies to wear a bold and eye-catching effect, which can make the eyes more charming and charming Unforgettable, which can help you stand out and make a positive impact in every area of your life. This data analysis tells us that the consumer groups of dramatic eyelashes are black and brown-skinned people, which can guide our sales direction.

Best Seller 5D Dramatic Mink Lashes

Cruelty-Free Dramatic Mink Lashes

Mink eyelashes are the most comfortable eyelashes to wear, and give people the best sense of experience! However, because of the misleading of some media, it caused some controversy and was treated unfairly! The mink hair used by Amor eyelash suppliers is cruelty-free. We are now drawing on the experience of sheep farming in Australia to breed mink. Adult mink are sheared to make mink eyelashes. Mink are very well cared for during the raising process, so mink eyelashes from the Amor eyelash supplier are cruelty-free. These mink hairs are not dry, dry, brittle, or hard. They are healthy, flexible, elastic, and full of vitality. The mink eyelashes made are flexible and comfortable!

Positive Feedbacks From Customers

Positive Feedbacks From Customers

Customers Reviews & Testimonials

Customers Praise And Reorder

Recommand New Customer

Long-term Customers Get More Discounts

Custom Lash Packaging Box

Customized eyelash packaging is the most important part of the eyelash brand business. High-end brand eyelashes must be equipped with their own brand logo to distinguish them from other eyelash brands and satisfy her customers.

Custom Lash Box

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Packaging vendor provides customized eyelash packaging box business. The specific process is that we first provide eyelash packaging box models of different shapes and colors.

Eyealsh Packaging Box

Customers select a sample box based on their aesthetic standards.
The graphic designer will design a mock-up of the customer’s logo, which will be produced in batches after review and confirmation by the customer.

customize eyelashes packaging logo
Mink Lash Logo Design Symbol

If customers do not make brands, they can choose eyelash boxes without any logo as their eyelash packaging. Such eyelash packaging boxes are much cheaper.

Free Eyelash Packaging Box

Amor Wholesale Eyelash vendor also provides free packaging boxes for orders of more than 100 pairs of eyelashes. Free packaging boxes are only limited to paper card packaging boxes. These packaging boxes are light in weight and do not increase shipping costs. The cost is relatively low and we can afford it.

minklashes customization service on rectangular-box
Eyelash Packaging Box Catalog

The More You Care:

1. How To Place Order?

First contact with our sales on WhatsApp for inquiry, choose your favorite eyelash styles, packaging requirement and fix your order according to your budgets.

Then pay for your order via paypal link, leave your mail address if your address do not same to your bank card address.

2 How Fast Of Shipping?

We provide fast shipping carrying by UPS, FEDEX or DHL, this fast shipping will last about 4 days on the way, with more expensive shipping fee.

We provide slow shipping, about 15 days shipping time, which will get a extremely lower shipping fee, to save money for buyers.

We ship out your order within 48 hours after done payment, if the order includes custom lash box, will ship out within 16 days. Will send you the tracking number when the order ship out, so you can know the movement of your order at any time.

3 Is The shipping safety?

Sure, we take choice reliable carrer company, the shipping is quite safety, but some times, the parcel will be lost at the clients house gate, so we buy insurrance for the order over $150 value, in that case, the carrer are request to get signature of receiver, control flawless risk of demage and risk of stolen.

4 Can you design logo for eyelash brand?

Yes, we have Much Eye symbol logo design in our datea center, you can choose one to create your lash brand!

We have our designers, they can help you design logo matter, finally your idea will turns into perfect logo!

5 Can the orders return back ?

Yes, if you find the eyelash styles you get not same with your order list, or the eyelash with bad quality, you can take photo or video show to our sales, they arrange return back. We do not support free return.

Return limited 14 days after you get your order, over 14 days, no return supported again.

6 Can i order eyelash sample first?

Yes, support sample order, it’s buyers right to get samle and check the quantity before place big order.

We also supply sample packs for you, help you takc choice of eyelash styles.

Amor Lash Vendor Sample Pack

7 Can we make custom lashes?

If you are tired of all current false lashes, and want your own lashes to be designed and made, here you find the exact best eyelash vendor.

We can make your own design as custom lashes or design according to your ideas, so you can be wholesale mink eyelashes with your own unique false lashes. Luxury Mink Eyelashes can be made for both your own use or for you wholesale lashes business.

Helpful articles for New Eyelash Retailor

How To Start Lashes Business?

Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Vendor has more than 10 years of eyelash sales experience,we have found that there are unique business rules for a successful eyelash business!
By analyzing the feedback data of our successful customers, we found that the eyelash business operation mode introduced in the following paragraphs is very easy to achieve success!
We selflessly share this eyelash business model with you, hoping this business model can help you make money!

  • First, select 6 different lash styles
  • According to the demand of your customers, choose 6 to 10 different styles lashes, and create your own lash brand is the experienced success lash business way!

Take a close look at our eyelash catalog and choose the style you like. Also please pay attention on the raw material, we supply luxury mink lashes, affordable silk lashes, cashmere lashes and vegan plant fibre Lashes as well.

Second, Get Custom Packaging With Your Private Label

Custom Lash Packaging with your own logo will let your lash business outstanding. Custom packaging box will leave deep inpression to your customers, this will great help to your lash brand! If you have any difficulty on your logo design, pls ask for help to our sales without hesitation, Amor Lash Vendors has design team, can help you design your own logo free in short time.

Third, the order quantity and price

Clearly advise your budgets to our sales, so we can give you a good solution according to your lash styles and packaging requirements.
Considering the international shipping , we recommend 60 pairs lashes is the best solution, it can go down the costs of shipping on each pairs lashes, meanwhile, according to Amor Lash Vendor’s policy, you can get good discount price when you order 60 sets.

How to Establish Your Own Eyelash Brand?

Why does some entrepreneurs’eyelash business always grow up? On the other hand, more entrepreneurs always lose customers, their business lost at final, why the same effort gets different results? We answer you: because you choose the wrong product at the beginning, resulting in more efforts become unsuccessful.

Wholesale Mink Lashes is a brand-nature product, customers can customize their own logo custom Eyelashes Packaing packaging box, but how can a low-quality product form a brand? Even if you have a large customer base, however, product quality is not enough, your customer will no longer purchase from you again, and will not introduce your product to others.

Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

Instead, if you buy good quality eyelash products, even that your customer base is not much, but when you start selling it to a person, first, this person will also buy again.

Second, this person may also promote three people to buy your eyelashes, in this way your eyelash business will become simple to do. Without good quality products, a good brand is impossible to establish.

I hope you decide to wholesale mink hair before you have to be prepared, do a good job of thinking, do a good job in market research, survey products, product experience.

How To Guarantee Best Quality Of Mink Lashes?

To guarantee best quality lashes in the market, our factory are doing great in every production process.

1. All our raw materials are carefully picked to make sure that each mink fur hair has the hair top to be more real, no broken hairs being used;

2. We have our own professional R&D staff to design best selling strip lashes,skillful workers layout the mink furs with reference to drawings, professional workers promised all lashes in bulk and sample are all same quality and patterns;

3. We’re the only Lash Factory to make strip lashes with more than 28 procedures,
Strict process ensures that eyelashes are light, soft and comfortable, and the quality is continuous and stable。

4. Instead of chemical treatment which uses liquid acids and smells like barber’s medicine, we’re the only one to adopt physical thermal treatment to make the curls on lashes, it’s costly but it makes the lashes so real and no chemical additive or pungent smell, no allergic or harmful contents for eyes;

5. We use 100% cotton and best glue material to make strip lashes band, to make sure it’s soft and reusable for more than 25 times;

6. All our 100 workers are strictly selected during the years, they understand the idea of each and every pattern of our lashes and are making with heart to guarantee the best quality.

7. All our lashes are handmade. Only 10-15 pairs of strip lashes can be made by one worker per day in our factory, because they make it very carefully and exactly, following the principle of aesthetics,symmetry and similarity. They’re well paid too so they can focus on lashes happily.

8. All lashes are double inspected before shipping.

Every pattern lashes are not randomly designed, but has meaning and soul. R&D make very detailed drawings for our workers to follow, so same patterns will be same quality for different batches, no need to worry about mink lashes in bulk quality will be different from sample orders.

With strong R&D team, we never get complaints that our bulk lashes quality is different from sample quality.

With demanding designs and guaranteed quality, all our eyelashes wholesalers are growing rapidly and got more and more regular clients. We’re proud to be the strong lashes wholesale vendor support on your own lashes line business.

our team of the best mink lashes wholesale vendor
LashesAmor Service Team Pictures

You can be rich

Our lashes may not be cheapest on the market, but it’s most cost efficiency and gives you best experience of lashes; It’ll bring you more and more regular clients with promising profits; For Prices please contact us or leave a message below to get reply in 12 hours.

Our factory adopts most high tech production process to make really high end luxury lashes; All our lashes are very soft and durable, comfortable to wear all day long and reusable for more than 25 times.

All our lashes pattern are well designed and become hot selling items to benefit our clients; We keep developing new items and always lead the lashes fashion, not worrying others to copy us.

We can keep that promise

You will always receive guaranteed quality from us, no need worry for after sales, no need worry for stock and supplying ability, no need worry for MOQ requirement; no need worry for lashes tools and packages.

Many of our strip eyelash wholesalers had bad experience with other vendors, and found us to continue smoothly and regularly. We have more than 98% client return rate, many say they feel lucky to find us the real original professional lashes vendor.

All our products are selling to global, especially hot in the United States, Canada, Austrilia, Middle East, UK, Netherlands…

A reliable lashes vendor is so important in your lashes line business. We have supported more than 3,000 people start their own lashes business and getting more and more regular clients with promising profits.

It’s our goal to make more beauties in the world with best lashes and to help more women to be independent with what they love!

Better lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor will be with you, always!