Who are we?

High end class mink lashes! Lightning-fast delivery! Prodigious Design Team! Artisan spirit and refinement process innovation are the keys to make a place for Lashes Amor-the best mink lashes wholesale vendor!

Our History

With more than 10 years of experience, our company has developed to the most well-known brand for high-end mink and silk lashes. We are the largest eyelash manufacturer of 3D 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes in China and the Best Mink Eyelash Vendors In the United States.

Famous Brand from Lashes Amor

Many famous trading companies are sourcing from us, as well as thousands of strip eyelash wholesale overseas. LILLY LASHES, VELOUR, ESQIDO LASHES, HUDA LASHES, BJ LASHES, RMOOSH LASHES, etc. WHOLESALE LASHES USA all cooperated with us and got valuable market opportunities and rapid development.

Famous brand corporating with Lashes Amor

Mink lashes from the first place

We prepared the most complete catalouge for you to learn the market!

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If you have just started the eyelash business, you must choose our products. These products have just been launched and the market is very hot. If you can seize market opportunities from the start, it is because your business is both profitable and harmless.

Lashes amor best lashes vendor product details
Product details

For New Starters

You want to buy for yourself? Then you are in the right place! Pick styles you like, then contact with us, we will deliver the same day we receive payment. No Moq!


>>3D Mink Lashes<<

>>Breathtaking! 20mm mink lashes!<<

Are you a distributor? Then Lashes Amor got you covered!

Our Quality

We’re the real mink lashes vendors that we design everything by oursleves too. Our mink lashes are approved by SGS and We have several copyrights certificates to guarantee original eyelashes design. Many lashes are origianlly created at our factory. Others just copy.

Dear customers, welcome to our website. I think you are lucky to find us, and we are also very lucky to show you such a good product. I think our product is the best for you. Why?

We hope that you can continue to read down and really understand how our products are different from other suppliers. We are sincere and sincere to establish a long-term cooperation business with you. We hope you can understand our products in detail. We know that you are In the eyelash business, you must understand how important it is to choose a good eyelash supplier

How do we guarantee of best quality?

To guarantee best quality lashes in the market, our factory are doing great in every production process.

1. All our raw materials are carefully picked to make sure that each hair has the hair top to be more real, no broken hairs being used;

2. We have our own R&D to design best selling strip lashes, and make professional drawings for workers to understand and follow, lashes in bulk and sample are all same quality and patterns;

3. We’re the only one to make strip lashes with more than 28 steps all on our own factory to guarantee the detailed quality;

4. Instead of chemical treatment which uses liquid acids and smells like barber’s medicine, we’re the only one to adopt physical thermal treatment to make the curls on lashes, it’s costly but it makes the lashes so real and no chemical additive or pungent smell, no allergic or harmful contents for eyes;

5. We use 100% cotton and best glue material to make strip lashes band, to make sure it’s soft and reusable for more than 25 times;

6. All our 100 workers are strictly selected during the years, they understand the idea of each and every pattern of our lashes and are making with heart to guarantee the best quality.

7. All our lashes are handmade. Only 10-15 pairs of strip lashes can be made by one worker per day in our factory, because they make it very carefully and exactly, following the principle of aesthetics,symmetry and similarity. They’re well paid too so they can focus on lashes happily.

8. All pairs are double checked 2-3 times before sending out to customers.

Why are all our mink lashes hot selling?

Professional R&D Team Design Fashion Leading Lashes, all patterns become hot selling lashes after introduce to market.

Lashes is not a big product, but our owner believes in speciality makes wonderful crafts. We’re the only one to set up a professional R&D team for strip lashes to keep creative and update new eyelashes to lead the fashion. We distinguish ourselves from all kinds of wholesale mink lashes vendors.

They study different cultures, try different lash patterns  for all kinds of face shapes and eye shapes to make perfect mink lashes bundle for different market requirement. For choosing lashes, this blog might help you:

wokers are making mink lashes with sophisticated hands
R&D make perfect drawings to guarantee stable quality and lashes similarity; workers make strip lashes with passion.

Every pattern lashes are not randomly designed, but has meaning and soul. R&D make very detailed drawings for our workers to follow, so same patterns will be same quality for different batches, no need to worry about mink lashes in bulk quality will be different from sample orders.

With strong R&D team, we never get complaints that our bulk lashes quality is different from sample quality.

With demanding designs and guaranteed quality, all our eyelashes wholesalers are growing rapidly and got more and more regular clients. We’re proud to be the strong lashes wholesale vendor support on your own lashes line business.

our team of the best mink lashes wholesale vendor
LashesAmor Service Team Pictures

Some Items from Our Strip Lashes Catalogue

Luxury 28-30mm Mink Lashes Strip Hot in USA

3D 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Bulk

20mm Mink Eyelash Bundles

Luxury Mink Eyelashes 18mm

16mm Natural Mink Strip Lashes Near Me

Elegant 13mm Mink Lashes Popular in Middle East

Vegan Wimpers Faux Mink Eyelash

Can we make custom lashes?

If you are tired of all current false lashes, and want your own lashes to be designed and made, here you find the exact best eyelash vendor.

We can make your own design as custom lashes or design according to your ideas, so you can be wholesale mink eyelashes with your own unique false lashes. Luxury Mink Eyelashes can be made for both your own use or for you wholesale lashes business.

No need worry that others might copy us, they can copy the looking, but not the quality and specialty.

models are wearing mink lashes
Best 3D Mink Lashes Model Show

>>Customize Service from packaging, logos, eye type<<

What about custom private lable lashes packaging?

As the best lash strips wholesale vendor, and an leading factory with huge lashes sales volume, LashesAmor support custom private logo lash packages with super low MOQ minimum order requirement and super fast production with good prices.

Best One-stop Service is provided to support our lashes wholesalers at local all over the world.

Custom your private lable on tweezers, eyelash glues, are all available here.

Custom Black Lashes Cases in All Shapes
New Arrivals of Lashes Boxes

Why Us Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor?

Find LashesAmor, Sail Your Lashes Line. To find a lashes vendor is easy, but a reliable trusted lashes vendor is not easy. Why many people started lashes business but cannot move on selling or fail after few month? The key point is they choosed wrong products or unprofessional eyelash vendors. Only focusing on cheap wholesale lashes will end in 99% failure. Our lash products and services helped many eyelash vendors wholesale usa successfully started lashe business and all getting more and more profits from regular client.

You can be rich

Our lashes may not be cheapest on the market, but it’s most cost efficiency and gives you best experience of lashes; It’ll bring you more and more regular clients with promising profits; For Prices please contact us or leave a message below to get reply in 12 hours.

Our factory adopts most high tech production process to make really high end luxury lashes; All our lashes are very soft and durable, comfortable to wear all day long and reusable for more than 25 times.

All our lashes pattern are well designed and become hot selling items to benefit our clients; We keep developing new items and always lead the lashes fashion, not worrying others to copy us.

We can keep that promise

You will always receive guaranteed quality from us, no need worry for after sales, no need worry for stock and supplying ability, no need worry for MOQ requirement; no need worry for lashes tools and packages.

Many of our strip eyelash wholesalers had bad experience with other vendors, and found us to continue smoothly and regularly. We have more than 98% client return rate, many say they feel lucky to find us the real original professional lashes vendor.

All our products are selling to global, especially hot in the United States, Canada, Austrilia, Middle East, UK, Netherlands…

customer's feedback from best mink lashes wholesale vendor
Some Feedback from our eyelashe wholesalers
eyelash boxes, glues, tweezers from the best mink lashes vendor
Eyelash boxes, Lash Glue, Tweezers

A reliable lashes vendor is so important in your lashes line business. We have supported more than 3,000 people start their own lashes business and getting more and more regular clients with promising profits.

It’s our goal to make more beauties in the world with best lashes and to help more women to be independent with what they love!

Better lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor will be with you, always!